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    I won! 1 year ago  
    ill be way more successful in life than all my peers hah 1 year ago  
    dont know them  
    you know atleast i gave it a try..  
    i see u in almost every question +1
    dammit :(  
    wrong one  
    my significant other aint my significant other yet so he can come too yay!  
    other than that i would do the people in north korea a favor so...  
    this is a horrible question D:  
    i was in this situation.. kind of  
    oh wait..  
    wrong one  
    i should've chose the other one so my crush would've been dating himself since he is my best friend also. +1
    Stop crying racist tears everyone +1
    wron choice. and who says they cant be just 2 or 3 "ants"?  
    dangit im stiod  
    im a girl  
    just find people  
    the big bang  
    What kind of question is this?  
    Then my teeth will be perfecf  
    Luv is luv +1
    I wish for a genie that can grant infinite wishes  
    wrong one  
    sounds more fun ^.^  
    firefox ftw  
    what if my best friend IS my crush?  
    took way more lives  
    I'll do stuff....  
    This was.. easy  
    I know who :)!  
    I can do anything I want and no one will notice!!! I can steal money from a bank and kill someone and no one will notice! (lol jk) just don't like bad attention..  
    both of them are so annoying but stuffy nose  
    I wanna be patrick.  
    ... skipping to the next question :D  
    and skip!  
    Falling sensations.. What fun~  
    I'll cut it..  
    I dunno who gordan ramsay is o,o  
    I wouldn't have to fret about everything lol.  
    I will still value their life..  
    AW YEAH  
    Dreaming is fun but..  
    Cus y not  
    Atleast the kid knows what he's doing  
    tots worth it  
    i already am :D  
    Used 2 it  
    I WIN  
    id be smart  
    South park! South park! SOUTH PARK!  
    Did that before... It hurt :'(  
    I can fly!  
    I find peoples' low self-esteem cute  
    At least i have a use to my life  
    This would be so cool  
    The books are just as good!  
    not a lesbo  
    Better than nothing  
    I am here right now  
    I can't swim so I might as well be with the lion.. :'(  
    No because if you get option B, there's a chance your crush won't like you either. It didn't mention anything about having your crush to like you back. Unless they DO like you.  
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