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Would you rather have a? HTC or iPhone 7 years ago 586 votes 15 comments 0 likes

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Uhm, im the richest b*tch. 7 years ago  
girls is all that make up bullsh*t. id rather have a boy i can play with or just in general 7 years ago  
they who gave me a life, raised me up, spend money on me, they did feed me and was always there when i needed them vs someone whos just a friend? pretty obvious i have to say 7 years ago  
lol tricked. just saw the yes picture but clicked on no.. 7 years ago  
wow, really? so many liars :/ 7 years ago  
what is wrong with cinnamon challenge, wasnt that bad 7 years ago +1
uhm, what? 7 years ago  
wow good question 7 years ago  
pretty obvious 7 years ago  
jump in a lake 7 years ago  
Are you serious? 7 years ago +7
I wish I could be invisible, would have been so awesome 7 years ago +2
i love pancake batter 7 years ago  
cinnamon challenge wasnt really a challenge for me tbh 7 years ago  
Popularity leads to bullying. 7 years ago +7
RIP Matt! Feel sorry for u. 7 years ago +1
or fish burger? (i choosed wrong) 7 years ago +1
golden retrievers are soo cute 7 years ago +1
gettin some ass 7 years ago +11
jump in a lake 7 years ago +2
I'M PEETA AND I KNOW IT! 7 years ago +2
pizza! 7 years ago +5
dolan pls 7 years ago +2
ahhh, the ps2 memories :) 7 years ago +4
ARGHHHHH, of course he have listened to it, or else he wouldnt answer? how stupid can you be sometimes. 7 years ago  
I'd just throw it and take a new one. 7 years ago +3
Date a woman you cant kiss? Then is no point.. 7 years ago  
10 minus? haha thats not cold at all 7 years ago  
haha yeah this is me everyday 7 years ago +2
haha thats just great 7 years ago +4
if your a musician just go to the radio and play a song 7 years ago +6
ops choosed wrong. meant tooth brush, you can always use gum or mouth wash. 7 years ago +2
uhm, congrats? 7 years ago +4
I love how people act like mr nice guy and when there questions like this they always choose to help other people. But when it's become reality everybody thinks about themselves. 7 years ago +680
man thats a very good question actually. i always listen to music but im always on the internet lol 7 years ago +6
wow easy choice 7 years ago +2
it would have been damn awkward if i joined, so... 7 years ago  
Been waiting for a plane for 100 hours no prob. 7 years ago +2
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