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Which current DC Universe is better. The DC Cinematic Universe or The Arrowverse 2 years ago 44 votes 8 comments 0 likes

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that just means all that backup 2 years ago  
I knew Donold Trump was king Koopa from the Super Mario Bros movie 2 years ago  
It has furry brothels 2 years ago  
Oh they look cute. 2 years ago  
This art is f**ing beautiful. 2 years ago  
Stay in my closet and hang out with me at night, heck yeah. {If I have sex with it, will the fluids make it turn into a Gremlin?} 2 years ago  
{unzips pants} 2 years ago +1
Coffee's life. 2 years ago  
he looks cute. 2 years ago  
Saw it, and its more of a fun romp. The first one will have a special place in your heart but the second has a bunch of fun moments and worlds. Even the music from the first one's a bit better, but the tracks in the sequel or pretty nice too. SPOILER: YONDU DIES, HOWARD AND COSMO ARE BACK AS CAMEOS! 2 years ago  
only one? 2 years ago  
Dang. 2 years ago  
I did The Room ,2003 2 years ago  
Aww....so its not daily get to pick? Now that would be awesome, pick one thing to for them to get or see for the day and tomorrow something new from me. But I guess you guys will suffer from The Room, 2003 2 years ago  
long as your not hurt. 2 years ago  
There's a lot of good games on it. 2 years ago  
I remember a liquid soap touching my urthra and it stung {never again} 2 years ago  
and technically it probably has more germs then the toilet. 2 years ago  
real life. 2 years ago  
Its something new, I dunno what Checkers is but Id be curious to try it out. 2 years ago  
I don't have Artificial Inner Dimentia Symbiotic 2 years ago  
Dude its orgasmix 2 years ago  
I wish my devices never need chargers. I wish my devices never need internet connection problems. I wish I was healthy and weighted less. I wish I got and kept 100 good video games every month. I wish a new console every year. I wish videos on the internet didn't buffer. I wish Pokemon were real. I wish the Pokemon are friendly. I wish they let me f**k'em. I wish to make amazing porno movies. 2 years ago  
Mall. Loves the mall. 2 years ago  
Im not a pussy 2 years ago  
Not the We Are Number One Guy 2 years ago  
To protect the world from devastation, to unite all others within our nation, to denounce the evils of truth and love, to execute our plans beyond the stars, Jessie, James, Team rocket blast off at the speed of light surrender now or prepare to fight. {I messed up some but yu get it} 2 years ago  
I hate Gutt cause he was a horrible character in a horrible sequel. 2 years ago  
Poor Unfortunte Souls, go ahead make yur choice1 2 years ago  
Lol I remember watching that special and thinking my gosh, my favorite stop motion christmas special got a sequel kinda, and it was New Years related? da funk? 2 years ago  
Loki, best MCU villain and the reason he tries to snag as much screen time as possible, also why Thanos will be hard to sell unless done right. 2 years ago  
No doubt. 2 years ago  
Agreed, plus I can wear a mask or something. 2 years ago  
Tramatic experience since a December camping trip. 2 years ago  
Its a super hard decision. Everyone knows that. Pixar has a lot of imagination and I only hope it gets better. The 2000-2010 era was one of their strongest, the 2011-2020 era, ehh it shows its weakness slightly. But we got Toy Story 3 and Inside Out out of it plus a couple others. I hope 2021-beyond is fan-freaking tastic. 2 years ago  
Tanuki because thats what the japans call it. 2 years ago  
I'll do it, I'll shave 'em off. 2 years ago  
in c_m! 2 years ago  
I mean there's some anime and European stuff thats interesting but my god, America has a huge list of shows that have impacted pop culture. 2 years ago  
The burrito is better to easily eat then the messy mess of a taco. 2 years ago  
Because its still meat. 2 years ago  
Why does it have to be a image of Peach from Smash Bros jumping lol. 2 years ago  
Cause Id yiff. 2 years ago  
id worry kicking it off the bed, and also Id love to have stuffed animals as mature as that sounds. Like nintendo characters/pokemon. MLP maybe. 2 years ago  
Id love to try it someday 2 years ago  
they look like eggs not puppies. 2 years ago  
{When you get upset and mad and have to spend time rearranging stuff, or leave it and stay mad} 2 years ago  
Would totally pork 2 years ago  
Id do Lilligant more. 2 years ago  
Holy sh!t ya'll hate it 2 years ago  
it might be a bittersweet ending 2 years ago  
or not get dressed at all 2 years ago  
Why would I want to be tazed, stabbed, beaten down for my beliefs. 2 years ago  
Cocacola brand names. Bargs Root Beer, Coke, Fanta. 2 years ago  
I'm sorry sluts, but hating the jews sounds bad. 2 years ago +1
Oh heck yes 2 years ago  
Cake, splooge, Gasoline, dry erase markers. 2 years ago +1
that sounds hot whatever it is 2 years ago  
Spider-Man. 2 years ago  
Eevee. 2 years ago  
Also good fan fiction.... 2 years ago  
Fauna, Bella. -Neighbors. Tom Nook, Isabelle. 2 years ago  
Got a Shiny Primeape in Sun/Moon 2 years ago  
No argument, Oshawatt's fine and adorable 2 years ago +3
A lot of the Sucide Squad Trailer music. Except Started A joke everything else got in my head, and I couldn't work because of it. 2 years ago  
Jango's in the less sh*tty movie 2 years ago  
I would put I haven't had time, being I use this where most sites are blocked. So getting home to update a picture, maybe someday 2 years ago  
I want to know how to improve. 2 years ago  
Yes, sweet! 2 years ago  
Still remembered a Kirby meme where he's holding a sign that says Cock 2 years ago +2
I love it too when its hard 2 years ago  
I liked Pac-Man Arrangement on Game Boy Adavnce. 2 years ago  
Thats fine you must prefer other franchises. 2 years ago  
Super Mario 64 2 years ago  
Hotel Mario 2 years ago +1
Would have my testicles gurgled by a computer disk tray while two paperclips are stuck to my urethra {its a dream you can't feel pain} 2 years ago  
Its helped me dish out a ton of loads out, all that hentai beastiality, watersports, Episodic japanese hentai with girls whining while a weiner or tentacle slams up their cooch until impossible loads of cum comes out. 2 years ago +1
just don't tell me. 2 years ago  
what can i say i love 'meat' 2 years ago  
Can I still drink the soda? And eat the dessert? 2 years ago +1
If Sidon tells you anything from Breath of the Wild, its that fish have returned being hot. 2 years ago  
As long as Im the explanation mexican from Ant Man 2 years ago  
I love the different colors of lightening, Im shocked its just...blue. We seen blue lightening so much, I love yellow, red,etc. 2 years ago  
What the heck's a helium bottle? Sounds revolutionary 2 years ago  
Cause, you can create anything in from your imagination. So its like having all the Marks of Iron Man. 2 years ago  
I guess it really depends on which was worse, flu shot/maybe stitches one time. To braces, and toothache. 2 years ago  
Some of the classics come on VHS. Also the movies are cheaper I seen 'em for 99 cents a flick. 2 years ago  
See we'd make Korea better ^-^ 2 years ago  
Cause Windows 95 was my childhood. 2 years ago  
I only seen the one on the elft 2 years ago  
If your RackaRacka McDonold then no thanks. 2 years ago +1
Pokemon, Attack On Titan was pretty good. 2 years ago  
I like the Zoruas. 2 years ago  
i want to be autism 2 years ago  
Every day 2 years ago +2
I guessed. 2 years ago  
God! I miss Blockbusters! 2 years ago  
Haven't seen Naruto, and only the Abridged DragonBall Youtube series. 2 years ago  
Id flash boobs, and probably wouldn't get arrested. Depends where I do it. 2 years ago  
Man Id eat hentai 2 years ago  
Zelda's not for everyone man. 2 years ago  
i dunno any of these people but the right photo won me 2 years ago  
They taste great! 2 years ago  
It looks like if you were to put 2015 Peanuts Movie animation to a Diary of Wimpy Kid Book series feel, to the feel of Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs. Or any Sony Animated movie. Fact I think this isn't Sony... 2 years ago  
For the anime, and pop culture. Fanboys wet dream 2 years ago +1
Getting food! 2 years ago  
I see what you did there ^-^ 2 years ago  
If having the option Id stick one in there. 2 years ago  
Most likely into a lot of the fetishes. 2 years ago  
I never believed that would happen. But Id take it over someone coming in and shooting me or a storm breaks through my room. 2 years ago  
Oh god, why the f**k am I a minority? It gets hot, sleeping with nothing on is nice. Plus an excuse to be nude. Sometimes when it storms I put pajama shorts on. 2 years ago  
Mean, the tops don't sting you. 2 years ago  
Really it was around being a teen where the fetishes were growing and growing each one I understood. 2 years ago  
Oh Yeah high five man. {does a high five anyway} 2 years ago  
Dude, a pet thats smart as long as its on my side of course then yeah. If they were against us that would suck. 2 years ago +2
Then I will wear the hat, unless it itches. 2 years ago  
I'll watch as many superhero movies as i freaking please 2 years ago  
We Are Number One But Replaced With Hentai C*mshots. We Are Number One But Its Idubz. Bake a Cake with Donold Trump. 2 years ago +1
What would the glazed beats sound like? Like icky sounds? 2 years ago  
Vanillia {secondary flavors like Coffee, Chocolate, Neapolitan, Smore flavored, Sundae flavor. 2 years ago  
A Quarter? Ok. 2 years ago  
Briefs mean you see the sacks hang. 2 years ago  
That depends, if its sex that extremely dissatisfies me. Or like she makes me bleed or a kink goes way too far and I end up hosbilitzed and in pain. Then yes Id get police. 2 years ago  
Guardians of the Galaxy then. Might as well watch it 30-31 times again. 2 years ago  
Id love to move to different spots, get a feel for more then one area 2 years ago  
Yellow as a Simpsons character means Joy. Blue as a Blueberry means Sadness. Anger is just a major sunburn. Fear is purple as a plum. 2 years ago  
I think its Warner Bros 2 years ago  
Iron Fist. 2 years ago +1
101 Dalmations possible now. 2 years ago  
Only one I seen. 2 years ago +1
I'll be a majestic steed. 2 years ago +1
Id love to look like pussy 2 years ago  
Im not very social 2 years ago  
Funny, in my life I never feel safe. 2 years ago  
On my thumb. Dog can lid. 2 years ago  
Can I pick the movie. 2 years ago  
Despite that song getting in your dang head, the track is cool looking. 2 years ago  
Has Pixar ever killed a character like that? Though would be pretty ballsy. If anything they better have him 'retire' at the end. 2 years ago +2
S#!t. From these two, Cars 3. It at least will look pretty. And won't star those [email protected] Minions. 2 years ago +1
I want to be though, their drinks are tasty at times. And of course their desserts are splendid. 2 years ago  
Id rather not do the smokes. Id rather have cans of beer and gulp up. 2 years ago  
Techinally I think I can eat that 2 years ago  
Dude it'll be an Inside Out situation 2 years ago  
Lets make this interesting, just let me wear a blindfold and think that its a flesh light. 2 years ago  
Id love to be the cute Jirachi in a pumpkin. 2 years ago +1
If its as good as the live action Jungle Book. 2 years ago  
Because were already got a recent Live Action Tarzan. But assume you meant Disney;s Live Action. 2 years ago  
Marley and Me The Puppy Years is a thing 2 years ago  
Disgust. GameGrumps. 2 years ago  
You guys are stupid clearly Batman won in BvS 2 years ago  
Depends on it, if its an adaptation on something I know well, then its not a bad idea. I could have made a better Super Mario Bros movie. 2 years ago  
I'll die how a Gremlin dies if thats the case. 2 years ago  
Going for the most raunchy. 2 years ago +1
Smash Bros is fantastic, I just am terrible at it. Mario Kart has more entertaining online though. Racing feels simple, Smash is more complex but still simple. 2 years ago  
bring Rareware back to Nintendo! 2 years ago  
Thats like doing it with Tina Fey. 2 years ago  
I just say it Nigh-ger 2 years ago  
Being naked or wearing clothes we should pick or choose. 2 years ago  
Feast your teeth into Harambe! 2 years ago  
Says nothing about friends, who I don't have. 2 years ago  
The Nintendo Switch is overpriced and that's just plain wrong. 2 years ago  
Is Classroom Season 2 a good season? Been liking season 1 so far. 2 years ago +1
Dang, everyones loves Ed? Well Jerome is just hanging by a thread to get killed with his stapled face. 2 years ago  
Too bad there's no Karen option, not that I want her killed off, I want them to reveal her dark backstory first, then down the line kill her off. And Flash is so much better with characters like Cisco Ramon and his nerdy speeches and shirts. 2 years ago  
You kidding no one will live through that Yellow Eyed Beast from Legion. 2 years ago  
Robot Chicken's Santa 2 years ago +2
That'd be fun, make it a whole group thing. 2 years ago +1
I'll uh....do something with the evil people first. 2 years ago +2
Superman Clark Kent mode. 2 years ago +1
Batman was able to win in Batman Vs Man of Steel. 2 years ago  
You have eaten a terrible steak haven't you? 2 years ago +1
If I was with a group of people to bingewatch it with, I would. 2 years ago  
robot means I don't need religion! 2 years ago  
this is the mexican dream 2 years ago  
Doesn't mean they'll go back to burning witches. 2 years ago  
I'll be cute someday, I f***ing know I will! 2 years ago  
I'll wait till their teenagers 2 years ago  
Harry Potter's a wizard. Possiblities. 2 years ago  
I wouldn't mind wearing cool pop culture inspired slippers used to have Yoshi the dinosaur type slippers but lost 'em. 2 years ago  
Haven't been stung yet, 19 years old botches! 2 years ago  
Kick the baby! 2 years ago  
have you seen a prank bro? Have you seen a prank? 2 years ago  
They gush? Oh....making me rethink my answer. 2 years ago  
We need gamers that wear more costumes. 2 years ago +1
If Rescuers and Secret of Nimh told me anything, mice are hot. 2 years ago  
ET is just flat out boring. Superman is entertaining. 2 years ago  
I have such sh*tty dreams. 2 years ago  
Hope you don't mind if I do the same. 2 years ago  
My cult's going to be f**ed up. It involves 4Chan and furrie gangbangs 2 years ago  
If I was a girl with no egg, Id get so much cock! And no pregnancy. No shortcuts, everyone gets my tight cunny! 2 years ago +1
Kill May, Marry Dawn cause Misty would gripe, Bang Misty 2 years ago  
I dig fantasy inflation. 2 years ago  
don't wanna know what the dog is though. 2 years ago  
WTF is wrong with people and Gummy Bear, the most cancerous song to exist before we are number one. 2 years ago  
Im into the beast more then a poor excuse of flesh. ^-^ 2 years ago  
I can't change Gods plan, but Id love to change my luck 2 years ago  
Id rather live there, then in a FNaF restaurant that has robots that could kill me when caught. 2 years ago  
with that dat ass, yeah 2 years ago +1
We Are Number One But With Hentai Cumshots 2 years ago +1
Those six hours need to be used for more gaming and fanfic writing. 2 years ago  
You realize how much of a choclatly mess you'd be in with chocolate M&M's and imagine if its a hot day. 2 years ago  
You get ice cream. If its a fun time. 2 years ago  
Thank God I have no friends, that eliminates half the pain. Though half of all life in the universe... 2 years ago +2
Id rather be harley quinn, he's the coolest Batman character 2 years ago  
You can still have sex when being a kid, you don't have to learn advanced work. 2 years ago  
It feels like all the attention is focused on you, and with Christmas theres lights everywhere, snow if lucky. Presents, cheery music. Family. Jesus's birth. 2 years ago  
Yeah I find myself staying up at 12 AM, and yeah Id love to not sleep the next six hours but I need the sleep...so yeah staying up for 12 to 6 too would be great it also would be very productive. 2 years ago  
Sing you are garbage {hears a sequel years later, man Zootopia needs that slot} 2 years ago  
Resses Cups are so tasty, the peanut butter and chocolate and that feeling when you sink into the cups edges. GAHHHHOOHHHHH! Just came. In my mind 2 years ago  
Id put a bunch of jelly beans up my ass 2 years ago +1
Pay Days gross nuts. 2 years ago  
Its said staring directly into the sun gives you superpowers 2 years ago  
Arceus may be a God. Bill Cipher is just unlimited power. 2 years ago  
So this is just a boys and girls poll. 2 years ago  
He'd be funny to have sex with. 2 years ago +1
Marvel wins, quite frankly I thought Zootopia was better then Moana. 2 years ago  
Yeah, eat a bit of candy. Today it was three Fun Dips, a Coca Cola, and a Hershey. 2 years ago  
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