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    d be itchy  
    everyone pee pees aha  
    everything everything  
    they kills cerial duhh  
    walking into a tornado here i come  
    i am one..not poular..a b*tch  
    i wanna know what its like  
    they would die again...  
    fake FRIENDS  
    kill them  
    cats have 9 lives  
    im a girl  
    write them down  
    everyone has a double chin if they force it...  
    i have a dish washer...  
    kinda do anyway  
    more foooooooood!!  
    omfg this is one of the trickiest questions ever  
    neither rip  
    whoever said left, why do this in the first place aha  
    god created animals  
    sounds nice aha  
    im straught...  
    daddys girl  
    i just like elephants  
    theyre too posh  
    both boring to me but right looks cool  
    cheating is always an option  
    break into heaven i mean youd be dead so do what you want  
    i dont really know who i am anyway  
    what is that phone aha  
    not exactly a fan of them tbh  
    take a bqth then  
    i dont really care how stupid i am tbh  
    i love disney!!  
    i dont really wear makeup  
    i always do both anyways  
    money money money  
    to cold  
    looks less boring  
    haunt people!!  
    already am  
    partener can earn money  
    i can learn magic!!!1  
    another child  
    if you have everything you can have love  
    could just have a bit of your fingernail bitten off  
    just because it looks like the coca cola logo +2
    teleport to wherever you want so u dont pay for petrol or the cost of an airplane  
    dont like fake friends  
    who's reading this in 2017 realizing that Obama's not president anymore +1
    cheesy nacho bites XD  
    can i change my option?  
    already dumb  
    if you wanted to stop loving someone cuz they didnt like you back then make them. dumb question  
    doesnt say you cant be famous aswell  
    neither. dont kill animals!!!  
    nicer food  
    already hated by most, called them all snakes  
    could be love at first sight  
    30 is too old  
    my current body is fine to me  
    dont eat animals!!!  
    bras arent comfortable  
    do something else to make u famous then  
    make my wishes come true please  
    already am  
    if im there im there, thats all that matters  
    shot in a photoshoot with a camera  
    one word: wig  
    as long as hes happy +1
    idc if im smart or not  
    why people be sayin you'll die without water, no u wont just drink somink else  
    i hate water  
    thats a gooooood house man  
    already do  
    not hated by everyone  
    already ugly  
    i hate being cold  
    good cheers u up  
    it means wyr have a picnic for a date or just lay there on a beach for a date  
    gold coast!!  
    get to know what peoples features are so u know who they are  
    fresh start +1
    mannnnn thats tricky  
    why would they be waiting at home if they come partying with me!?...  
    34% gold diggers  
    im a girl  
    dk what they are  
    not a leabian  
    me anyways  
    i dont sleep anyways  
    new job  
    already have an ipad  
    make money then  
    i dont stop talking anyway  
    force feed  
    already have  
    already me  
    find a new one  
    oops, wrong one. im a girl so i want the boy taller so 6 foot 4 +1
    good gossip  
    get 2 jobs  
    make new friends  
    buy a new one  
    catch my parents doing what... +1
    i hate planes  
    i would wish for that person of my dreams to love me back  
    dont like meat that much anyways  
    watch programmes on the computer  
    no one else would have any more. you guys are selfish  
    more things to do  
    youre gonna die in the end so it dont matter  
    at least i would be cute  
    i cant hear very well  
    if its good then i should want more  
    didnt say how thick the rope was  
    at least im good at something  
    Ma best frennnnn lives dere!!!  
    some acids arent harmful  
    grow to love them  
    haha yesssss  
    idc if im smart  
    give a girl food when she needs it  
    hate toast  
    i fit into small spaces easily  
    Harry Potter all the wayyyyyy!!  
    my bestfriend is gay so i support him  
    those houses look goooood  
    i hate my hairstyle  
    on my bucketlist still  
    more food cmon guys!!  
    just earn money  
    face, i already have a beautiful body :)  
    i wanna be a boy anyways  
    CHRIS LANZON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    at least they notice u  
    as long as i have a car, i dont mind if it ugly or peng  
    vaccation house  
    already am  
    cut it  
    LGBT community gmh +1
    im a girl sooooooo...  
    it says you cant adopt u div  
    3 words: prosthetic legs/arms  
    imma trust u  
    not permanent  
    already am  
    he looks like a plastic doll  
    dunno what either of them r  
    im a girl  
    like if your reading this in 2017  
    bacardi and coke  
    u get paid!!!  
    at least i have luck  
    CHRIS LANZON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! +1
    i clicked on the wrong one  
    u people are sick  
    imma go to uni anyways  
    already am  
    cant stop talking anyways  
    id rather comic sans though  
    i hate star wars  
    imma make new friends  
    didny say what u catch them doing...  
    facebook shows what posts ur friends like, i dont need to see that!!  
    hearing aids...  
    if u had all the money in the world, everyone else would die because they have no money to buy food so u would be the only one anyway  
    there cute  
    20 CHICKEN NUGGETS!!!!!  
    i hate toast  
    theres nothing wrong with gay people  
    my vision is perfect  
    all u can eat!!!  
    ugh, i acc hate planes  
    UGH, I HATE PLANES!!!!!!!  
    if ur famous then u will get money  
    id get the money for us to share  
    UGH, im a girl but i wanna be a boy so bad +1
    neither tbh  
    what u all on about, you can get prosthetic legs/arms  
    ur loved ones can help u make it beautiful  
    it never said how far away u can be from the shark, u could wear shark repellent bands or swim by the shore  
    true ting  
    haha sames  
    im a girl so yeeeeeeeee!!  
    ughhh, hardest decision ever  
    i just watch tv when im at home so ye...  
    m8, i have to have food when i need it, in class just pull out a packet of crisps and BAM!! there gone in 1 minujte. hahahha  
    already have anyways, my crush is my best friend  
    neither, hate em both  
    awwwww, i would try and dry the dog and keep it in my care  
    i want to be a boy anyway  
    makes life easier-no more step mums/dads  
    1st- have true love with the hottest boy i know 2nd- live in a mansion with my friends and husband 3rd- have kids 4th- work as a paramedic 5th- own a whole supermarket full of food 6th- stop getting bullied 7th- e bestfriends with in stereo 8th- have a disney themed wedding 9th- live in australia 10th- the world to have peace  
    tbh idrc what i look like  
    ugh, old music  
    u can adopt!!  
    u get more money☺hahahah  
    ehhhh, i dont want others to see my dreams, hehe  
    already am  
    cuz i hate star wars so i havent seen it since i was 5  
    idek who they r  
    idrc if i die tbh  
    M8 downlad spotify for music, simple  
    im 50% bi and 50% hetero so, left for meeee!  
    oml. hahahahah  
    WOWWWWW, so rude  
    HARRY POTTER BY FAR!!!!!!!!!!  
    my dream job is a doctor/nurse/paramedic sooo...yea  
    Im small and skinny so id rather be double my weight cuz otherwise i will be like 12 inches. AHA!  
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