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    It's completely possible, if not practical, and if the situation demanded it, months. 6 years ago  
    "Cogito ergo sum" You can prove to yourself that you exist, but that's about it. 6 years ago  
    So wear noise-canceling headphones. Or don't go to crowded areas. 6 years ago +2
    Unless switching one's mind would leave their personality intact in their original body, they'd both be the same thing. Switching your mind with Stephen Hawking would leave him in your body, and you in his. 6 years ago +1
    I would want to ensure that genetic predispositions to cancer, diabetes, etc. were minimal or non-existent. Otherwise not mush else. 6 years ago +4
    Trying to please everyone isn't that difficult. Succeeding, however is nigh impossible. 6 years ago +4
    I think there's a fine line there. Overall, feminism has caused more good by far, and equality is not currently present, especially in some countries, but could conceivably go too far somewhere in the future. 6 years ago +2
    That should have been specified, as "having kids" does not normally include adoption. 6 years ago  
    Research has been done suggesting a little of both, not one over the other. 6 years ago  
    Actually, they are fairly representative, based on the fact that standard spelling in America is without those u's, while in the UK it is with them. 6 years ago +2
    ...Why are you on the Internet if you hate it so much? 6 years ago  
    Games designed to help one get to know classmates. 6 years ago  
    Biting the bullet means to die... 6 years ago  
    In all technicality, it is a pattern, and a mix of colors, but by definition cannot be a color. 6 years ago +7
    I think that life has as much or little meaning as one decides it does... which is sort of between the two. I still chose yes because I find my life to have meaning. 6 years ago  
    While I thank you for your astute observation, I am trying to explain that murder can be differentiated from being caught, as they are quite clearly two different things. That was the focus of the question. 6 years ago +1
    Thanks for clearing that up. 6 years ago  
    Night vision eyes would also be EXTREMELY painful during the day and you couldn't see anything. 6 years ago +1
    Obviously you don't understand. By using the "Stand your ground" law, he could claim self defense under certain circumstances which could otherwise pass as murder. 6 years ago +1
    I am not going to choose either because it is perfectly clear, and I do not hate you, But I did answer. 6 years ago  
    Strangely enough, I like Brussel sprouts, but not pie. 6 years ago  
    I am confused... A full game of Russian Roulette entails playing until someone dies, right? This means that the more people there are, the less your chance of dying. I assume you meant it in the sense that you would pull the trigger once with a 1/6th chance of death, and a 5/6th chance of winning. 6 years ago  
    I'd never have been able to guess. Expecially not at first glance at your pic 6 years ago  
    I am unfamiliar with Samurai Jack, but by despair do you, perchance mean disappear? if so, that's incorrect. he might appear behind aang, but not disappear behind him. 6 years ago  
    ...What haters? I see no haters. much as you may want them because you are used to them, I do not because I am not. I see no reason this would become an issue of hate. 6 years ago  
    I assume that if they were smarter than us and therefore dangerous, people would try to eliminate them. If they were not, many decades would likely pass as they would slowly become considered to be more acceptable, as we have done to different races. Please take note that I say "acceptable" solely because they would not be human, and not to differentiate among humans in a biased or insulting way. 6 years ago  
    Good question. I think that if I commited the crime, I deserve to be punished more than 20 people whom I assume are innocent. 6 years ago +1
    Neither, really. Saturnalia tree is preferable to both. 6 years ago  
    If I died, if wouldn't be a slow drowning death. 6 years ago +3
    A paraplegic is a person who is paralyzed in from the waist down, and cannot move their legs. 6 years ago  
    I for one don't learn well when I greatly dislike my teacher. in almost any subject I do better with a teacher who is nice regardless of how well they tend to teach. 6 years ago  
    If I like this comment, am I agreeing with them, or saying that I think I'm horrible too? 6 years ago  
    Not really, it is supposed to be a difficult choice. Your choice may well doom many innocent people, to death, rape, trauma, etc. 6 years ago  
    publicly, and idiots. and you're. 6 years ago +1
    I am confused as to the future friend-making-capability for the first choice. Is it possible to make new friends? 6 years ago  
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