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Fucking A

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It helps out long term, for retirement and college debt. 3 hours ago +1
yessir 3 hours ago  
aight thanks mate, I'll try it out 12 hours ago  
Damn straight brother 16 hours ago  
oh good idea, thanks mate! 20 hours ago  
but im black! 20 hours ago  
I pirated mine so I can't join the fun :( 21 hours ago  
lmao 23 hours ago +1
Some criminals are victims of circumstance. Criminals all around are diverse, and deserve different consequences. 23 hours ago +1
Lovey good times! :D 1 day ago  
It also depends on how logical the action is 1 day ago  
oh, nvm i agree 1 day ago  
I mean if the person you're attracted to doesn't want any cuddles than they shouldn't be forced to do it. If you want cuddles than just go on Tinder and find some girl to do it with or even better smash. 1 day ago  
13/20 1 day ago  
https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D6xin2mUIAAo8qs.jpg 1 day ago  
dude it wasn't even that bad 1 day ago  
*moves to Pluto* 1 day ago  
God of the new world 1 day ago  
I'd rather know what these political questions are f*cking talking about because I'm only 16 and have no clue what these are talking about. 1 day ago  
B is redundant unless you're washing something off 1 day ago  
cuck and ball torture 1 day ago  
gotchu fam 1 day ago  
That's cool 1 day ago +1
alright guys I'm selling penis enlargement pills for $899.99 a pack. 1 day ago  
probably like, a comic book store 2 days ago  
Can I be god of the New World 2 days ago  
One great step to solving all of our world's problems. We could all share our resources and with the right people in power could even make a big step towards a Utopian society. That was a dream of mine since I was little. 2 days ago +1
Cheap as a sheep 3 days ago  
ah well, at least I wouldn't get motion sickness 3 days ago +1
If I'm still able to eat I see no problem with that 3 days ago  
For the greater good 3 days ago  
I want to go to Central City 3 days ago +2
How was it 3 days ago  
Become a meta human 3 days ago  
Even though I'm not a bronie 4 days ago  
tell me 5 days ago  
flashrex#7845, let us ride our pigs to victory 5 days ago  
B is way more cooler in my opinion too 5 days ago +1
I feel like I could cause more chaos with this. I'd be able to do whatever I want without anybody knowing it was me. Same with B though, but either way, I'm gonna have fun abusing my power. 6 days ago +3
Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore" 6 days ago +1
Call the FBI 6 days ago +1
my dead pet ant 6 days ago  
she's a maaaaaniac, maaaaniac, on the floor! 6 days ago  
cock and ball power 6 days ago +1
depends on what changes 6 days ago  
ass 1 week ago  
Ok boomer 1 week ago +1
Antisemitism is an amazing thing 1 week ago  
Wait, he wasn't Jewish?! 1 week ago  
Imagine the emo kid deep frying his balls to soothe his depression, and the special ed kid thinking they're chicken nuggets 1 week ago +7
I know but wouldn't it be funny if it was him. 1 week ago  
https://soundcloud.com/goated-beats/indian-panini-full-version?in=flash-rex/sets/main-listens 1 week ago  
asscheeks, pure asscheeks 1 week ago  
My dad that left me 1 week ago  
Both same in appearance for me but i like paler skin. Not vampire f*cking pale but moderate paleness. 1 week ago  
idgaf if there was a high chance I'd die, I wanna have space sex!!! 1 week ago  
dude the fbi could see you 1 week ago +4
I think sometimes that the universe could be a sentient being, and all living beings are like brain cells to it or some sh*t. Idk im high rn. 1 week ago  
Already am 1 week ago +1
First episode of A was rad asf though 1 week ago  
gtfo cracker 1 week ago +1
And each user could rule over a certain kingdom, have allies, and ride our pigs and horses into war. A legendary idea that is. 1 week ago +1
yah mon 1 week ago  
A would mean I'd probably have to live there without modern technology, so big ol' pass. 1 week ago +1
It's instinctive 1 week ago +1
*kills myself* 1 week ago +1
So she wouldn't try humping me 1 week ago +2
0.0002 attoseconds 1 week ago +1
congrats dawg 1 week ago  
damn 1 week ago  
makes sense coming from a guest 1 week ago  
true true 1 week ago  
agreed 1 week ago  
Are you England? Cause I wanna be in your city. 1 week ago  
I did eeny meeny miney moe lol 1 week ago  
There are ways to lessen the problem of them, but an all out ban shouldn't be one of them I think 1 week ago  
I shall bathe then 1 week ago +2
sell my dog for a new one *genius 100* 1 week ago +2
too many good people in the world 1 week ago +1
true 1 week ago  
I'll be the lizard minority 1 week ago  
If B was pussy I would've def clicked 1 week ago  
I get a million dollars along with it 1 week ago  
noice 2 weeks ago  
alright 2 weeks ago +1
I do 2 weeks ago  
So it'll be easier to dispose 2 weeks ago  
Nazi Illuminati 2 weeks ago +1
i have secondary brain cancer now 2 weeks ago  
I'm a lady killer, c'mon now. 2 weeks ago  
Peace and quiet when I'm drawing 2 weeks ago  
screw poor 3 weeks ago +1
Both sound cool 3 weeks ago  
eh, could be worse 1 month ago  
hmmm, I wish I was God 1 month ago  
my father gave me a small loan of a million dollars 1 month ago +1
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