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Who do you like more Demi Lovato or Cher Lloyd 2 years ago 45 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you buy an ak-47 cartel or gloock-18 bunsen burner 3 years ago 95 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather get killed by Jason or Count Orlok 3 years ago 83 votes 2 comments 0 likes

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a cow don't even have a penis xD 2 years ago  
wait what is wrong with a blue waffle? 2 years ago  
its called axe 2 years ago  
and now iam on the nsa watchlist thank you very much lol 2 years ago  
thats not what the nobel price is about it is a price you get if helped hummanity 3 years ago  
im a gamer i say ty 3 years ago  
my singing vice is horrible 3 years ago  
then i get ppppoowweeerrrrr!!!! 3 years ago  
thats twilight fags not vampires 3 years ago  
i dont smoke 3 years ago  
piranhas dont attack humans 3 years ago  
does not matter 3 years ago  
just use a wigg 3 years ago  
99% people that say they dont like star wars haven't seen the movie 3 years ago  
so im a pornstar? 3 years ago  
cheating oon tests will danm easy 3 years ago  
depends oon the game i love assassins creed 3 years ago  
he made microsoft 3 years ago  
my grandma is dead 3 years ago  
QuackTheNinja then i would kill everyone that belive in a god/gods 3 years ago  
all hail GABEN 3 years ago +1
i like italy more then france but still i dont hate france 3 years ago  
u cant stop war even if u did someoone woyld not like the other rulers on earth so they would try to take over the world 3 years ago  
where i live almost everyone is socialism so 3 years ago  
if its true love yes it is worth it 3 years ago  
so bad at school or be an A student 3 years ago  
no you dont 3 years ago  
sorry i clicked the wroong one *facepalm* but true god is bullsh*t 3 years ago  
lmao 3 years ago  
YYYYYYAASSSS!!!11! 3 years ago  
i dont hate on u becouse oof the gay people cant marry thing i hate on u becouse god dont exist 3 years ago  
and then eat them! 3 years ago  
sheplayed padme in star wars 3 years ago  
il live in sweden almost same 3 years ago  
that dont matter 3 years ago  
really justin bieber got 72% Rebecca is better then him her song it's friday is even better then all of justin biebers songs 3 years ago  
soo they are asking me stay and live your normal life or go on a staircase that willl lead in the space and then u will die becouse its no air in space 3 years ago  
yup 3 years ago  
but what if my best friend is my crush 3 years ago  
im a swed we almost stand in line for fun 3 years ago  
thats so sad :'( 3 years ago  
no more then 6milion died 3 years ago  

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