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    if its a really good movie then you wouldnt care how long it is 3 years ago  
    whats this "blackberry" you speak of? 3 years ago  
    im a blender 3 years ago  
    me hungry 3 years ago  
    depends, which one tastes better 3 years ago  
    what is this "firefox" you speak of? 3 years ago  
    play it safe and you'll be good, take a risk and you'll be great 3 years ago  
    me 3 years ago  
    SIMBAAA!!! 3 years ago +1
    Do you wanna build a snowmannnnnn? x 3 years ago  
    only jesus should be able to walk on water 3 years ago  
    who the hell says Punkin? 3 years ago +3
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