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    it isnt yolo. you live EVERYDAY! you only die once!!!! so its YODO 5 years ago  
    RIP talia 6 years ago +41
    i would be like 10 pounds 6 years ago  
    both are nasty 6 years ago  
    ew 6 years ago  
    why brush ur teeth when u wake up when ur just gonna get them dirty when u eat 6 years ago +6
    HATE THEM BOTH 6 years ago  
    awe 6 years ago  
    im a vegetarian so 6 years ago  
    idk im a girl 6 years ago  
    im already a vegetarian 6 years ago  
    its not about whether you win or loose that counts, its about how much you love what your doing 6 years ago  
    well im a vegetarian so idk, 6 years ago  
    neither im 15 6 years ago  
    once at my school we had a day of silence and couldnt talk for a whole day, it was kinda easy 6 years ago  
    its GLITZY 6 years ago  
    im only 15 i know what this is but not really 6 years ago  
    heaven is so much better! 6 years ago  
    id totally be one 6 years ago  
    famous all the way 6 years ago  
    ikr 6 years ago  
    O YAH!!! 6 years ago  
    IKR! 6 years ago  
    celeb! then you know hes hot! 6 years ago  
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