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    Parents sorry guys but the orphans I mean Simon parents ur dead 6 months ago +1
    Don't got a genius so hah 6 months ago  
    Never said how big the glass is it could be broken miscroscopic glass 6 months ago  
    Btw I already can pleasure my self orally I was in gymnastics for 5 years I learned how 6 months ago  
    Lol me 6 months ago  
    HE'LL YESSS 6 months ago  
    You in the rear ima girl so ye 6 months ago  
    Mighty easier 6 months ago  
    Don't got a sick while so.... 6 months ago  
    Lol so I can make boys be like when ur in bed HOLD THAT'S A PENIS NOT A VAGINA IN OUT 6 months ago +1
    But ima girl 6 months ago  
    Me me 6 months ago  
    Get raped by a walrus there focus r huge and there rough on u to 6 months ago  
    Omg I would barf ether way 6 months ago  
    sperm Twinkie lel 6 months ago  
    Join in once 6 months ago  
    Tampon 6 months ago  
    Grosssssss 6 months ago  
    Hottest for some reason 6 months ago  
    Neither 6 months ago  
    The date cause then I can do some crazy sh*t before I die 6 months ago  
    True or love 6 months ago  
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