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Would you rather wear kilt or speedo 7 years ago 408 votes 7 comments 1 like
Which sport Swimming or Track and Field 7 years ago 4,828 votes 31 comments 0 likes
Which game WoW or Minecraft 7 years ago 1,462 votes 32 comments 0 likes
Would you rather roundhouse kick this guy in the face or slap this baby 100 times 7 years ago 483 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather date(and have sex with) My coach or My cousin Sam 7 years ago 5,431 votes 58 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat... a baby or 100 cute puppies 7 years ago 243 votes 25 comments 0 likes

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wtf is a twiwizard tournament? 6 years ago  
I like how the rapist/murderer/child molester is a black guy. Nice going. 6 years ago  
I'm already both. 6 years ago  
Mitt Romney isn't even in the race you fools. 6 years ago  
In questions like these, they are both viable answers. The trick is to find which precedes the other. God obviously created evolution, evolution did not create God(or whatever deity/thing you believe in). 7 years ago +2
Waterpolo is fun, but swimming is about personal achievment. You don't have to count on the rest of your team to fail or succeed, you do as well as you can. 7 years ago +5
MD is full of cheaters and criminals. 7 years ago +5
u could die in a large explosion, quicker. 7 years ago  
F/U/CK THE ORPHANS 7 years ago  
ill show you. come here (714) 822 7055 7 years ago +1
doesnt say you hve to bite down on the razor blades vertically. you can bite it sideways... 7 years ago +2
i have holey severe hammer toes. come eat up (949) 584 0231 7 years ago +5
TWINKIEEE 7 years ago  
you can wash the dirty underwear, it doesnt specify WHEN you actually have to wear it. and OH SHIT THERES MONEY 7 years ago  
it could LITERALLY a blue waffle GO EGGOS 7 years ago  
it didnt say you had to kiss them on the lips or mouth. what about cheek?? 7 years ago  
you suck HOBO FEET FTW BITCHES 7 years ago +1
the cookie monster is an addict, to cookies and crack. 7 years ago  
i would love to drink one drop of expired milk :P 7 years ago  
Computer = gaming console, work station, sex tube, TV, ect.. 7 years ago +1
Male = can't have a child. 7 years ago  
Frosting is disgusting imo. 7 years ago  
Cake is way too.... idk how to describe it. Pie is just nom-nom-licious! 7 years ago  
I liked the two headed dragon in dragon tales. 7 years ago +1
irrelevant 7 years ago  
that stun gun looks like an elaborate japanese sex toy. 7 years ago +8
no sh*t sherlock 7 years ago  
that cat looks pissed.. 7 years ago  
A horse is a term to describe anugly woman, a cow is to decribe a fat woman. 7 years ago  
What is "your father death" implying? the sentence doesn't make sense at all. 7 years ago  
How could you EAT pee? 7 years ago +1
no, but you are. 7 years ago +3
Ya he tortures rapists in Law Abiding Citizen and gets rid of the corrupt. 7 years ago  
I have poison ivy in pot in my backyard, it doesnt say u have to be exposed to it. 7 years ago  
I would LOVE to make lots of money 7 years ago  
kicking someone's "nasties" is very wrong, no matter who it is. The worst cheap shot possible. 7 years ago +4
"Neither" was not an option asshole. 7 years ago +17
If you were immune to pain, you could be mortally injured internallyand not even realize it, therefore sealing your fate. pain is you body's way of telling you something is wrong. 7 years ago +4
SOOOO the left being living in Chine, the right being what America use to be. 7 years ago +1
Shave the unibrow? 7 years ago +2
farting on a candle might not put it out, you arent shooting water vapor at high speeds at the flame. 7 years ago +1
orly? the fact that you voted for him doesn't say that already right? 7 years ago +6
don't disrespect his fetish! 7 years ago  
Leonardo DiCaprio is f/cking hawt. 7 years ago +3
wtf is beat boxing 7 years ago  
crushed up fire ants? liquified perhaps? 7 years ago +5
you can use ur nose on girls.. 7 years ago +2
you can cook the centipedes into food.. 7 years ago +5
both eww, but cigars are more gentlemanly 7 years ago +2
Doesnt say you can't shave... 7 years ago +2
i drop my iphone 2 times a day in class, no case, no cracks or scratches 7 years ago +7
who isnt? 7 years ago +1
I didnt look closely - this implies that you never stop taking a cold shower, and you are being hit constantly with icy cold water without end. 7 years ago +1
Both, God started evolution. The Bible's creation story is merely an analogy/story for a confused people. Just like every other religion/belief system's creation story, taken literally it is false, but taken from a different point of view/taking the morals form it causes one to realize that it is true. 7 years ago +3
I agree, but the way he portrays "heaven" in this situation is much less than ideal, and is not really heaven anyways, "away from the real thing" and "nothing but clouds and eternal starvation and weaknesss" both imply that the heaven he is suggesting is worse, therefore making this question very bias towards heaven. 7 years ago +3
who's "they" 7 years ago  
By psychological i'm sure the creator meant that it is a choice to be gay, which it is not. 7 years ago +1
nobody cares, stop embarrasing yourself by trying to inform everyone else of your failure of a lifestyle choice. 7 years ago +5
nobody cares 7 years ago +4
Stop the Nuclear warfar by saving the president(nukes would kill everyone without fail). Leave it to the peaceful governments to contain the illness. With a disease/chemical, there is a better chance of survival for the people, and you have a stable government nevertheless. 7 years ago +1
the portal gun looks like an elaborate japanese sex toy, on the other hand so does the lightsaber. 7 years ago +7
masturbation ftw 7 years ago +27
Cus people actually care about who wins a French election, right? 7 years ago +2
ya f/ck diez 7 years ago +1
SOPA is the first step towards becoming a communist dictatorship like North Korea. 7 years ago +5
Mewtwo is a clone. Clones are genetically inferior to the original. 7 years ago +1
The question, by the way, is who WILL win based on evidence and statistics, not "who do i WANT to win" 7 years ago +1
Stop posting these dumb*ss questions. 50 other people alrdy asked so dont bother anymore 7 years ago  
All you vegans need to stfu nobody cares, you only make a fool out of yourselves and your sh*tty lifestyles. 7 years ago +1
Michael is just an idiot, the jokes presented by Dwight are much more situationally funny. 7 years ago +1
Dwight would bring weapons. 7 years ago +8
Anything is possible to eat.. 7 years ago +1
Whether you love a character or not was not a question. 7 years ago +2
Peter purposely acts like an idiot most of the time, and is MUCH more aware of his stupidity, whereas Homer is ignorant of his stupidity, making him more of an idiot. 7 years ago +3
Exactly, something that takes skill can be worked towards and achieved indefinetly, whereas something that is pure luck is more rare and "harder" to achieve. 7 years ago +2
This is how antisocial we have become ^^ 7 years ago +2
You're a pussy? 7 years ago +1
BIC 7 years ago  
Ok a large steak or a small filet mignon, they r both food but one fills me. So hard 7 years ago +1
Are people retarded? One is master engineering and the other is just sh*t. Ferrari all the way bics! 7 years ago +4
Store = actual service? 7 years ago +2
You cant freeze to death on an elevator. 7 years ago +4
NOM NOM PROEIN 7 years ago +2
lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off 7 years ago +5
Oopz wrong one. 7 years ago  
I find the above picture of the black guy in chains very VERY disgustingly funny. 7 years ago  
gum = bacteria(that is probably dead) from one other person. shoe = bacteria from thousands of people/animals 7 years ago +2
Rihanna gets WAY kinkier. We all know how dull Kim is in bed. 7 years ago +3
That was not an option bic! L2READ! 7 years ago  
That was not an option. Answer the question. 7 years ago +1
First wtf is a daught. Second if you meant DAUGHTER then the picture on the left does not imply that said daughter is pretty, albeit more doable than the alien. 7 years ago +17
Once you lose one arm, you will eventually gain equal skill in the other arm. 7 years ago +1
You suck. F/ck you bic. 7 years ago  
They both beat the sh*t out of internet explorer 7 years ago +2
Ya and you suck azz at it ustupidbic! 7 years ago  
You can eat your company... 7 years ago +4
dale has a beard. 7 years ago +1
Already did find the cure for AIDS idipts. 7 years ago  
I'm adopted 7 years ago +3
I would EAT that baby... 7 years ago +7
y WOULDN'T you eat ur freakin kid 7 years ago  
Ok both are women so either way it would suck. 7 years ago +2
Italians r annoying. 7 years ago  
Small dogs are annoying.. I would probaly punt mine into oncoming traffic. 7 years ago +2
If I had it my way, I obviously was loving it. 7 years ago +2
Daniel Tosh IS perfect... 7 years ago +5
I have a blanket made of high-class hookers. imagine tons of those 7 years ago  
Obama can dunk on Bush 7 years ago  
A butt pirate ;P 7 years ago +16
You're only sexy if the gay guys say so too 7 years ago +6
umbrella = classy 7 years ago +2
Lightning = SUPER POWERS! 7 years ago +5
Getting spanked is kinky, doesn't say ur mom has to do it, it could be ur gf 7 years ago +4
Stop saying neither you f*cking tools, answer the question and make a viable response or skip 7 years ago +5
I wouldn't fit in a locker. 7 years ago +4
Who here wants to wear a life-jacket? 7 years ago  
My neighbors could tape me f*cking and post it online. I wouldn't be able to F*ck at all with noisy neighbors. 7 years ago  
I can go kill sh*t and wreak havoc as a cat and still be cute. My cat does the exact same thing. 7 years ago  
LIKE IF YOUR FRUITY! 7 years ago +2941
Who the mother****** keeps coming up with these sh*tty questions? 7 years ago +1
A house in a f*cking tree. why the hell not? 7 years ago  
Ok mr y2k 7 years ago  
I guess my dad's a player 7 years ago +4
USA! USA! also australia has deadly draughts and brush fires.. gl dying from dehydration ppl. 7 years ago +4
Ahem, filthy rich = TONS OF HOOKERS 7 years ago +1
Sharks r way cuter.. 7 years ago  
I have alrdy caught my parents, im eager to see their reactions when they catch me. 7 years ago +1
I can just kill the person I hate.. not my grandma, cus shes alrdy dead. 7 years ago  
Sooo if i never SEE my family does it mean im just blind? 7 years ago  
South Park is at least politically correct. 7 years ago +3
1) Global Warming is not cause by humans, it is the Earth naturally going through a warming and cooling cycle. 2) Ya who the fack would outlaw jewelry? 7 years ago +1
it didnt say swim THROUGH the rock, all u have to do is poke ur head unde 7 years ago +2
Being beaten by a girl is rly kinky.. 7 years ago +6
NOM NOM IM HUNGRY 7 years ago  
I can light my shoe on fire and say i burned alive. 7 years ago  
you can be du g up, burned = death 7 years ago  
the monkey could throw my sh*t 7 years ago +4
If you can fly you dont have to go to school, you can make millions of dollars carrying people on your back. 7 years ago  
scabs = protein 7 years ago +7
my cuzin is fackin hawtttt! and it doesnt have to be first cousin, i have a hot 5th cousin. 7 years ago +5
What if the player didnt even play in the game... ahaaaaa 7 years ago +140
The big bang created it, God created the Big Bang.. 7 years ago +6
Ya but immortality would make you want to kill yourself, because evryone you loved or ever will love will die while you have to live with the pain. 7 years ago +2
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