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Which movie is better friday or ride along 3 years ago 48 votes 1 comment 0 likes
In the future wich would be a better job robot devoloper or apple industries owner 3 years ago 88 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Which is better milkey way or snicker 3 years ago 105 votes 9 comments 0 likes

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could be a good song 1 year ago  
but you can say abba dabba doo faster 1 year ago +1
fast food 1 year ago  
break hitlers back (reply if you know what book thats from) 1 year ago  
I command yo n*gga soul back in the depths of hell 1 year ago  
b you would die in the first mont 1 year ago  
not that bad of a movie 1 year ago  
im done haha 1 year ago +1
I like whistling 1 year ago +1
more peaceful 1 year ago  
not the bad 1 year ago  
can't afford to take care of it for long 1 year ago  
from the waterboy haha "water sucks it really really sucks" 1 year ago  
thats not how it works your dish every time has 2x more salt than necessary 1 year ago  
I live in Texas dont come back its horrible 1 year ago  
exactly 1 year ago  
noooooooo 1 year ago  
takes more skill 1 year ago  
either way they know its you 1 year ago  
the gingerbread man would run away 1 year ago  
thats not candy that beef 1 year ago  
sike 1 year ago  
laugh to death ? 1 year ago  
yes , yes you are 1 year ago  
I hope yall know what skeet is 1 year ago +1
but I always fail 1 year ago  
hurricanes do less damage 1 year ago +1
no 1 year ago  
f off 1 year ago  
pollen yeet 1 year ago  
lies 1 year ago  
how 1 year ago  
dat grapefruit tho 1 year ago  
skip 1 year ago  
2 clocks 2 years ago +1
same 2 years ago  
3d! 2 years ago  
I don't have a sister free 1 million 2 years ago +1
high five 2 years ago  
maaaagggggiicc 2 years ago  
wel na sh*t 2 years ago +1
for god sakes bieng a half blood (the monsters in that movie were crucial to half bloods) being a wizard is the better option 2 years ago  
heavy metal is ear rape cool pic tho !!!!!!!!! 2 years ago +1
never been to a 2 years ago  
less meat 2 years ago  
who could say no to gal 2 years ago  
abra is chill 2 years ago +1
does she as he have a porn account for educational reasons #jk 2 years ago  
id rather face the back of a faggot then the front 2 years ago  
never press the button 2 years ago  
i am the one don't wieght a ton don't need a gun to get respect up on the street under the son will pock the glock to feed himself and family by any means your enemies we shoot them up like some canteen the yellow tape surrounds the fate/ why did i waste 3 minutes writing this 2 years ago +1
the classic 2 years ago  
if your a pice of sh*t what would you say XD 2 years ago +1
bush whaah ? 2 years ago  
well i think karma is just an excuse when someone gets revenge without having to do anything 2 years ago  
ehh both trash 2 years ago  
y'all stupid this is the best graphic racing game yet 2 years ago  
im a big fan of mafia 2 no sh*ts given to watch dogs 2 years ago  
no comment 2 years ago  
lol xD 2 years ago  
I'm too black like 5 2 years ago  
prefer mega man 2 years ago  
pokemon go sucks ass 2 years ago  
with a fedora and suspenders shoo swag and jeans and some black vans = life style 2 years ago  
dota 2 sucks ass 2 years ago  
csgo is beast 2 years ago  
its not hard 2 years ago  
male prostitute oh yeah 2 years ago  
poke mon go = ass 2 years ago  
10 bucks who remamba me 2 years ago  
not to me 2 years ago  
who remembers me ezkymore boo rad someone back in 2015 2 years ago  
no brainer 2 years ago  
wrong one ill penitrate 2 years ago  
wolvoriene has healing powers plus it docent hurt him 2 years ago  
anyone thought of all the youtube videos showing coke jelly and other soft drinks 3 years ago  
chicken wings fries pizza and b*tches 3 years ago  
this question is horrible anyway 3 years ago  
the first one is just black theres a 99.99% chance john cent would be in B matter of fact 100% 3 years ago  
pika pikaaaaa chuuuuuu 3 years ago +1
https://youtu.be/XSGSeo2RhNU 3 years ago  
halarious 3 years ago +1
dab on a bit like ouwaaa dab on em 3 years ago  
blazin boobs 3 years ago  
hell to the nah hell to the nah to the naw naw naw 3 years ago  
10000000000000000000000000000000000000000 3 years ago  
i can never do stealth missions i like ot loud and proud 3 years ago +1
i never go outside anyway 3 years ago  
obviousley 3 years ago  
f*** amurica 3 years ago  
misclick my hair feels pocket after shave 3 years ago  
guys you do know vegetables are mainly ate raw 3 years ago  
you like beans but don't like the black ones just kidding 3 years ago  
avrege about 5'6 3 years ago  
niether b*tch 3 years ago  
why is there a yes in both pics 3 years ago  
good for you and who even are you 3 years ago  
there fake so i wouldn't feel a thing 3 years ago  
obviously 3 years ago  
a 4 3 years ago  
well im not gong to suck a dead corpse i would sell coke 3 years ago  
goths are so f***ing creepy thinking they can talk with the dead eeeewww and punks dont always get mohawks some even get afros i would get and the only thing im punk for is for playing its music 3 years ago  
i have both but A is stronger 3 years ago  
more of a chance to survive 3 years ago  
and in a you have to pay to watch theres pornhub xvideos and redtube for a reason 3 years ago  
you f***ing picked wrong one on your own question oh ok 3 years ago  
fag is an insulf to gay people i rather be gay then people disrespect me no gays should be treated the same the only thing hou actually need to worry about is reproduceing 3 years ago  
it shows more detail 3 years ago +1
stop spamming we dont care if your a faggot or not 3 years ago +2
unlimited free houses and cars and gas and food 3 years ago  
when you think your going to fall you trick yourself into actually falling 3 years ago  
https://youtu.be/Uk_2Eo0No_k 3 years ago  
https://youtu.be/Uk_2Eo0No_k 3 years ago  
https://youtu.be/Uk_2Eo0No_k 3 years ago  
https://youtu.be/Uk_2Eo0No_k 3 years ago  
https://youtu.be/Uk_2Eo0No_k 3 years ago  
https://youtu.be/Uk_2Eo0No_k 3 years ago  
https://youtu.be/Uk_2Eo0No_k 3 years ago  
https://youtu.be/Uk_2Eo0No_k 3 years ago  
https://youtu.be/Uk_2Eo0No_k 3 years ago  
https://youtu.be/Uk_2Eo0No_k new son 3 years ago  
https://youtu.be/Uk_2Eo0No_k 3 years ago  
https://youtu.be/Uk_2Eo0No_k 3 years ago  
mario brings me back when games where not filled with anoying 10 and under that swear there could until i noscope them then they shut up 3 years ago +1
tf2 is know meh 3 years ago  
pit bulls are so not violent there only violent when you make them angry when you rattle its cage or try to threaten them 3 years ago  
more like yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sssssshhhaaaaaaaaaalllll noooooooooooot paaaaaaaaaaaaas! 3 years ago  
https://youtu.be/lsJLLEwUYZM 3 years ago  
not gay 3 years ago  
get a bucket napkins im all set 3 years ago  
more of a chance to figure something valuable like curing cancer,aids,and even ebola 3 years ago  
whiter 3 years ago  
t o try 3 years ago  
more new tech 3 years ago  
more power 3 years ago  
yall are so f***ing annnoying illuminati really spammers 3 years ago  
aaaa in slither.io you die way to easily just got done playing 3 years ago  
well aside from 10 year olds saying ur so noob plz stop playing COD is really good 3 years ago  
good always wins 3 years ago  
Drool 3 years ago  
aaa super saying god is like 14 3 years ago  
friday and boyz in the hood 3 years ago  
obviously 3 years ago  
stop spamming 3 years ago  
mindlessspie 3 years ago +1
mee too 3 years ago  
riley and huey freeman 3 years ago  
the knight looks like a knight for the kkk 3 years ago  
cleft chin look like balls 3 years ago  
sebaxU is cool,funny,and even more funny 3 years ago  
he can got to juve all he wanta 3 years ago  
i woul expect b to be more than thqt mhateves 3 years ago  
a fat dropped stacked 300 dollars 3 years ago  
no there not 3 years ago  
chose because hotter 3 years ago  
spiderman is a horrible superhero 3 years ago  
aleast i wont hear allahu akbar evry day 3 years ago  
mintcandy 3 years ago +2
boo-rad why were you in the chat so long and didint say a world -_- 3 years ago  
what is git gut 3 years ago  
didint see that-_- 3 years ago  
how do you know and reply evrything i say i fell uncomfortable 3 years ago  
but my new country aint in it 3 years ago  
is obvious what a stupid question and i got first comment 3 years ago +1
probaly wont have the urge to party here 3 years ago  
people rely more on goods 3 years ago +1
the mocking jay part.2 3 years ago +1
all the money brings the finer things 3 years ago  
mangoes 4life 3 years ago  
i only know this might watch othor 3 years ago  
gta 5 and team fortress 2 3 years ago +2
so mean joking 3 years ago  
cause we will be bling and are eyes will be tdry from no tears 3 years ago  
easy this waw 3 years ago  
aleast youll get diabetes later 3 years ago  
wall.e was the sh*t 3 years ago  
first b*tches hate all you want 3 years ago  
too lazy to read 3 years ago  
first b*tches 3 years ago  
first b*tches 3 years ago  
niether 3 years ago  
lose it by spendig 3 years ago  
first b*tches hate all you want 3 years ago  
yes u ar 3 years ago  
yes u are 3 years ago  
first b*tches hate all day 3 years ago  
and first b*tches 3 years ago  
green is overrated 3 years ago  
firs b*tches hate all day 3 years ago  
first! hate all you want b*tches head ass 3 years ago  
idk none of these 3 years ago  
a 8 year old wrote this 3 years ago  
first 3 years ago  
first 3 years ago  
first 3 years ago  
diabetes or extreme diabetes 3 years ago  
ebay scams way too much 3 years ago +4
its her strapon 3 years ago  
first 3 years ago  
first 3 years ago  
saw pizza and bird pizzza 3 years ago  
hung up in scociety 3 years ago  
onto a trampoline 3 years ago  
2 liters 2 bottles 3 years ago  
but docent say sex 3 years ago +2
when i burn docent say i die 3 years ago  
i won't give it to them 3 years ago  
fore me 1 min 3 years ago  
to all that picked b are lazy f***s 3 years ago  
i wouldn't get arrested all the time 3 years ago  
he's still perfect in my heart 3 years ago +1
a month 3 years ago  
low pay to me is 100000 dollars to me 3 years ago  
2 bootles exactly 3 years ago  
moooooooooveeeee 3 years ago  
i lost 100 how spend it 3 years ago  
ow ow ow ow i got hit by them ow stop slapping and hitting me ow ow 3 years ago  
my girl is also a friend 3 years ago  
online friends 3 years ago  
misclick 3 years ago  
misclick a war with eroupe and america I'm going to canada 3 years ago  
stooooooooop with f***in pokemon so annnnmnoooyyyingggg 3 years ago +1
idk idc 3 years ago  
dirst 3 years ago  
both 3 years ago  
not so complicated 3 years ago  
stop these 3 years ago  
panic attack shoots randomly and goes evrywhere 3 years ago  
dam danielle back at it with them tits 3 years ago +1
lol 3 years ago  
oh I'm so fuming sorry 3 years ago +1
cheese itz 3 years ago  
a gang of rich actors 3 years ago +1
guys loins are the king of the jungle search it man I'm 10 with dumbasses 3 years ago  
search king of the jungle 3 years ago  
your such a dumbass 3 years ago  
with helmet 3 years ago  
if you don't sleep you dead 3 years ago  
hung up on online 3 years ago  
I hate acting singing andpon;) 3 years ago  
they slay sleep not f*** 3 years ago  
dosent say I give him money 3 years ago  
Mulan is a great story 3 years ago  
3 words r.i.p 3 years ago  
I always wanted to be in coutry life there is stillvtech but people not goingcrazy its quiet and friendly people nd people don't use their bodies for money in myopinion this would be the best life 3 years ago  
12 3 years ago  
cut it off cut it off 3 years ago  
don't have one 3 years ago  
don't have a sister 3 years ago  
b is like saying this its a short play husband;honey i will go to history and murder you see you can't do it 3 years ago +1
lol i hate thay dude 3 years ago  
is obvious 3 years ago  
how is this would you rather 3 years ago  
you can't be both you can't be a leader and have no group 3 years ago  
fetty wap is god to hip hop 3 years ago  
who ever picked A is a dumbass 3 years ago  
is obvious 3 years ago  
is obvious 3 years ago  
first 3 years ago  
I'm on it now 3 years ago  
first 3 years ago  
hi 3 years ago  
this is from tf2 3 years ago  
stfu with is obvious 3 years ago +2
reverse flash was faster but zoom is and zoom could kick reverse flashes ass 3 years ago  
hold up most people that picked a never watched flash zoom could tear his ass to shreds he's faster for a villan 3 years ago +1
isaab3 but its not the sonic boom 3 years ago  
well i need hands for gaming 3 years ago  
more classy 3 years ago  
cliford is annoying 3 years ago  
sorry but when i saw xbox just had to 3 years ago +1
first 3 years ago +1
b is hilarious 3 years ago  
some holidays are dumb like valentines its just a way to get laid 3 years ago  
i can't shove my dik in a panting 3 years ago +1
force use it 3 years ago  
looks cooler 3 years ago  
hi 3 years ago  
helloe 3 years ago  
herbert is a mistake to family guy 3 years ago  
nah durr 3 years ago  
suk anime' 3 years ago  
anime sucks old balls 3 years ago  
block the sht out of your dhot 3 years ago  
way better 3 years ago +1
assholes 3 years ago  
donald trump 3 years ago  
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