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Would you rather be able to play the guitar like a rock star or have anyone in the world willing to take your phone call (even your crush) 6 years ago 213 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather baby sit 3 month old triplets for 4 hours or go with out food and water for the next 24 hours 6 years ago 231 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Does god and heaven exist? yes! or uh, no! 6 years ago 179 votes 12 comments 0 likes

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boyfriends and girlfriends come and go, but best friends are forever! 6 years ago +1
im a girl, sooooo 6 years ago  
I chose you PIKACHU!! 6 years ago +123
my crush already knows........... 6 years ago +1
would i rather what? 6 years ago  
whats with the cat? 6 years ago  
ill never live it down 6 years ago +1
im lazy 6 years ago +1
why would the green one be with the tons of guys........ wtf 6 years ago  
at least you tried.... 6 years ago +2
im a girl....... so yea 6 years ago  
wtf, well uh neither! 6 years ago  
i cant lose my bff! 6 years ago +13
larry! 6 years ago  
same thing? 6 years ago  
ive been to france so many times, time for a change! 6 years ago  
i live in Canada, so i think i would have more luck snowboarding 6 years ago  
um ok 6 years ago  
wtf why? 6 years ago  
i have both.... 6 years ago  
i am already the older sibling! 6 years ago  
kids have no worries! 6 years ago  
i am claustrophobic 6 years ago  
i cant handle the sight of blood 6 years ago  
coca cola is a VERY rich company 6 years ago  
wouldnt you have both (as your friends) if you are friends with one of them? 6 years ago  
people should be able to love and marry whoever they chose 6 years ago  
cash, i could buy anything that i wanted as a gift 6 years ago  
then everyone would know me 6 years ago  
cause 6 years ago  
too shay 6 years ago  
i always fight with my sister.. 6 years ago  
i need a funny guy, i cant date a person with no humor 6 years ago  
multiplayer games are more fun 6 years ago  
PIG! 6 years ago  
dancing would be halarious 6 years ago  
holcaust had way more people die... very sad event 6 years ago  
at least you gave them a gift 6 years ago  
sushi is so good 6 years ago  
i am already an obnoxious person.. 6 years ago  
good looking cars get stolen a lot 6 years ago  
animals definitely 6 years ago  
i can run around the theater while the movie is playing!! 6 years ago  
company= money 6 years ago  
airplanes are stuffy, at least on a cruise you can walk around and see the view 6 years ago  
wtf 6 years ago  
princess would be cute!! 6 years ago  
no question 6 years ago  
i didnt even read the onther one. i just saw Zayn and clicked it.. 6 years ago  
i hate twilight 6 years ago  
when you really love someone money is not important 6 years ago  
less work... 6 years ago  
im awesome 6 years ago  
then the good news will make me feel better 6 years ago  
omg neither! 6 years ago  
italy is a very beautiful place! i am from italy 6 years ago +1
FOOD! 6 years ago  
in heaven i would have a great life. plus i can stay with my loved ones 6 years ago  
i live in Canada, and even i know that it has its flaws 6 years ago  
i am only 13.... so yea 6 years ago  
subway is way better 6 years ago  
china has very nice landscapes 6 years ago  
true 6 years ago  
i would way rather have a excellent relationship 6 years ago +1
hair stylist defiantly! my parents are already my chauffers 6 years ago  
i would way rather get Starbucks. i have youtube for my music. 6 years ago  
well it is soo easy! Fail compilation! 6 years ago  
god 6 years ago +1
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