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    i dont care about money 5 months ago  
    reading is my hobby,dont ask why! 5 months ago  
    if you hate them its no matter because you need a freand to survive 5 months ago  
    earth has alot of secret and i want to find out about it 5 months ago  
    hey i like justi bieber so f**k of 5 months ago  
    who ever pick thief i will find you and take you to jail 5 months ago  
    the fail are funny but i fell bad for the guy/girl 5 months ago  
    monkey are funny 5 months ago  
    i hate sex 5 months ago  
    who the f**k think of this 5 months ago  
    i dont want to die 5 months ago  
    i need music for life 5 months ago  
    sorry 5 months ago  
    money is life but other people are your family to even they are defrient 5 months ago  
    child is world heros 5 months ago  
    i want to know what people secret 5 months ago  
    to know what happen in the past 5 months ago  
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