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Would you rather, for 5 years, live in North Korea or Prison 3 years ago 110 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Would you rather play Shogi or Xiangqi (sheeang-chee) 3 years ago 63 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather listen to Megadeth or Pantera 3 years ago 149 votes 5 comments 1 like
Would you rather Rrrather have have a reset button? or be allowed to vote mulltiple times? 3 years ago 71 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Metallica or Iron Maiden 3 years ago 146 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather listen to Dragon Force or Motorhead 3 years ago 132 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather listen to Trivium or Sabaton 3 years ago 154 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Allow people of gay, transsexual, or otherwise to use the bathroom that they identify with? or NO! I DON'T BELIEVE THAT SHOULD BE TRUE! 3 years ago 86 votes 27 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Die for 100 friends or have 100 friends die for you 3 years ago 65 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather fight A man (not necessarily Tyson) or A woman 3 years ago 70 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have 100 cats or 100 dogs 3 years ago 131 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Which type of superpower would you like to have? Manipulation (e.g. chronokinesis) or War powers (attack and defense, magic included) 3 years ago 90 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Do you like Dull colors or Vibrant Colors? 3 years ago 61 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Are you a... Math Person or Language Person 3 years ago 114 votes 8 comments 0 likes

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An insider? because in North Korea, they allow a decent life, whereas in prison, you don't have many rights. 3 years ago  
Great point! 3 years ago  
this is not racism. It's the truth. 3 years ago  
you perceive them as the same thing. in reality, they are 2 different entities. I just picked 2 similar things. 3 years ago  
I was born straight and support gay people. They ask me out, I say no. 3 years ago  
WELL, PROVE IT, GIRL! 3 years ago  
Ghost B.C.- Infestissimatum[?]- Year Zero 3 years ago  
why do you say this? 3 years ago  
you mean zeus? 3 years ago  
you mean (.|.)? 3 years ago  
Although, yes there is a INCREDIBLE decrease in energy, there is still enough to harm you. Let's say the train is 45 tons (about 40823 kilograms), and it's moving at 10 miles an hour (about 16 kilometes per hour). the total force there is about 181,435 joules. that's a lot of force, and it takes 98,066.5 joules to kill someone that weighs 100 killograms, or 100 G's. Any faster and there is a sure chance of death. Even if the train is going 1 mile an hour, there are 18,144 joules at work, and that is not even enough to harm you, calculated at 24,517 joules, or 25 G's. What is the likelihood of it slowing down enough to get there? All in all, there is no event involving a train and a human that will leave the human intact, unlike a car. 3 years ago  
it takes a MILE to stop a train, and that length and a usually shortened sight distance means you would be hit. 3 years ago  
have god-awful balance 3 years ago  
Why do you say this? 3 years ago  
TRUE. 3 years ago  
tough... 3 years ago  
same. 3 years ago  
Gun. 60 rounds (I am not a great shot). deal with it. 3 years ago +1
On a 10x10 board running either on a row, column, or diagonal, there is a 0.00027% chance you will hit one [mine] and die, but in A, there is a great chance of death. 3 years ago  
already am southern y'all. 3 years ago +1
The Grim Reaper is the killer, and his son is a mere mortal, bound to fall one day. 3 years ago  
Gun! shoot in front of him, and bingo! 3 years ago  
... and sink because you are too heavy? 3 years ago  
protected 3 years ago  
samaurai's... They were feudal japan, other than that, good! 3 years ago  
my family includes me. 3 years ago +1
A man chooses heels. GO FIGURE. 3 years ago  
...same person. GO FIGURE. 3 years ago  
Cat vs. Cat... 3 years ago  
swimming competition 3 years ago  
FALSE! 3 years ago  
Note the disposition in the other pic. The lady in front would fall if it was at her position. 3 years ago  
implying being sucked off of. 3 years ago  
an inch well has no purpose other than to amuse people. 3 years ago  
he may have legs, but we may not be able to see them 3 years ago +7
Charley horse is a popular colloquial term in Canada and the United States for painful spasms or cramps in the leg muscles caused by a punch or knee to the thigh... (Wikipedia) NOT a horse named charley 3 years ago  
The murderer is not you, it's the now-dead person walking within it's path. 3 years ago  
FALSE! It will change the beat a bit, but will NOT stop it. 3 years ago  
the fastest recorded pitch is 100 mph 3 years ago  
he uses the word in his comments 38 times, or a subset of it. 3 years ago  
... or the 51% aren't the sharpest knife? 3 years ago  
He was, He is, and He is to come. 3 years ago  
...or are they? 3 years ago  
YES! 3 years ago  
you make $536,870,912 for B 3 years ago +1
This is a MUCH more balanced vote, but WHY THE MOTHERFORNICATING 5% GOING FOR RAW F*****G MEAT CAN F*****G KILL YOU! 3 years ago  
easy fix: gun dealers should only give guns to people that are 35 or older (unless in the military or law enforcement officers), people that have not committed a crime, and so on and so forth. 3 years ago  
NO F***ING LOOPHOLES! 3 years ago +1
Because I hate 10% of my answers, some people are 50% haters. For example, how many of YOUR answers do you hate? 3 years ago  
Implying GIRL for GUY 3 years ago  
6, or 26. 3 years ago  
inplying GIRL for GUY, and JB is a guy, so easy choice! 3 years ago +1
it's called a gun? 3 years ago +1
Maybe not the dumbest, but certainly not the smartest one. 3 years ago  
That would make you an adulterer 3 years ago  
*reports* 3 years ago  
true,butyoustillsay500words. 3 years ago +5
so basically live 36524 days when your spouse live 36525 days. 3 years ago  
True love is paitent 3 years ago  
...same person. GO FIGURE. 3 years ago  
...same person. GO FIGURE. 3 years ago  
wish there was a reset button. 3 years ago  
have you ever heard of pornography? 3 years ago  
Guess what, that was not an option. 3 years ago  
Rather kill my dad if that happened. 3 years ago  
...same person. GO FIGURE. 3 years ago  
so basically $99 billion, or love. 3 years ago  
...same person. GO FIGURE. 3 years ago  
...same person. GO FIGURE. 3 years ago +9
caninophobe. One option. 3 years ago  
Same question, same profile. GO FIGURE. 3 years ago  
RACIST! 3 years ago  
this was tough... JB's new songs are making his comeback... 3 years ago  
If you don't have spotify, google each of them 3 years ago  
no unless posted otherwise. 3 years ago  
... but then the revelation of the Lord can not be stopped. 3 years ago  
It makes no impression because it is still there. Wind erodes rock here, so they are rounded, rock particles there will hold up their shape. as per why the flag "waved", MOMENTUM, NOT wind. In a perfect vacuum moving the flag will cause momentum to be added to the flag, causing it to wave it around for minutes after letting go. 3 years ago  
liar. 3 years ago  
it would show that I really loved them. 3 years ago  
at least his career is findable. 3 years ago  
your pet will not communicate what you did, where as the other option people will tell others what you have done. 3 years ago  
that is a physical phenomenon that happens when you dream. it is in place so that you don't act out your dreams. No matter what position you sleep in, it will occur. 3 years ago  
what about Chocolate Ice Cream? It creates a paradox that either you have an infinite supply of it, because it is chocolate, or you have a limited supply of it because it is ice cream. 3 years ago  
how do you know this? 3 years ago  
be easy on the budget. 3 years ago  
=================== 3 years ago  
agreed. 3 years ago  
i'll stick to what God gave me. 3 years ago  
no. 3 years ago  
he would NOT be stupid if exactly 100 people voted for this. 3 years ago  
this in and of itself is a paradox, because the egg is needed for the chicken to exist, but the chicken lays the egg, so therefore to ask this question means neither could exist. 3 years ago  
It's people like you that actually need it. I would make it legal for prescription purposes. A drug I take, Adderall, I need it for prescription. 3 years ago  
Well, what if it is the way to spell blond/blonde? 3 years ago  
about 11 million people died. if 2.2 million people voted for the 5 people thing, then the holocaust would effectively be nullified. 3 years ago  
it still has an INCREDIBLE mass, so it will still win. Although, yes there is a INCREDIBLE decrease in energy, there is still enough to harm you. Let's say the train is 45 tons (about 40823 kilograms), and it's moving at 10 miles an hour (about 16 kilometes per hour). the total force there is about 181,435 joules. that's a lot of force, and it takes 98,066.5 joules to kill someone that weighs 100 killograms, or 100 G's. Even if the train is going 1 mile an hour, there are 18,144 joules at work, and that is not even enough to harm you, calculated at 24,517 joules, or 25 G's. What is the likelihood of it slowing down enough to get there? All in all, there is no event involving a train and a human that will leave the human intact, unlike a car. 3 years ago  
Implying BF=GF, uh... 3 years ago  
what if I don't have a dog? 3 years ago  
No. I go on a date, THEN make out. 3 years ago  
innate abilities 3 years ago  
in saying that, you also believe yes, because some people have swapped genders, and they are transgender. 3 years ago  
then what if you are not being honest? 3 years ago  
... then do not answer. 3 years ago  
*claps* Well said. 3 years ago  
WHAT!? 3 years ago  
YUS!!! 3 years ago  
Whichever deals more damage! 3 years ago +1
I would have to wholeheartedly disagree. I would make it legal, because some people just want sex without babies afterwards, and most people don't do proctection. 3 years ago  
YES! 3 years ago  
His new songs are better! 3 years ago +1
It's who I am. 3 years ago +1
... but still possible. 3 years ago  
In my opinion, girls look better without makeup. 3 years ago +3
... yeah, thank you! 3 years ago  
the irony. I am a minor man. You were a kid, but deny it. 3 years ago  
A selfless sacrifice WILL be rightly remembered. 5 selfish sacrifices will be hatefully remembered. 3 years ago +1
TRUE! 3 years ago  
...if you haven't had breast cancer. 3 years ago  
how many people think the pic in A looks like a girl and a pretty big fish? 3 years ago  
RACIST! 3 years ago  
At least I'd die for my crimes! 3 years ago  
me! 3 years ago  
i have god-awful handwriting. 3 years ago  
as a retirement ceremony. 3 years ago +1
Call my Divine power and smite them from on high! 3 years ago  
GATLING GUN, for f**ks sake! 3 years ago  
they're both vowels. no "I's" for me. 3 years ago +1
so long as we are married. 3 years ago +1
A blind person CAN drive the car with aid from other sources. 3 years ago  
says all the atheists. 3 years ago  
you can now commit crimes and get away with it! 3 years ago +1
a hunderd million coins. 3 years ago  
Neither am I. 3 years ago  
Over the course of 30 years, you would get 10 million if you choose option A, 3 billion if you if you choose option B. 3 years ago +1
the 37% are selfish d*cks 3 years ago  
His new songs! 3 years ago +1
could you choose any 2 more random things!? 3 years ago  
everything is better with butter 3 years ago  
at least I have their bane. 3 years ago  
can't lose something you don't have. 3 years ago  
*rimshot* 3 years ago  
It didn't say from which angle? 3 years ago  
And women can get as strong, physically, as men! 3 years ago  
of a penis. If I was a female I would choose option B. 3 years ago  
the most hotly debated question is this! 3 years ago +1
Dafuq? 3 years ago  
I want to change my choice! 3 years ago  
I am a 16-year old man that chooses dickgirl just because I want to screw with ladies. 3 years ago  
...or the 43% lied. 3 years ago  
Everyone be seeing my junk and loving it! 3 years ago  
what if I am canadian, and like canadian football () 3 years ago  
doing what? 3 years ago  
Even if I were not caught, I would reimburse them 4-fold. 3 years ago  
like my bedroom experiences. 3 years ago  
would you rather HAVE is the verb. 3 years ago  
now I can shut up my mom who says, "it's not wise to be a know -it-all" 3 years ago  
*rimshot* 3 years ago  
because you are racist. I see right past that! 3 years ago  
be that awkward fool 3 years ago  
Money can't buy happiness! 3 years ago  
SO WHAT!? 3 years ago  
wealth in heaven. Like if you are christian! 3 years ago  
... or potentially ma...*cough* ...bate when you get kicked there. 3 years ago  
same. 3 years ago  
i ALWAYS go on the fly. I live in surprise 3 years ago  
...but will never sound authentic 3 years ago  
('-') why is this an ask? .l.(._.).l. 3 years ago +1
I would fly SO hard in the bedroom if that was the case. 3 years ago  
I said COULD kill you, not it WOULD kill you. 3 years ago  
I need it. 3 years ago  
EXACTLY! 3 years ago  
50% is 1 in 2, although one can never predict them. 3 years ago  
True 3 years ago  
better than groups. 3 years ago  
Agreed, but which other country has american football other than Canada? 3 years ago  
Option B if i had another sibling. 3 years ago  
the thing is, if they are hot, they may think that they are not, and you tell them they are hot might just change their mind. 3 years ago  
...and die trying? 3 years ago  
Never thought it that way! 3 years ago  
In a perfect world you would be a somebody 3 years ago  
*buys 2 miniguns* GO DOWN IN FLAMES! 3 years ago  
10k is an understatement. The estimated death toll was 6,000,000. 3 years ago 3 years ago  
What if your love is super rich? 3 years ago  
True! 3 years ago  
who gives a f**k 3 years ago  
Machine gun to hell and back 3 years ago  
are you really that dumb? 3 years ago  
Agreed. 3 years ago  
S**T! NO!!! I was using the, "But what if your crush is also your best friend?" routine. .l.(._.).l. to me. 3 years ago  
You have your opinion, I have mine. Mine is god is real. Yours is He is not real. I respect that. 3 years ago  
then why did you pick Him? 3 years ago  
then why did you pick Him? 3 years ago  
then why did you pick Him? 3 years ago  
YOU are an idiot because the trash people listen to today is degrading america, but I listen to today's music. How is this possible? METAL! 3 years ago  
at least one can substantially protect oneself on land. 3 years ago  
JB is making a comeback, so. 3 years ago  
Same. 3 years ago  
huh. never thought of that. 3 years ago  
at least 5-10 ALSO INCLUDES 21! 5 3 years ago  
KIRBY for f**k's sake! 3 years ago  
WHO IS THE M************G 11% THAT VOTES FOR EATING RAW F*****G MEAT!? DO YOU B*****S KNOW IT COULD KILL YOU!? 3 years ago  
GK has Sun Tzu's Art of War, so he could win 3 years ago  
Would you rather us or U.S.? 3 years ago  
How about either Ares, or Mars (not the planet) 3 years ago  
liar. 3 years ago  
Interesting! 3 years ago  
probably a song group. 3 years ago  
kind of like america 3 years ago  
true. 3 years ago  
How about neither? 3 years ago  
OK, dorothy. we don't really need that here. 3 years ago  
SOCCER FTW! 3 years ago  
the wehrmacht should reform and whip the A***S of ISIS. 3 years ago  
Martyr or Selfishness? 3 years ago  
I expected for a 50-50 vote, not a 70-30 vote. For me, IDGAF. 3 years ago  
True. 3 years ago  
F..K is an acceptable question, as like P..N. 3 years ago  
As for me, I vote yes, but I will not act as such. 3 years ago  
*claps* well said. 3 years ago  
It is a "would you rather...", not a "do you..." 3 years ago  
...if that was an immediate change. If there was no marriage in a world where that was the norm, the people would f**k whoever they want. 3 years ago  
*rim shot* 3 years ago  
the basis of my answer 3 years ago  
Without internet, you would not be able to see this. 3 years ago  
*rim shot* 3 years ago  
One cannot predict the future, let alone travel there, unless coming in from the past, when such a thing is possible. However, one would not have the means to come back into the present. 3 years ago  
Without water, you will die. Internet is a desire, so therefore you can live. 3 years ago  
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