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    noice 2 hours ago  
    AmericanJedi was banned, but uses an alt named Zombie, MustaKrakish comes on, like, once every few months, and YomokoGirl said she's so busy, but tries to come on occasionally 5 hours ago  
    tbh, i'm curious as to how the rrrather swearing-prevention system allowed you to comment that 5 hours ago  
    It would break my heart to hear them say that, but they're my kids, so of course I'll do what makes them happy 15 hours ago +1
    I won't do something stupid like eat a bat, though... i mean, imagine if someone did that 18 hours ago +2
    Make an illusion that I can see? So... I can make a naked lady dance in front of me? 1 day ago  
    Bossk is lit 1 day ago  
    Misclick... B: the Japanese 1 day ago  
    Guests would be peasants or slaves 1 day ago +3
    The second i read this, i thought of 1 day ago  
    Well... it depends, it they are so depressed they're on the verge of killing themself, I guess... 1 day ago  
    Don't we technically have A? Just share to Facebook... then, with B... it would have ups and downs... ups would get rid of niko's questions, but it would remove so many other "quality" questions 1 day ago  
    Strikes fear into those thinking of opposing me 1 day ago  
    I'd say they'd be more of a Rogue Jedi... not necessarily EVIL, just does chaotic things and whatever they want 1 day ago +1
    ngl, "u nonce" made me laugh 2 days ago  
    Where do you see an 'r' in there? 2 days ago  
    The entirety of Cuba is disabled: confirmed 2 days ago  
    What you just said is B... 2 days ago  
    :) 2 days ago  
    Me 2 days ago  
    I know tons of autistic people, and even they don't say A 2 days ago +1
    VIVA LA PLUTO 2 days ago  
    I like the way you think 2 days ago +2
    I consider it more purple, but ok 3 days ago +1
    If you wish 3 days ago  
    Tokyo Ghoul... enough said 3 days ago  
    I knew someone would put me as head of religion lol 3 days ago  
    There are no elections lol, you're supreme ruler 3 days ago  
    A: Ilovefreedom as head of "minority riots prevention" 3 days ago +1
    Betty White... no real political position, just a public morale boost :) 3 days ago  
    I prefer B, but if it's necessary to follow along, then yeah, A 3 days ago  
    Look at A's eyes... he looks like he's gonna buttf*ck someone 3 days ago  
    Valid... 3 days ago  
    I assume with swords? 3 days ago  
    YES 3 days ago +1
    I thought a man of culture such as yourself would say Emperor Caligula 4 days ago +1
    Change my mind... what Silver said 4 days ago +1
    A is what's dragging down society, but B tells the other civilizations we're ignorant 4 days ago +1
    Depends... in looks and weight, 0. in comedy, 7-ish 4 days ago  
    Both great, also... B reminds me of the meme with the crying girl pointing accusedly at the cat 4 days ago  
    The world pranked us by not giving us another new epidemic 4 days ago +1
    :) 4 days ago  
    Of course it's in motherf*cking FLORIDA 5 days ago  
    What Irene said... also, does this doll actually exist? 5 days ago  
    Ok, I like anime and used to be suicidal... but I dont get how it could possibly help? I mean, I'm glad you're ok, I just dont understand 5 days ago  
    Dudes... am I the only one who appreciated that, no matter how much trash talk he gets, Alexw never lashes back at you guys? 5 days ago +4
    Oof 5 days ago  
    Neither? 5 days ago  
    Sweet Victory 5 days ago  
    I wouldn't be too fond of it... but it depends on the circumstances (if they desperately needed the money to help her family, or along those lines) 5 days ago  
    Did SSJG2 get hacked by Niko??? 6 days ago +1
    True, but they are taught HEAVILY altered ways of the Jedi 6 days ago  
    Misclick... the Jedi are too strict 1 week ago  
    I plan on writing an autobiography anyway 1 week ago +1
    Guests are muggles 1 week ago  
    Niko and all his bots 1 week ago +5
    Side Note (that I stole but still find cool) the titles would've been a better fit if the titles for Episode I and Episode IX were switched 1 week ago  
    BY FAR 1 week ago  
    We live on Earth in the 21st century... everyone is dumb 1 week ago  
    Being a guest is for pussies 1 week ago  
    Please note: A is not a reference to slender man... but someone far more terrifying 1 week ago +2
    Way less scary 1 week ago  
    funny, offensive (to some), american 1 week ago +1
    Awesome, funny, kind 1 week ago  
    A rrrather Pagan 1 week ago  
    Cool, Laid-Back (do laid and back count as 1 or 2 words?) 1 week ago +1
    Vegan, Cool, Weeb 1 week ago  
    Nope. Ni-Se Co-C-K Br-O 1 week ago  
    I surprise them by taking off my overcoat, revealing I'm a flasher. I then pull my lightsaber out of the coat's pocket, and ignite the crimson red blade. I slice through the attacker, and leave my coat on top of their body. "I gave you my clothes, as you wished... but all things come at a price" I chuckle. I then walk through the streets, naked and with my lightsaber, until I arrive at the ilovefreedom's mansion. "28-34-27-6-19" I chant to him as he studies the periodic table of elements 1 week ago +1
    I'm proud of you 1 week ago +1
    UwU 1 week ago  
    lol, i had you in mind while making this question and didn't want it to be too obvious, so i made it a PAIR of users 1 week ago  
    I wonder why 1 week ago +1
    guests don't know how to use the Force 1 week ago  
    noice 1 week ago  
    I swear I cared about guests' opinions long before this commen- wait... no i didn't... i never did 1 week ago  
    Yes, I know, most believe there is only one flying spaghetti monster... however, there are an entire species 1 week ago  
    I'm thinking of making a series on A 1 week ago +1
    let's be honest here... humans suck 1 week ago +1
    Ilovefreedom + CrazyxHorse1 (Because freedom likes to whip, and Horses neigh) 1 week ago  
    What onex and asthomasa said 1 week ago  
    It was a meme during March 2019... and it gave me nightmares 1 week ago  
    Oh, sorry... i forgot tbh. will try not to say it again (on your questions... i make no promises to not say it on an Ilovefreedom question lol) 1 week ago +1
    TBH a mix of both... but mostly B 1 week ago  
    raping someone because you accidentally though they were a waifu body pillow 1 week ago  
    Sounds like simp-work to me 1 week ago  
    Just a heads up... telling people on rrrather to NOT vote... never works out 1 week ago +1
    gtc26: murder, grand theft auto, arson, kidnapping, war crimes, child labor, and more 1 week ago  
    AbstractCube: Drugs 1 week ago  
    ilovefreedom: hate crimes 1 week ago  
    AGREED! NOTHING CAN TOP LEGENDS!!! (sorry, i'm a huge fan of legends lmao) 1 week ago +1
    Thank you! I think i'm too selfish to be a Jedi though... maybe i'd be a Grey Jedi? 1 week ago  
    Totally 1 week ago  
    I can see it 1 week ago  
    I think Mandalorians? 1 week ago  
    Ravenclaw for HP, need time to think about star wars. Remind me when I wake up lol 1 week ago  
    Hmm... Gryffindor? Or hufflepuff 1 week ago  
    Muggles: Guests 1 week ago +2
    Slytherin: AbstractCube, Dragah 1 week ago  
    Gryfindoor: gtc26 1 week ago  
    This one resides in the mirror realm 1 week ago  
    I wake up 1 week ago  
    That way we don't get conflicting plots or irrelevancies 1 week ago +2
    I want to vote B just to be even more outrageous... but A is the logical choice 1 week ago  
    Depends if the slap was deserved or not 1 week ago  
    I just understood... so you're like Anakin Skywalker, and Alexw is like Mace Windu 1 week ago  
    guests aren't strong enough to use the Force 1 week ago  
    I'd feel rushed to do all the things I want 1 week ago  
    Gives time to say goodbye, and also allows them to do what they want first 1 week ago  
    What asthomasa said 1 week ago  
    "So I can have f*ck them later"... brilliant english 1 week ago  
    Yes! 1 week ago  
    Who tf eats brownies with nuts? 1 week ago +2
    I know. I was just too lazy to correct it 1 week ago  
    I understood that line reference 1 week ago  
    Jedi Order: Usmanc is the only one that comes to mind rn 2 weeks ago  
    Sith Order: ilovefreedom, SatanLordOfLies666, Catlover (because SLOL turned her to be his apprentice) and more i can't think of 2 weeks ago +1
    So THAT'S the reason this site has been going downhill... those foul creatures snuck in 2 weeks ago +2
    I can change that for the next question ;) 2 weeks ago  
    Make me a ghoul! 2 weeks ago  
    FAREWELL, HUMAN CENTIPEDE! 2 weeks ago +2
    Water is for mortals 2 weeks ago  
    Then she'll give YOU coronavirus 2 weeks ago +2
    This was a hard question... I really think it's cute, but DANG, i wanted to vote B just so I could click that dude's mustache 2 weeks ago +2
    Ok :) 2 weeks ago  
    You think you're above humanity? My Ankle is the one above humanity 2 weeks ago +1
    1) misclick. 2) my herp XD 2 weeks ago  
    I lift a lot of weights... it's just hard for me to stop eating 2 weeks ago  
    lol 2 weeks ago  
    oof. Where i come from we just bend over and molest their kneecaps (and sometimes dig beneath the cap with our nails and pop them out) 2 weeks ago  
    Also... is that Crona from Soul Eater? Damn, been ages since i've watched that 2 weeks ago +1
    My college moved to online learning for the entire rest of the semester 2 weeks ago  
    I love how you UNvoted after i pointed this out lmao 2 weeks ago +1
    nope 2 weeks ago  
    idiot 2 weeks ago +1
    Are you submitting to the fact that people don't have the FREEDOM to be naked? 2 weeks ago  
    Also, whoever guesses what B is gets a smiley face 2 weeks ago  
    Either way, I'd be supreme ruler 2 weeks ago  
    Sell it 2 weeks ago  
    Not the "canon" Disney version, though 2 weeks ago +3
    my worst person? my worst place? Would you mind explaining 2 weeks ago +1
    lmao, get called out by a guest! You go, guest from England! 2 weeks ago  
    Am i the only one here who doesn't hate fat people? 2 weeks ago +1
    Your kneecap privileges have been terminated... hand them over now 2 weeks ago +3
    I misunderstood it as I could oppress other people's freedom and manipulate my own 2 weeks ago  
    Wouldn't I have freedom if I could manipulate all destiny anyway? 2 weeks ago  
    don't have it... but AYYYY, dragah is back! 3 weeks ago  
    I'd make myself emperor 3 weeks ago +1
    I thought you said you wouldn't use this account anymore since you don't want to be associate with undertale? 3 weeks ago  
    idgaf if i die 3 weeks ago  
    At this point, it would be worse because people would panic from not knowing... but if the news acted rational about it since the beginning, then A 3 weeks ago +2
    Why not both? 3 weeks ago  
    19 3 weeks ago  
    Especially if it's in USA... most of them that age are brats 3 weeks ago  
    The bully: ilovefreedom, Popular kid: usmanc, delusional kid who thinks their getting bullied when they're actually doing it to themself: ActualFrisk, a literal deity: gtc26's ankle 3 weeks ago +3
    How would you know? Side Note: Why don't you use your main account anymore? 3 weeks ago  
    But that wouldn't stand out as much, because EVERY logical person loves murder 3 weeks ago  
    Usually A, but right now I'm doing an MCU marathon 3 weeks ago  
    Either way, nobody will cuddle you 3 weeks ago  
    *uno reverse cards your "no u"* 3 weeks ago +1
    I'm afraid your insanity will lead you to murder me with a cleaver 3 weeks ago +1
    Will check the videos later, but daaaang, so many videos in one day lol 3 weeks ago +1
    thanks. 12 3 weeks ago  
    Thank you, and 12 3 weeks ago  
    stfu Frisk 3 weeks ago +3 is the only politician i'll support 3 weeks ago  
    didn't read because a guest posted this 3 weeks ago +3
    Stop being a guest 3 weeks ago +1
    noice 3 weeks ago  
    Considering B will be my career... 3 weeks ago  
    I appreciate that you didn't just make a random vote. Thank you :) 4 weeks ago  
    Anything but B 4 weeks ago  
    Quite good 1 month ago  
    Agreed 1 month ago +2
    Valid... 1 month ago +4
    Why specify *on accident*? Who tf walks in on their parents doing it ON PURPOSE? 1 month ago +2
    Exactly 1 month ago  
    lmao 1 month ago  
    This was actually difficult for me... So i voted based on the CGI, not gonna lie... 1 month ago  
    If i die, I don't have to live on this horrible planet. If i live, I get to continue looking at memes. It's a win-win 1 month ago  
    Then sell my trip to someone i don't like 1 month ago  
    A is wayyyy overrated 1 month ago  
    Says a guest 1 month ago +2
    Anything? So you're saying freedom can be a joke? 1 month ago  
    What satan said 1 month ago +1
    OOF! I don't support racism, but that WAS funny 1 month ago +2
    i know 1 month ago  
    Not asking ilovefreedom 1 month ago +1
    What KoreanJesus said 1 month ago  
    AYYYY, You're back! 1 month ago  
    Or two of each 1 month ago +1
    Both 1 month ago  
    A long, long, time ago... I can still remember... 1 month ago  
    How do you make Lady Gaga cry? You poker face 1 month ago +1
    Gordon Ramsay 1 month ago  
    What're you sorry for exactly? Define what you did "earlier" lol 1 month ago  
    Good luck with whatever you do :) 1 month ago  
    I act weird online, not bad 1 month ago  
    What's with you and mugs? 1 month ago  
    Bite his ear 1 month ago +1
    Misclick 1 month ago  
    Money buys puppies 1 month ago  
    Purely because the churros... yeah, ik, i'm a fatass 1 month ago +1
    Thank you 1 month ago  
    tf is "rite aid"? 1 month ago  
    idc 1 month ago  
    Hello, former President Obama, BIG fan of your memes 1 month ago +1
    More people would be able to make illegal drugs 1 month ago  
    So you're saying youd save TheFlyingFatGirl2 from drowning? 1 month ago +1
    Gamer Oppression is real 1 month ago +5
    You are a good Satan 1 month ago +2
    I actually knew youd say that. So I made option B to make you happy 1 month ago +2 1 month ago  
    Already A 1 month ago  
    I'm known for my Holy Ankle 1 month ago +1
    lol 1 month ago  
    Lmao 1 month ago  
    You admit your mind is damaged? You're making progress! 1 month ago  
    A lot UwU 1 month ago +1
    Agreed 1 month ago +1
    Being ActualFrisk? 1 month ago +2
    I don't know why I posted this... it's not like I'll get a serious answer from half of you 1 month ago  
    Ambidextrous, actually 1 month ago  
    Why would anyone even want to make a loophole? 1 month ago +1
    Anything but A 1 month ago  
    The universal language 1 month ago  
    I don't think i've ever written a more aggressive comment lol 1 month ago  
    As a warden (idgaf if you say "no loopholes", that's the most entertaining part of this site, gtfo of here with your bs) 1 month ago +2
    My favorite, and I agree with conan 1 month ago  
    Why not both lol 1 month ago  
    sorry, i had to say it lol 1 month ago  
    I have one of his social media accounts... his rrrather profile is ilovefreedom 1 month ago +2
    I know, and i'm pretty sure tyb knows... BUT there comes a point where it gets too far 1 month ago  
    True... 1 month ago  
    What do you mean? 1 month ago  
    Why don't you make questions to enlighten the masses? 1 month ago +1
    Ngl, this made me laugh 1 month ago  
    Nah 1 month ago +1
    What's that? 1 month ago  
    I've tried 1 month ago  
    Also, i'm interested to see what you all would make with this template of question 1 month ago  
    A: Die... B: Jews 1 month ago  
    A: that he changed his profile pic from a bee... B: cuck 1 month ago +1
    A: Delusional... B: Piss on communists 1 month ago  
    Both would be terribel 1 month ago  
    Actually, B... but (in my opinion) to better capture the meaning and purpose of the song, it should be sung in a different way 1 month ago  
    Depends. Modern-Definition Racism? (saying anything at all is racist) or actual racism? (discriminating against a race) 1 month ago +1
    Already do 1 month ago  
    I feel no emotion toward B... toward A i feel one emotion: burning hatred 1 month ago +1
    So have an exciting life, or cause another economic depression 1 month ago +1
    As a believer of Heaven, I wouldn't want to take them away from the paradise just for selfish reasons 1 month ago +2
    What freedom said 1 month ago  
    Sadly not... a majority and the extremes of it has, but there are still some who are racist 1 month ago  
    You have a point... i change my answer 1 month ago +1
    Do not let these heathens dishearten you, livinganus, for you are living a holy life! 1 month ago +3
    NO! 1 month ago  
    lol 1 month ago +1
    Already have B 1 month ago  
    Can't you do A by using the jedi mind trick??? 1 month ago +2
    Mislcick 1 month ago  
    I'll be honest, at this point i'm just voting the option i think will piss you off more 1 month ago +4
    People who like memes 1 month ago  
    I am apathetic 1 month ago +2
    Last time I did, Chilis gave me free dessert 1 month ago +1
    I pretend to be B, but I'm more A 1 month ago  
    Good point... my mistake 1 month ago +1
    A is impossible to solve 1 month ago  
    actually it was in the lower back 1 month ago  
    True, actually... i went through a lot in middle school 1 month ago  
    Because my Ankle 1 month ago  
    2) everyone who clicked B is lying... they're cheating on you with my Ankle 1 month ago +1
    1) misclick 1 month ago  
    Cant tell if this is a troll post or not... BUT I know the pain of going through stuff, so if it is real I'm here for you 1 month ago +1
    Misclick... either go to 63 funerals, or no weddings 1 month ago  
    B: Any Elder Scrolls, Minecraft, Sid Meier's Civilization series 1 month ago  
    A: I survived a stabbing (will answer true or false after 3 guesses) 1 month ago  
    Ah, nice 1 month ago  
    and I'm apathetic 1 month ago  
    it depends on which waifu it is lol 1 month ago  
    I mean... my hand... 1 month ago  
    Neither 1 month ago  
    I'm a man of culture 1 month ago  
    Really? Where? I'm from the Peoria area 1 month ago  
    Awhile ago lol 1 month ago  
    Depends on the day which one i am irl 1 month ago  
    If not you, as a quote from the office, Identity Theft isn't a joke 1 month ago  
    If this is you... Welcome back! And misclick 1 month ago  
    Hallo. Am femail. Want to see my bobs and vajine? 1 month ago +2
    Silly goose, the earth is a hexagon 1 month ago +2
    Both 1 month ago  
    Misclick... I may not be an Apple fan... but Chromebooks suck 1 month ago +1
    Silly goose, Japan doesn't exist 1 month ago  
    If I did B, i'd have to live with the pain they hated me that much (and i also killed someone)... A would just end all the pain 1 month ago  
    Both 1 month ago  
    Both, actually... multiple voices in my head (I think i need to get checked out lmao) 1 month ago  
    Misclick, Am_Depreesed is right 1 month ago  
    Depends. If i have a family or bad insurance, A. If i'm single, well off enough, and less selfish (lol) then B 1 month ago  
    Get laid by a bunch of girls, or get drunk? 1 month ago  
    I'm too selfish... either I get to see a new Shrek, or nobody does 1 month ago +1
    Pretty sure we know which ilovefreedom will pick 1 month ago +1
    Oh great now I have an additional person on my hitlist 1 month ago  
    It's caught in a bear trap! 1 month ago  
    Who tf calls it noughts and crosses? 1 month ago +2
    So... free food? 1 month ago +1
    I'm part Canadian... it's already in my blood 1 month ago  
    Underneath 1 month ago +1
    I love dogs... also, will Big Bird be the boss battle in B? 1 month ago +2
    Misclick... either have Kung-Flu or be strong like bear 1 month ago +1
    I'm ugly... (people say I'm average, but I'm insecure and hate myself due to 9 years and 2 weeks of being bullied in school) 1 month ago  
    Depends how long the trip. If it's short, B. if it's long, A 1 month ago +3
    I'm kidding lol. I'M my least favorite user 1 month ago  
    Oh... basically she said he claimed to be an employee, and would get the shoe she was looking for, then grabbed her foot and sucked her toes 1 month ago  
    Used to do B as a kid though 1 month ago  
    Age slow is a downside... who wants to live on this crappy planet longer than they have to? 1 month ago +1
    If I had A: I'd make people who annoy me disappear. If I had B: I'd make my will to live appear... so A would be more helpful to others, at least 1 month ago  
    I don't know you, but still Welcome Back!!! 1 month ago  
    You 1 month ago +3
    Misclick... didn't read description... I love sleeping 1 month ago  
    You seem nice enough to not kill 1 month ago  
    Never even heard of it lol. Will look it up 1 month ago  
    And yes, you are allowed to mess it up (at least not overdoing it though)... that IS what makes it fun, after all 1 month ago  
    I know how painful B is to want... and I'd feel like i also failed as a parent if I 1) didn't notice, and 2) couldn't help 1 month ago +2
    Windows 10 is nowhere near windows at its best... but it's still better than Mac 1 month ago  
    I didn't say you don't have a reputation... I'm just saying you're not exactly famous lol 1 month ago +1
    Very informative. Thank you 1 month ago  
    Not really? A lot of us have made questions about one another... to the point where it's pretty common 1 month ago +1
    Misclick... only clicked B because I thought it said "hentai-certified foods" 1 month ago +1
    I'm a huge fan. I've invested all my stock in your company 1 month ago closest i could find 1 month ago  
    It sounds like something from Florida 1 month ago  
    I'd rather be dead 1 month ago +1
    Me? I'm not real... but the North Caroline dude is 1 month ago  
    The first guest to make me laugh... good job 1 month ago +2
    sinful, but I suppose God shall forgive that 1 month ago +1
    I see no problem here 1 month ago  
    I cri everi tim 1 month ago  
    oof. Rekt 1 month ago  
    What, did you think this was gonna be about the impeachment or something? 1 month ago +1
    If you vote no, you're sexist 2 months ago  
    Misclick... with A, the humans would just simply f*ck it up a second time, rendering my efforts useless 2 months ago  
    I mean why do you believe your opinion doesn't matter? 2 months ago  
    No worries 2 months ago  
    Because A doesn't exist 2 months ago  
    Neither... but if I had to... 2 months ago  
    Why do you say that? 2 months ago  
    Already can do B... it's called SCUBA Diving :P 2 months ago  
    I want to die anyway 2 months ago  
    No 2 months ago  
    I'll eat out alright ;) 2 months ago  
    Doesnt have to be Mr. Blue Sky. Can be any song (reply to this comment to pick a song) 2 months ago  
    Ayyyy, Hash is back! 2 months ago +2
    Fun fact: Coronavirus is weak to alcohol.... therefore, you can fight corona with a corona 2 months ago +2
    WAH 2 months ago  
    Greg is a jerk 2 months ago +1
    Computers 2 months ago  
    Means I get to be dead 2 months ago +4
    You make no sense... i can't tell if you're idiotic or a troll 2 months ago +1
    Pretty much. But less germs 2 months ago +1
    Less evil 2 months ago 2 months ago  
    Meow Meow (get it... copying cat... nobody's laughing? Oh, ok :( ) 2 months ago  
    In terms of abilities and design: Anakin... but in terms of personality: Obi-Wan by far (isn't whiny, selfish, or constantly complaining about sand) 2 months ago +1
    Doesn't exist... therefore neither will I 2 months ago  
    I am the strongest in the memes 2 months ago  
    When it was acceptable to slay enemies with a sword 2 months ago +1
    Already am 2 months ago +1
    Already have both 2 months ago +1
    Chances would be higher of stepping on them barefoot (referring to if A were true) 2 months ago +2
    They're from Australia... do you know how scary Australia is? 2 months ago +4
    Also, I made B myself 2 months ago  
    Last one, I promise 2 months ago  
    Classic EAFPB 2 months ago  
    Because of the "take it out on dad" part was perfect 2 months ago  
    What MennoGeert said... so if I stay away from the pizzeria, I should be fine 2 months ago  
    Has penguins 2 months ago +1
    tbh you don't need forgiveness. Yeah, you acted weird tbh, but nothing morally "bad" in need of forgiving 2 months ago +1
    JK, i do forgive you 2 months ago  
    Only if you blow guest from Virginia 2 months ago +2
    Either way, I die :D 2 months ago  
    The gender doesn't matter, I just know soccer better 2 months ago  
    Ah, fair enough 2 months ago  
    Awe thanks 2 months ago  
    Ironic... 2 months ago  
    Idc really, I was just messing with Reilly 2 months ago  
    Can we just get a chain of these questions? 2 months ago  
    Like this comment if you have big pp 2 months ago +2
    Heck 2 months ago  
    DM me your pokemon 2 months ago  
    Just found out I can buy a broken wrist on a website for $56! 2 months ago  
    gtc26 being wholesome for once? :O (or at least option B lol) 2 months ago  
    When did you move to Canada? 2 months ago +1
    onex changed my mind 2 months ago  
    We all know what ilovefreedom is going to vote for 2 months ago +2
    I don't know you, so I'm indifferent 2 months ago  
    Less furry-like 2 months ago  
    noice 2 months ago  
    Exactly 2 months ago  
    Depends on what and where 2 months ago  
    This made me laugh 2 months ago  
    A becomes B 2 months ago  
    Ayyy, I got that referenec 2 months ago  
    Conform to me or I'll send you to eternal death 2 months ago  
    Stuck up people who have no right to be... people who try forcing their beliefs on others (ActualFrisk)... and people who disrespect the Holy Ankle 2 months ago  
    Vermin Supreme 2 months ago +2
    War Criminal: Me 2 months ago  
    THEY'RE IN THE TREEEEEES 2 months ago  
    What Tydee said 2 months ago  
    Allowed to... but i don't out of respect 2 months ago  
    I can finally run away from my problems 2 months ago  
    without the middle a though... just car-mull 2 months ago  
    Luigi stole my kneecaps 2 months ago  
    Screw over everyone else along with me 2 months ago +1
    Have you heard the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise? 2 months ago  
    If it's because they're goofing off though, yeah totally 2 months ago  
    Depends on the other variables. Is that their normal grade? Are they struggling with something else, such as bullying at school or depression? 2 months ago +6
    Took on Madara 2 months ago  
    Probably fire, because my temper... but if it's based on what i like, Water (because I'm a swimmer and Scuba diver) 2 months ago  
    Ayyy, you're back 2 months ago  
    Never *cough*PC masterrace*cough* 2 months ago +1
    the memes are random 2 months ago  
    Old Sonic legit looked like a pedophile 2 months ago +2
    This was tough for me to decide... and I made the question 2 months ago +1
    Ahhh ok 2 months ago  
    If you're gonna pick a wii sports resort sport, pick swordplay 2 months ago  
    Minecraft, Elder Scrolls, Pokemon, etc 2 months ago  
    Gaming, chess, reading, writing, drawing, etc 2 months ago  
    Does anyone know why my other question isn't on the newest list? I posted it right after this one 2 months ago +3
    Saw Polar Express and Skyrim in one pic, picked Polar Express and Skyrim in one pic 2 months ago +1
    Depends on what kind of alien... kind, totally. evil, no 2 months ago +1
    MISCLICK! I hate onision 2 months ago  
    What SSJG2 said 2 months ago  
    I can agree with you on this one lol 2 months ago +1
    69 3 months ago  
    He's just against everything I say 3 months ago  
    Sure 3 months ago  
    The best gunslinger is equivalent to a regular swordsman on the badass-o-meter 3 months ago +1
    I'm actually not as much of a jerk as i claim to be lol 3 months ago  
    I'd take life away from those who want to die, and give it to those who want to live longer 3 months ago  
    WWIII won't happen, I know this because the Simpsons haven't predicted it 3 months ago +7
    big tiddies 3 months ago  
    It's funny 3 months ago  
    Depends on the question... but overall yeah. Creators can have opinions too. I'd suggest not being the first vote thoug 3 months ago  
    moo 3 months ago  
    Only nerds say B 3 months ago  
    19 3 months ago  
    I feel attacked lol 3 months ago  
    ... 3 months ago  
    69 3 months ago  
    Get* to kill kids 3 months ago +1
    I was genuinly sad when I finished this game... I want more 3 months ago  
    As much as I absolutely love Elder Scrolls... Kindergarten is a work of art 3 months ago  
    Misclick... I don't remember where I was 10 hours ago 3 months ago +1
    B can be funny at times 3 months ago  
    I don't know... with the draft, idk if i'd have a choice 3 months ago  
    So either always be under the age of consent, or get away with taking a sh*t in people's yards? 3 months ago  
    What's a wamen? 3 months ago  
    69 3 months ago +1
    I wish for you to stfu 3 months ago +2
    Bill Cosby hat 3 months ago  
    Tip the fedora 3 months ago  
    Taco 3 months ago  
    69 3 months ago  
    ilovefreedom is American... 3 months ago  
    Thank you! 3 months ago  
    I like the way you think 3 months ago +1
    valid... so I'd just need to find the right second to switch to awesomeness 3 months ago  
    Fair enough 3 months ago  
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