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this guy is totally not a jerk

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    align yourself with successful people, discard the trash, profit :) +1
    the world would be so perfect you wouldn't need the bad things  
    I am the one who picks on theists for being ignorant around here in case you didn't notice. Also, give me the name  
    I need to know my atheist brothers and my competition  
    up yours mate. Now give me names  
    I know and I couldn't care less  
    he's talking about me  
    hello there my theist friend. Did you summon me ? God sucks  
    most of the time spent on my phone is on the internet so no  
    which is why it would be a major scientific discovery  
    lightsabers are cool, can revolutionize technology and are great weapons plus nobody would know about it unless you wanted them to (not before you cut them to pieces )  
    who cares about justification ? It's a lightsaber  
    it's a light saber, we don't care  
    do you hate A more than you hate me ? +1
    but he looks like a philosopher lol (he said that on chat, there's a screen of it lol )  
    btw phaggut did you notice we have pretty much the same profile comment ? +2
    what do you mean ? +3
    anon is easy to troll but I take that duty on myself, I don't like competition so back off brah +3
    haha, you don't like witty either :P. Wouldn't have guessed (before he sorta called you a faggut :P ) +2
    if we ever meet on chat remind me that you are the smart ass who supported witty. +4
    but which of them do you support ? I think the answer is obvious for all female users who have a working brain +2
    oh for gods sake why do you even consider incest bad ? I mean for someone who has nutty ideas you could well realize that incest is only bad if you don't use protection/ don't fack yo mamma and cousin is blood +3
    A Views women as inferior, is theist, anti climate change, anti science (personal guess ) and he was mean to anon. Nail him on a cross I say. +4
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