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    I would just finish every sentance with orange 6 years ago  
    You do realise you are born with your sexuality,meaning some people are just born gay,it's not thier fault and you are basicaly being racist 6 years ago  
    New law:I can add and remove as many laws as I want 6 years ago  
    New law: I can add and remove as many laws as I want 6 years ago  
    yeah right... 6 years ago  
    The bad news is you have cancer.The good news is this visit is free. 6 years ago  
    think about it if you release murderers back into the word more innocent people would die than just 1. 6 years ago  
    MURICA *beep* YEAH 6 years ago  
    doesnt matter had sex 6 years ago  
    who cares what you think you stupid brony 6 years ago  
    It's a question for people who know about a thing called linux 6 years ago  
    Call of duty had some decent earlier games. 6 years ago  
    Sure they look awesome,but they break so easily just droping them causes a speaker to get dammaged. 6 years ago  
    both suck 6 years ago +16
    doesn't matter had sex 6 years ago  
    you think the average life span of modernday humans is 60... 6 years ago  
    glasses dont fix vision they aid vision 6 years ago  
    You can always find love after you get money 6 years ago  
    It never said what kind of sickness,it could just be a cold. 6 years ago  
    but there is no internet meaning there wouldn't be any on your cell phone! 6 years ago  
    It would be a tamed monkey,also those monkeys that rip off faces most likely are rabbid or got really pissed off. 6 years ago  
    1. you can get rid of those worms,2. thats with raw and untreated pork,3. your not eating the pig your having it as a pet,but monkey's would be better pets. 6 years ago  
    This has nothing to do with the question,how did it get so many positive thumbs up! 6 years ago  

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