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    One word, takis 1 year ago  
    I never get punished 1 year ago  
    Im a girl 1 year ago  
    Both 1 year ago  
    Put children in basement. Go room. Watch tv 1 year ago  
    Quick death and a little sky diving expierience before death 1 year ago  
    Gay men attracted to me means they are not gay 1 year ago  
    Im a girl 1 year ago  
    Gum 1 year ago  
    Neither 1 year ago  
    Suprise! 1 year ago  
    Neather please 1 year ago  
    Is school a job? 1 year ago  
    Botha 1 year ago  
    Both 1 year ago  
    Im a looser with fake friends 1 year ago  
    What type of cancer 1 year ago  
    Im 14 1 year ago  
    Im a fat ass. Why would i do that 1 year ago  
    I like to be satisfied madudes 1 year ago  
    I already live like the first choice 1 year ago  
    I sleep on my side 1 year ago  
    Well thats a waste o money. You basically chose the first choice 1 year ago  
    What biome? 1 year ago  
    Get new job madudes 1 year ago  
    Come! My slave 1 year ago  
    None im team samsung 1 year ago  
    "Choose" 1 year ago  
    What the heck is a parthenon 1 year ago  
    The plate is not centered 1 year ago  
    Dont know, im not a lesbian 1 year ago  
    Just dont do your job 1 year ago  
    Something called a wig 1 year ago  
    I already have one 1 year ago  
    Where da heck is my money at? 1 year ago  
    Depends 1 year ago  
    What the hell is south park 1 year ago  
    Id like to eat beef please 1 year ago  
    I messed up. You could watch tv on ur comp 1 year ago  
    Live forever to get money 1 year ago  
    Just go on a date at a party 1 year ago  
    Oh my god! Stupid cat stepped on my answer again! Why the faq would i want to be an owl 1 year ago  
    Ear plugs madude 1 year ago  
    One name... Donald Trump 1 year ago +1
    My cat stepped on my phone! 1 year ago  

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