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    SPOON FTW! 4 years ago  
    IS THAT EVEN REAL? 4 years ago  
    EASY 4 years ago  
    theres a cellphone app on the ipod 4 years ago  
    i don't want no dude kicken my ball sack 4 years ago  
    im a boy i can't have a baby :P 4 years ago  
    im a boy i aint gay 4 years ago  
    i don't care about how smart she is its just boobs 4 years ago  
    VIDEOGAMES 4 years ago  
    BOOBY FISH 4 years ago  
    i've watched planet of the apes that monkey can turn on me 4 years ago  
    i'd laugh my a** off 4 years ago  
    the baby is probably ugly but ooh the puppies oh F*** THE BABY 0_0 4 years ago  
    except me for who i am 4 years ago  
    Justin beiber is racist,gay, and he is a fag 4 years ago  
    firefox is more customizable and the only reason people use chrome is because it was made by google 4 years ago  
    i could live my life over and over getting different endings everytime 4 years ago  
    you people just want to get a bj from your slutty spit and blood don't ya idiots :P 4 years ago  
    i always get away with it anyway 4 years ago  
    anybody seen the lego movie? 4 years ago  
    all those girls picked twilight because of that wolf person with abs you girls are all whores 4 years ago  
    if people did'nt go to france to fight the war and see that there was no segregation then segregation would still be here 4 years ago  
    where is a both button when you need it 4 years ago  
    my life is more important than money 4 years ago  
    i don't want any debt 4 years ago  
    What is wrong with you people its so delicous 4 years ago  
    iphone ipad i this ithat i watch itv whats going to i next >:O 4 years ago  
    i'd be a superhero 4 years ago  
    i don't want to be a bald handicapped guy that reads minds ;P 4 years ago  
    we'll play COD together ;D 4 years ago  
    MY WAY :D 4 years ago  
    ever heard of left behind the movie yeah thats whats going to happen if you don't get saved 4 years ago  
    it might give me super powers 0_0 4 years ago  
    i didnt know dogs were worms 4 years ago  
    what if the company named the product raw chicken and its already cooked 4 years ago  
    ALL THE TIME :D even at sixflags too :D 4 years ago  
    my grandma can't see that good and my grandpas dead im a boy and whoever makes these questions is a perv 4 years ago  
    blow hmm ok i'll push air out on my mouth on the cow its simple they didn't say blowjob 4 years ago +1
    i fart all the time but still everyone loves me 4 years ago  
    it could be a xbox 1 4 years ago  
    lollipops are smaller 4 years ago  
    STEROIDS ;D 4 years ago  
    :P SICK 4 years ago  
    poor people usually die anyway 4 years ago  
    does it really matter i mean your outside whos going to smell you? 4 years ago  
    SKIP 4 years ago  
    i always li peanut butter off my hairy belly anyway 4 years ago  
    atleast i know if i eat it it won't kill me 4 years ago  
    i'll just escape 4 years ago  
    i don't have that much hair anyway 4 years ago  
    SAW IS REALLY SCARY 4 years ago  
    WAIT WHAT 0_0 4 years ago  
    if thats a pube sandwich i'll eat it it doesn't even look nasty :D 4 years ago  
    HAHA it said join in once not join in with yo parents HAHA I WIN ;D 4 years ago  
    THANK GOD FOR SKIP ;D 4 years ago  
    EHH my grandpa is dead anyway 4 years ago  
    at least i know it really isn't crap 4 years ago  
    its only one piranha they are only deadly in groups 4 years ago  
    STOP THE ANIMAL ABUSE :( 4 years ago  
    RACIST 4 years ago +2
    disney destroyed club penguin now you have to pay for everything 4 years ago +12
    0_0 4 years ago  
    F*** the bum he has nothing to live for anyway and i love pups 4 years ago  
    miley cyrus twerks on wrecking balls now shes gone 4 years ago +3
    BATMAN 4 years ago  
    id move away once im finished 4 years ago  
    eww it looks like poop and oreos had a baby 4 years ago +2
    yeah girls pick the hotdog like my D*** ;P 4 years ago  
    TITTY TITTY BANG BANG ;D 4 years ago  
    hes just like me we're gonna play COD allday and drink beer 4 years ago  
    i'd have a chance of escaping and if your a woman in afghan i heard they cut of your boobs and plus im a boy anyway 4 years ago  
    just don't put me in the back 4 years ago  
    ;D 4 years ago +1
    0-0 so cute 4 years ago  
    ONLY FAGS WATCH THAT STUFF 4 years ago  
    As long as i can play videogames 4 years ago  
    i can't stand eating poop 4 years ago  
    romantic is nasty 4 years ago  
    SHES OLD SHE MIGHT HAVE AIDS 4 years ago  
    star trek copied off of star wars 4 years ago  
    im scared of the oceon 4 years ago  
    if its a friend i don't like the h*** yeah 4 years ago  
    i was born with this 4 years ago  
    i rather be famous from people hating me i'll live life of action as a hitman. 4 years ago  
    0_0 FTW 4 years ago  
    I DONT WANT THAT B****'s AIDS 4 years ago  
    SKIP 4 years ago  
    if i get to keep one it'll be worth it 4 years ago  
    pewds girlfriend i s from here i rather go here to get a babe 4 years ago  
    i would just want to go home i really don't care. 4 years ago  
    PEWDS IS AWESOME and funny 4 years ago  
    ??????????????? 4 years ago +1
    IM A BRO i'll wear it only cause the girl in it has bigger boobs 4 years ago  
    when i wear my clothes no one will see my hair only my awesome beard 4 years ago  
    i can't sing :( 4 years ago  
    IKR you 56% are lame you never try anything interesting 4 years ago  
    I NEED MY BURGERS 4 years ago  
    im scared of the ocean and plus that whale may snap your boat in half and kill you 4 years ago  
    I NEED TO BE HEARD 4 years ago  
    those people are a**** 4 years ago  
    i like knowing stuff for sure 4 years ago  
    i only picked this because i hope she gets naked 4 years ago  
    sorry i need my teeth 4 years ago  
    it would be interesting 4 years ago  
    YOLO 4 years ago  
    if nobody had a religion there would never be a rapture or no hell. 4 years ago  
    perfume is nasty it clogs my noise up everytime a girl walks past me so F*** perfume 4 years ago  
    IMMORTALITY BOI! 4 years ago  
    IM A boy and i think justin bieber is a fag and has aids 4 years ago  
    i'll get a better paid job 4 years ago  
    this is the best thing 4 years ago  
    i want to go to heaven 4 years ago +1
    I'd kill my friends anyway for being a******'s 4 years ago  
    its their fault they caught aids in the first place. 4 years ago  
    i would glue s*** wherever i go 4 years ago  
    gumballs hurt your teeth 4 years ago  
    SO SWEET 4 years ago  
    I'm scared of the ocean i don't want to drown in fish pee 4 years ago  
    Batman would kick spidermans A$$ 4 years ago +2
    mercedes benz are ugly to me 4 years ago  
    chocolate vs chocolate and peanut butter hmmmmmm not a hard choice. 4 years ago  
    My life is as hard as it is i need peeps to understand my pain. 4 years ago  
    Chickens are doomed anyway 4 years ago  
    As long as i can touch them 0_0 i luv a girl with big ones 0_0 4 years ago  
    AMERICA already are the richest country around except for russia but i hate russia. 4 years ago  
    Im a kid i dont drink beer but im gonna get bacardi because i saw a commercial of it. 4 years ago  
    PEPSI HAS MORE FLAVORS 4 years ago  
    I'll just replace truelove with an xbox one and ps4 and then a lamborghini thats what i call true love ;D. 4 years ago  
    BOOBIES 4 years ago  
    if i could do this i would have a better life 4 years ago  
    Leaders are fat and they have a chance of being murdered inventors build cool stuff that'll cost alot of money for the average person to buy 4 years ago  
    Those people reading in the picure look like hobos. 4 years ago  
    I DON'T WANT NO BIG BABY COMING OUT OF ME and plus we have less of a chance of catching cancer. 4 years ago  
    I SEEK ADVENTURE! stay inside fat people 4 years ago  
    I never liked her anyway 4 years ago +1
    Even if i live in harry potters world how will i be like harrypotter i may not even have a wand in the first place. 4 years ago  
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