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    I have had both and prefer PC's over Mac's. In fact I only ever had problems with Mac's, PC never fails me.  
    How is this a competition? +5
    Choosing JB as a picture was a bad choice. Besides video games are amazing! +1
    I told my parents that if they die, they have to do it together. I know one wouldn't be able to live without the other and I don't think I can handle two funerals. +2
    It's really bad for your bladder to be holding it. Higher chances of bladder or kidney infections and they are super painful.  
    Zombies as they are depicted in movies are not real.  
    You say that now...  
    Either way my face is broken +113
    I don't like to clean up after people and I have a lot of gaming to catch up on. +1
    Screw clowns! +2
    He has nothing of interest that I need to hear. Because of ObamaCare I now have to work two jobs. I can live just fine without insurance but now I have to work my ass off just to make a living.  
    Doesn't say where in 1776  
    All my school stuff and resume lost...take my phone, just take it!!  
    Visit not live  
    Doesn't matter how late you are, it's always reflects badly.  
    Why wouldn't women want to answer?  
    Either way it would be a slow bleed out  
    I like Twix but for some reason it always makes me feel nauseous.  
    Hotness is subjective +3
    It may be just me but I hate going without a bra, going upstairs is always weird.  
    That is supposed to be either Stanford or Stratford...I think  
    You would have better things to do with your time in the 50's than sitting on your ass  
    I could make it work  
    Cross country train rides, traveling by boat, or flying? YES PLEASE!!  
    You're lowering the intelligence of the US population...neither places of in France.  
    Neither places speak French  
    Damn it! Clicked too soon!!!  
    Less possibility of damage punching my car +1
    So does Burger King  
    Again neither, but I really hate cDonalds  
    I tell people that all the time! Much rather be cold.  
    No...no no no. Abortion is not a form of birth control.  
    Target is not that far behind.  
    I'm not a fan of pot, in fact it really does nothing for me but if properly regulated and the system isn't abused it could be a good possibility for state revenue so we can stop with the budget cuts.  
    So does alcohol and it's legal  
    California is broke!  
    Not the proper place to put "lol" +1
    As long as I'm within the functional spectrum I'm ok with being mentally challenged. +1
    Still painful as f***!  
    Be related to someone who is already dead, therefore I can keep it a secret and be a better person or be related to someone who is still alive, everyone knows that he is your dad and therefore judge you on it. +2
    But they're so good!!  
    And yet, you still got it wrong... +1
    That movie made Zuckerberg look like a douche +1
    I prefer Twitter to Facebook but unfortunately I use Facebook more due to the fact that it's easier to communicate with my family. +1
    Don't care, still delicious.  
    You can't truly be healthy without the nutrients that meats give you. If you eat only fruit you would be spending a lot of time on the toilet!  
    I'm very familiar with both operating systems, I prefer Windows way more.  
    I've been to Italy several times and would love to go back again. France I would like to go to some day....later  
    Shaving your whole body everyday or never have to shave again...not a tough one here.  
    Use the million to pay off student loans and my debt, find a well paying job, and live modestly with amazing vacations every now and then...that's the life!  
    The only downside of no religion is the art inspired by it...but if there was no religion to begin with I guess I wouldn't have known the art in the first place. +3
    As long as it's a small bottle, I feel it wold be much easier to down perfume than Purell  
    So the children born with AIDS had a choice? Being raped by someone who had AIDS or having a sexual partner that didn't know had AIDS was a choice? Educate yourself before you run your mouth.  
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