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Shiba Inu 3 years ago  
no 3 years ago  
But the entire world! 3 years ago  
1776 3 years ago  
well, physics says that matter can not be created or destroyed. It can be changed in a different form. Then there was some sort of chemical reaction 4 years ago  
Well, the guys who made bbc and the people who make propaganda in England is MUCH worse than fox news. Yes fox news is bad, but, hey. At least they give you some stuff. But its 2015 right know, BBC is x10000000 better than fox news. 4 years ago  
Well, same holidays. And same culture. And the genetics. 4 years ago  
*facepalm* 4 years ago  
super hard, because they're both horrible and ugly as hell, but still, i had to pick one. 4 years ago +1
but it officialese it, one. and 2, so you want 500 men on one woman? 4 years ago  
both ugly 4 years ago  
Cantthinkofawittyone is right, but i picked one. She's ugly in general 4 years ago  
that's you 4 years ago  
not really 4 years ago  
its funny 4 years ago +2
why? 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
then go to the tags and click the dinosaurs tag and poof, you will get a hell of a lot of dinosaur rather questions 4 years ago  
not yet 4 years ago  
:0 4 years ago  
yes, but NOT a ripoff 4 years ago  
oh this one: Is it more annoying when People start getting on the train while you're trying to get off or People let their children misbehave in restaurants. 4 years ago  
VW is part of audi 4 years ago  
me too!! 4 years ago  
Me too!! 4 years ago  
then what? 4 years ago  
i don't think you can't use a browser in windows 3.0. Maybe. 4 years ago  
ok whatever, but its still bad 4 years ago  
FALKLANDS!!!!! 4 years ago  
At least were not brainwashed, uncreative people. 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
America is da best 4 years ago  
Actually, it looks like that 4 years ago  
What??? 64% japan. Who's flag is on the Moon? 4 years ago +2
America!!!! 4 years ago +1
hahaha, says the one who's butt was kicked in 1776 4 years ago +1
Do you know that irish people are basically scots? 4 years ago  
my mum won't let me be vegan. Also, I value them all the same. 4 years ago  
ok, but still, that is morally wrong to eat a sentient being 4 years ago  
nice lies 4 years ago  
??? 4 years ago  
if you look closely to the canadian bill, the guy likes like he is a brainwashed dipsh*t 4 years ago  
can't pick 4 years ago  
unless, planes, no 4 years ago  
opps, wrong one. I thought it said 21 KIDS run away 4 years ago +1
wrong one 4 years ago  
uh, no 4 years ago  
opps, wrong one. 4 years ago  
USA is the best country. Without USA, much isn't actually left. There is a documentary called The World Without Us. It is very good, watch it. I'm a born American, and Europe, no offense, it's kinda weird. 4 years ago  
actually, were the richest. 4 years ago  
*facepalm* 4 years ago  
because thats how good USA is. 4 years ago  
Yeah, you haven't seen USA, oh i forgot, your in england. 4 years ago  
you will regret leaving usa 4 years ago  
we kicked your butt in 1776 4 years ago  
america is better than Australia anyday 4 years ago  
Murica 4 years ago  
you can be poor but with fame. 4 years ago  
says the one who can't spell an, and spelled it and 4 years ago  
Have a project 4 years ago  
sometimes, you are wrong. 4 years ago  
*facepalm* 4 years ago  
???? 4 years ago  
*facepalm* 4 years ago  
english, not british 4 years ago  
rubbish :D 4 years ago  
13 years old, never been. 4 years ago  
smart thinking 4 years ago  
no, 100% english 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
Where are you from 4 years ago  
oops sorry, I think its my computer that made the spelling like that. 4 years ago  
no 4 years ago  
I love arcitecture 4 years ago  
water, but the woman in the pic looks really ugly 4 years ago  
mother nature 4 years ago  
discusting avatar 4 years ago +1
your from Cleveland, Netherlands, duh... 4 years ago  
These cars are from isle of man, and I've seen these on TV, I want these so bad 4 years ago  
you should be speaking dutch 4 years ago  
overall don't get a tattoo, its bad for your skin and it hurts(i don't have one, but i heard), and can cause skin cancer, an you need a surgery to remove it. 4 years ago  
oh yeah, you need a brief history of where english people come from, shall we? Anyway, When the Aryans came from north of caspian, the people who went to europe went through turkey, then the baltic states, and then got to Germany. Then some went to France and Iberia. The ones who stayed at Germany went through Denmark and through norway and sweden. So the Anglos and the Saxons were from northern Germany and Very South of Denmark. They went to England about 1000 B.C. Some English people were from Norway(just a bit of them). But yeah. Also the other people from the north of the caspian also went through Iran, and then through India, and eventually at Tibet. Anyways, and these languages at those countries are called the Indo Aryan Languages. so... don't make fun of your related country and people :) 4 years ago  
RASIST SH*THOLE, dude not cool man. Do you have ANYTHING against Sweden. Dude, I'm 100% Persian, and born in america. But still this is super racists. Everyone has craped on their history at least ONCE, and England has done MANY horrible things. First, SOME of the people have rotten teeth there. Also see the British empire, they massacred A LOT of Indians, Africans, etc. Also YOU TOOK PART OF MY COUNTRY YOU DIRTY CRAPHOLES!! And then you were so stupid, you took MORE. Where is Winston Churchill's Grave, i wanna piss on it. David Cameroon is also very stupid. He puts sanctions like a dog. But anyway +1 for england for beautiful women :) :) . 4 years ago +2
world police says----- no. 4 years ago  
no 4 years ago  
They are using their own currency, and the eu is using the euro, THAT'S the irony 4 years ago  
English dude- massacres, hell yeah 4 years ago  
Your country is very very illogical 4 years ago  
eww, no way 4 years ago +3
Why would you kill something, because you don't like them, hope I rip you apart 4 years ago  
he is pulling his eyes down, duh 4 years ago +1
The guest is very, very stupid. no were all his family. Jk, thats not how it works 4 years ago  
I know... Never mind 4 years ago  
your discusting 4 years ago  
uhhhh..... 4 years ago  
But how many boxers and wrestlers, and strong men are there? how about women 4 years ago  
... 4 years ago  
:0 4 years ago  
I look like a dumbo asking this question, but do you pray to the queen of england? 4 years ago  
aren't you suppose to speak french 4 years ago  
America- GOD DID, England- Stupid christians, the big band did 4 years ago +1
can't pick 4 years ago  
not me 4 years ago  
It made unity among people 4 years ago  
thats not true. 4 years ago  
well then, if your christian (I'm muslim), you will be sent to hell 4 years ago  
Yeah, on accident. It taste like sh*t 4 years ago  
yes i do on my brothers phone rarely 4 years ago  
go die somewhere elso 4 years ago  
Yeah, they have awesome english accents, you lose your dumb american accent and get a awesome english accent, also they're beautiful. 4 years ago  
:D 4 years ago  
:D 4 years ago  
:( 4 years ago  
actually its 9+10=21 not 10+9 4 years ago  
get free mcd's :D 4 years ago  
320 million pounds were spent on propaganda in UK in 2001. People who made propaganda made the BBC :P 4 years ago +1
aren't you supposed to speak french 4 years ago  
so you would rather be torn into two parts than lose your internet *facepalm* 4 years ago  
Me, thats my brother. I like all animals. 4 years ago  
And sentient. http://www.think-differently-about-sheep.com/Sentience-%20In-Farm-Animals-%20Pigs.htm 4 years ago  
sources? 4 years ago  
lol, you use NO common sence 4 years ago  
girl with dick, thats a boy, guy with hole is a woman 4 years ago  
It said eat you dumbo 4 years ago  
Your a dumbsh*t. IT'S SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN THAT THEY ARE SENTIENT. You don't have sentience I suppose. They are one of the smartest animals in the world. When I searched on google for rednecks, your name came up first. 4 years ago  
Don't give a sh*t about your family and you 4 years ago  
:D 4 years ago  
How is that true. You are the most retarded person ever. Just die in a hole you fat american. If society said not to eat pork, you wouldn't eat it, also And the pig, because it parts the hoof and is cloven-footed but does not chew the cud, is unclean to you. You shall not eat any of their flesh, and you shall not touch their carcasses; they are unclean to you.- Leviticus 11:7-8 4 years ago  
Wow, jerk 4 years ago  
That's the problem with Christians. If he was at your house, we would of massacred your family... 4 years ago  
I'm muslim... 4 years ago +2
But thats proof. 4 years ago  
what does that mean? 4 years ago  
you stupid? 4 years ago  
http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/magazine/7998780.stm 4 years ago  
But they taste sooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooooooood 4 years ago  
It would only take China. If you want to be sure for dominance, add Russia. No need for weak Europe. 4 years ago  
90 percent of people shouldn't judge islam now. 4 years ago  
Yes they are. They are one of the smartest animals. Scientist prove it. I said the same thing 4 years ago  
yes i never ate them. Should someone be raped because it feels soon gooooooood. Or should we eat human because it tastes really good. If I put a plate of human meat without telling you what it is, you would eat it. Period. 4 years ago  
Yeah, your the dumb one. Sentient is to be able to perceive and feel things. Pigs can. 4 years ago +1
They weren't made to be. THEY ARE GOD DAMN SENTIENT 4 years ago  
Shouldn't you be speaking dutch 4 years ago  
How? 4 years ago  
My brother would do the first one because he thinks it's funny and he would laugh D: . I would pick the second one because I hate the people who work there. Pigs are awesome. 4 years ago  
Define sentience you slave holder idiot Define it yourself dumbsh*t. 4 years ago +1
Pigs are actually VERY smart(full grown is as smart as a 4 year old kid), and they do have sentience. They were not created for our food. Were we created for Alien food? 4 years ago  
:( 4 years ago  
Pigs don't lack sentience. Also the people who work there are so stupid, their lives are trash, they all deserve to die horribly. Also I'm muslim, so I don't eat pork, Jokes on you. Those idiot have no sentience. They have no feelings. Shit cost more than them. 4 years ago  
I love to play soccer especially for Real Madrid 4 years ago +1
but you realize its the same person you married 4 years ago  
wrong one 4 years ago  
opps wrong one 4 years ago  
me too 4 years ago +1
Im a boy... 4 years ago  
But the people there would die, and the survivors would be even poorer, so yeah... 4 years ago  
yeah, killing 4 BILLION innocent people, wow what an idiot. 4 years ago  
you would kill millions and spread poverty. What have you been drinking, beer. 4 years ago  
you are a true idiot. YOU want to kill 4 BILLION people. 4 years ago  
Attempt to kill Hitler while at paris 4 years ago  
Persian 4 years ago  
PC 4 years ago  
I don't like both 4 years ago  
Reported 4 years ago  
awesome private plane, and less polution 4 years ago  
hardest question ever 4 years ago  
Socialism all the way!! 4 years ago  
a scientist ate 2000 calories of mcdonalds for 90 days and lost 30 pounds, so i wanna lose 10 pounds!! 4 years ago  
i would rather kill elmokitty's family and be loved by everyone. 4 years ago  
3 RANDOM SUPERPOWERS 4 years ago  
guy, yes i'm religious, but your way too oversensitive, theres 2 reasons why they bug you, first, you react badly, then they know they can piss you off. Also the religious people don't even have a reason on why there is a God(so as atheists), but you say oh, god is real, just because. And ALMOST ALL OF THE time, it is like this: because your parents are atheist, your atheist, because your parents are muslim, your muslim, because your Christian, your Christian. So lets respect each other, and ignore the ignorant. 4 years ago +1
42 percent of people are lying like pigs 4 years ago  
People theres not 7 billion people in ones family, if you say my whole family visited me, is it 20 people or 7 billion people, jesus use common sense. 4 years ago  
I have a project 4 years ago  
That just shortens it up 5 years ago  
alfa romeo *facepalm* It drives good and looks good. 5 years ago  
A Airbus A380 private Plane 5 years ago  
It depends on the time of the day 5 years ago  
Oh, I saw a third button and it said, Kill elmokitty, And I clicked it. 5 years ago  
All of the girls would be with me 5 years ago  
Im muslim so I don't want to ruin my reputation, although the western world interprets Islam wrong. 5 years ago +1
I voted wrong on this, dang it 5 years ago  
i used to go to my parents bed 4 times a week when i was little 5 years ago  
don't have one 5 years ago  
always am 5 years ago +1
No loopholes, smart ones, anyway drops are easier 5 years ago  
Im islamic and I'm persian, so yeah... 5 years ago  
Brunettes are smart and sexy :) :) 5 years ago +1
Fear of Elevators 5 years ago  
I did this a summer, I HAVE NO TEACHER!! 5 years ago +2
B.S. im not answering this 5 years ago  
I would look so cool and i would kick everyones butt in coolness. 5 years ago  
animals include humans dumbs. 5 years ago  
it a game where they usually have a 6-shooter pistol and put 1 bullet. Then they roll the thing and point it at you, it either shoots and you die or you could live, but i rather not because I still have a chance of death and life is more important than money. 5 years ago  
i thought it said half your weight 5 years ago  

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