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    Shiba Inu  
    well, physics says that matter can not be created or destroyed. It can be changed in a different form. Then there was some sort of chemical reaction  
    uh, no  
    USA is the best country. Without USA, much isn't actually left. There is a documentary called The World Without Us. It is very good, watch it. I'm a born American, and Europe, no offense, it's kinda weird.  
    actually, were the richest.  
    because thats how good USA is.  
    Yeah, you haven't seen USA, oh i forgot, your in england.  
    you will regret leaving usa  
    we kicked your butt in 1776  
    america is better than Australia anyday  
    you can be poor but with fame.  
    says the one who can't spell an, and spelled it and  
    Have a project  
    sometimes, you are wrong.  
    mother nature  
    discusting avatar +1
    your discusting  
    But how many boxers and wrestlers, and strong men are there? how about women  
    I look like a dumbo asking this question, but do you pray to the queen of england?  
    aren't you suppose to speak french  
    America- GOD DID, England- Stupid christians, the big band did +1
    can't pick  
    not me  
    aren't you supposed to speak french  
    girl with dick, thats a boy, guy with hole is a woman  
    It said eat you dumbo  
    opps wrong one  
    me too +1
    But the people there would die, and the survivors would be even poorer, so yeah...  
    yeah, killing 4 BILLION innocent people, wow what an idiot.  
    you would kill millions and spread poverty. What have you been drinking, beer.  
    you are a true idiot. YOU want to kill 4 BILLION people.  
    I don't like both  
    awesome private plane, and less polution  
    hardest question ever  
    Socialism all the way!!  
    guy, yes i'm religious, but your way too oversensitive, theres 2 reasons why they bug you, first, you react badly, then they know they can piss you off. Also the religious people don't even have a reason on why there is a God(so as atheists), but you say oh, god is real, just because. And ALMOST ALL OF THE time, it is like this: because your parents are atheist, your atheist, because your parents are muslim, your muslim, because your Christian, your Christian. So lets respect each other, and ignore the ignorant. +1
    I have a project  
    That just shortens it up  
    alfa romeo *facepalm* It drives good and looks good.  
    A Airbus A380 private Plane  
    It depends on the time of the day  
    All of the girls would be with me  
    Im muslim so I don't want to ruin my reputation, although the western world interprets Islam wrong. +1
    I voted wrong on this, dang it  
    i used to go to my parents bed 4 times a week when i was little  
    Fear of Elevators  
    I would look so cool and i would kick everyones butt in coolness.  
    animals include humans dumbs.  
    it a game where they usually have a 6-shooter pistol and put 1 bullet. Then they roll the thing and point it at you, it either shoots and you die or you could live, but i rather not because I still have a chance of death and life is more important than money.  
    i thought it said half your weight  
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