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    idk so none  
    google translate learn from the programs?  
    i will run lol and idk both  
    isn't chicken kfc?  
    maybe he would get beautiful when he grows up  
    my face is just cute idk i just want it hot i already have a perfect body i guess?  
    i would kill everyone who i hate with my leg and squish them >:3  
    none lol  
    dont live in the city they will rob you D:  
    bugatti is my dream car dude why would i miss this chance of getting it :/  
    ohhhh that's why i'm hot :3 (no actually xD)  
    "may" is much polite xD  
    oh i thought horror movies oh screw this -.-  
    who cares i will work hard to get money and get a good house (families first @ssholes who picked mansion) +1
    none im not [email protected] sorry xD  
    i wont let them eat me lol  
    oh fk i didnt read curable sh*t gosh dang it!!!!!!!!!!! ;-;  
    tomatoes :o  
    siths are awesome but i prefer peace but no siths are awesome so i prefer being a sith lord hue hue hue  
    bugatti already looks hot and its performance is so so so good  
    im so good at acting into people (parents,teachers,friends...etc) xD  
    poor little guy :(  
    didn't freaking notice he said "Your (FAVORITE) song" #crievretiem ;-;  
    chef can you do the fast food food?  
    not for jail but other stuff yeah i would yes probably xD  
    white girls are coming be prepared employees (XD)  
    ik both countries from gta san andreas and 5  
    meat is life xD  
    muslims dont steal so :P  
    i drank 1 litre of coca-cola and peed 3 times so what  
    im the best seeker in our family cause im the fastest and im so smart so i find my cousins real fast xD  
    #2lazy4standing xD  
    PIZZA TIME :D !!!!  
    make a surgery so who cares i would love to remember and see the good and happy moments of my life  
    erm just break the door handle thingy and get out or all the emergancy?  
    if we are in the future we will have legit hover boards lol (hover over them xD)  
    if im the smartest i will still be the most popular person in the school lol  
    i would love seeing people success in their life even though i hate some of them but who cares :P  
    if something happend to my D!ck im sorry or my butt sorry again i wouldn't be [email protected] sorry for the 3rd time and let another [email protected] sorry for the 4th time to cure me tho (lol)  
    pollution is already being stopped???  
    i just want christmas cause in games there are some events im a muslim so i prefer a birthday lol  
    just download popcorn time it has the best movies and alot of things in it but games? steam? forget buying games wooooooooo  
    hawaii has a volcano am i right? (volcanic eruptions?) idk if croatia does don't judge me tho :/  
    dog's minds are like a baby human so..(watch asap thought/science video then choose)and i always wanted a dog not a cat :P  
    earth choice:the google maps lol | space choice: omg the galaxies are alot and you can discover alot of stuff in it and people don't even know all about the space cause space is HUGE OMG!  
    i would rather grow up with a puppy and take care of it so it doesn't die from an accident and yeah(wouldn't be a barking rat anymore)  
    I'm already a happy moron xD  
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