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    first i could rip that locker till theres nothing left and two nobody can do anything to me i would be them until there blood is gone 3 years ago  
    im aguy 3 years ago  
    Charlie gets to have sex 3 years ago  
    Beiber can go**** himself and die in a 30 meter down hole full of Pirahnas 3 years ago  
    i only chose so i could see comments 3 years ago  
    world peace means there are no problems so there is no hunger or diseases 3 years ago +113
    have sex with a girl with no clothes on in the middle of Times Square in New YorkCity! 3 years ago  
    Liquor 3 years ago  
    im a guy so no boobs! 3 years ago  
    Green like the Hulk 3 years ago  
    what if your best friend dies? hm? 3 years ago  
    Luke can use the force and kill Harry plus Darth Vader still cares about Luke but his mind is clouded.... Darth Vader would MURDER Harry if he hurt Luke 3 years ago  
    erasable pen 3 years ago  
    two words 3 years ago  
    You might become the Flash! 3 years ago  
    im a guy and drive a "sexy Stick" NOPE. 3 years ago  
    selena is hot end of discussion 3 years ago  
    im a guy sooooo 3 years ago  
    Yes be free, be the proud Peacock! 3 years ago  
    IF SOMEONE SAYS GOD IS FAKE OR FICTIONAL!!! @[email protected] 3 years ago +1
    girls will be surprised.................... 3 years ago  
    SLERNDERMAN IS IN THE FOREST!!! 3 years ago  
    That was very difficult i'm a guy 3 years ago  
    don't cut your hair ! did no one think about that?! 3 years ago  
    they got those pics backwards ..... 3 years ago  
    well i'll just have sex with "some Girl" 3 years ago  
    Megan um..... 3 years ago  
    Spiderman can die just saying watch Spiderman 3 people 3 years ago  
    noisy neighbors don't matter to me I'll be getting REAL noisy in bed with my wife 3 years ago  
    YOu Canadian Invaders! 3 years ago  
    i'm not choosing because i am a guy 3 years ago  
    my best friend is adude i'll go with either Kate Upton or Megan Fox thank you 3 years ago  
    get a Bugatti you attract police, people try to steal; your car, terrible gas mileage, only two seats, too much attention. 3 years ago  
    Yeah girls are the only ones who love to eat those wieners A.K.A. Hot Dogs 3 years ago  
    yeah it does seem racist 3 years ago  
    That beach pic tho.... 0-o 3 years ago  
    I'd rob selena Gomez's booty for life! 3 years ago  
    me too 3 years ago  
    YIKES! Shark Attack! 3 years ago  
    use Trojan Magnum ppl! 3 years ago  
    shoot the animal get noisy! 3 years ago  
    be with Slenderman or have everyone around so Slendy can't kill u? hmmm let me think 3 years ago  
    i'll just shoot the gay guys that try to get wit me 3 years ago  
    girls kneel before my....... 3 years ago  
    Miami beaches have nude girls! 3 years ago  
    Slenderman is coming!!!!!!!!! 3 years ago  
    lemme install a bed to my private jet Kate Upton be prepared to be amzed! 3 years ago  
    Kill the Beibere fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 years ago  
    YIKES! Shark Attack! 3 years ago  
    i meant hermione id get that booty every day 3 years ago  
    Titanic!!!! I'mnot hitting a iceberg! I'm up in my jet with my babe 3 years ago  
    neither im a guy im not gay 3 years ago  
    Sharks im gonna pee myself.... oh the sharks did it for me 3 years ago  
    woah wisconsin too much information! 3 years ago  
    if my wife is a lesbo, i'd have one more player ! 3 years ago  
    oh dude from michigan your an idiot. if you lose your keys you cant get into your car your home your anything 3 years ago  
    ahem what car did Paul Walker die in?.... oh thats right btw i meant to pick R8 3 years ago  
    The Canadians are Back!!!! 3 years ago  
    Muscle 3 years ago  
    no vcomment 3 years ago  
    oh yeah Slenderman forgot about that freaky nightmare 3 years ago  
    guy from Tenessesee you are a pervert 3 years ago  
    gifts could get you cash! 3 years ago  
    Justin because hes annoying i want to kill him and he gets on my nerves 3 years ago  
    hot girl over Twilight 3 years ago  
    my best friend is my crush 3 years ago  
    they are both the same guy BUT Dumbledore has the most powerful wand making him the most powerful wizard idiots 3 years ago  
    the dogs might try to kill you . You Canadians! 3 years ago  
    oh Goldenmoon nice!! 3 years ago  
    if you find true love you get to make love 3 years ago  
    im not ruling anything God can continue to rule everything i want to be able to be like the Flash! 3 years ago  
    oops i meant Hermione Granger :( 3 years ago  
    take the 1 million dollars off the cards ! 3 years ago  
    Tough this question was 3 years ago  
    you point the gun at your head and pull the trigger 3 years ago  
    nobody will survive the Zombie world war 3 years ago  
    you could get stuck in time mess up time itself and cause a ripple in the time forever 3 years ago  
    rewind and fix my mistakes 3 years ago  
    Mcdonald looks like a rapist 3 years ago  
    Im allergic to Shark nation 3 years ago  
    Kate Upton is my crush so either way i get my way 3 years ago  
    Kate Upton 3 years ago  

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