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    Actors look better at age 30+.... +1
    A Chinese in Mexico? What are you doing there?  
    That orange, can I have it? | Or if not, may I buy it? (Yeah yeah. It sucks but you get the point...) +1
    Guess they did Nazi that coming...  
    Lollipop with butter is just like eating pancakes without the pancake. (get the point?)  
    There's no death penalty in the Philippines dumbass.  
    Ginny is badass.. Fighting with Bellatrix and sh*t.. +1
    Who cares? You'd only visit. It doesn't say that you'll live there forever.  
    The f? Rome = Italian...  
    The guy in the first picture (Nick Vujicic) actually doesn't have both so go figure.  
    Frixion pen. Google it.  
    I've been training all my life...  
    Yeah! Who the hell is she???  
    I'm afraid of Texas because of multiple horror movies that I've watched.  
    Think about money back then and now. If you were a billionaire back then, you may be in the list of the richest people today.  
    As long as I'm a vampire who is not included in Bella's world..  
    Be dumb and waste all your money without thinking twice then be poor after that....  
    I don't know man. I kind of have only $49 on me right now.  
    Like a boss... All day... SUIT UP!  
    Hotmail for dummy accounts and Gmail for real and professional ones (e.g. school, job etc).  
    I'm good. Been there.. Still there..  
    I chose the wrong one. :(  
    I love potatoes..  
    I want to be a man. But nah.... Can't do that..  
    30 or 10? XD  
    TORN!! I want a hobbit hole but I also want a treehouse... :(  
    Trolling forever! :D  
    Torn. I'll just visit Italy after France..  
    I wouldn't mind if my son is gay. I actually like gay people. They're usually fun and smart.  
    birthdays are awkward. (imo) they will all be singing and you'll be like "should I clap, smile or sing with them?"  
    HP movies removed many things from the book. So BOOKS!  
    Lions live in savannas so those who voted for the lion wins.  
    I'm the oldest and I hate it. I always get the blame.  
    Small Gathering + Music + Drinks = Club without other people you don't even know..  
    I'd rather be a cool Weasley than be a nerdy Dursley. :D  
    I love the rain when I'm at home. But I hate it when I have school. But still. Rain.  
    Just keep trav'lling. Just keep trav'lling. Just keep trav'lling, trav'lling, trav'lling. (Dory's song in Nemo.)  
    Nice Teacher=Higher Marks  
    I am a bookworm already. I need street smarts.  
    I love mythology. So yeah. :D  
    Sh*t! I didn't think about this... I choose the former instead! :(  
    Zoomed in vision helps in school. If you know what I mean. :D +1
    Computer? Heard of it?  
    I've done enough of the former, thank you very much.  
    Giver: Doesn't matter. Gave a gift. Receiver: Doesn't matter. Had a gift.  
    I almost always do the latter. (But only in quiet restaurants where I can read books.)  
    I have fear of any body of water that has soil or sand as base. (e.g. a river) So, yeah. I'd rather fly, thank you.  
    F*ck yeah!  
    forgot to log-in! :(  
    The f? No competition. TWILIGHT IS DUMB. Stupid sparkly over-powdered (yeah. POWDER not POWER) vampires with red lipstick on and a dumb sex-thirsty poker-faced girl.  
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