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    You do have a point, so I'll give you a thumbs up. The way hot dog buns are designed though, it's not as practical to stuff all your favorite toppings onto it, since the buns are meant to be folded while connected rather than be separated (otherwise you are likely to spill everything inside).  
    Having a daughter who voluntarily starves herself would definitely be atrocious... but having one that just can't handle the thought of eating normal food and has nightmares every waking moment of her life while craving it in her dreams... is heartbreaking at a completely different level. This is what anorexia nervosa really does to people T_T  
    I'll keep you in my prayers...  
    People don't voluntarily get anorexia nervosa. In fact, people who suffer really don't want that for themselves, but are ruled each and every painful day by their disease. There is also much study being put into whether eating disorders are genetic. And while I agree with you that this isn't supposedly worse than having a daughter who is drug addicted, you started off saying that this is piss easy to fix. Well, maybe then you should work at a treatment center.  
    Immortality means you are not subject to death by aging. By external forces, you can still be KILLED. If nothing kills you, you will live forever. You could just go kill yourself if you don't want to live anymore. Invincible is like the opposite- you can't be harmed, but you aren't subject to eternal life.  
    lol, depending on region maybe?  
    Yeah you get used to its tricks in some time.  
    I think you got that last sentence backwards xD  
    You're not a movie fan, are you? If you are, all you need is a $15 monthly subscription for unlimited movies for the entire house (best if you live with your family)!  
    Yeah either a lot of people believe they can't be killed if immortal, or they just don't seem to get it xD  
    Do you have it as well? xD  
    Since it's a mental disorder, it absolutely is for those people! Just try getting an actual anorexic person to eat and drink, and tell me how easy it is. Also, the thing about anorexia is that even if they TRY, they tend to find it hard to keep the food and drink down because of the damage they've already done to their internal organs. That's why they have clinics for these things, and even then people relapse... it's terrible and damaging, not to mention expensive to treat! +1
    No more need for laxatives!!!  
    Already own a Wii. +6
    Thank GOD there's no picture there  
    FUJI! +1
    I do wonder what the world will be like...\  
    You can't buy love  
    Water is always beautiful =)  
    Meow~ +1
    Destroys the concept of marriage!  
    50/50! Nice +1
    Admittedly I ate dog soup as a kid... it makes me want to cry :(  
    They are, but after Toy Story, Cars simply wasn't how I expected it. Maybe it's just me.  
    If you still enjoy candy in general, then that's awesome. It's too tooth-aching for me... and thanks for calling me a disgrace to mankind b/c I can't enjoy something I used to before.  
    Go watch a recovery documentary.  
    Unlike obesity, which is a physical condition, being anorexic is a mental illness... You can safely lose weight, but anorexia is hard to recover from.  
    See a ghost and go "Ahh! Someone that understands me!" xD  
    What would you do with a billion dollars in 1776?  
    I like my coffee unadultered. +2
    AHH GUILT TRIP! Even if I gave away half of what I currently own... well, some people would still be starving to death and have nothing.  
    Alright, let's hit the beach!  
    If you're dumb, you'd no longer be rich because you have no idea how to spend the money right.  
    Summer = more roller coasters!  
    Pyjamas or pajamas?  
    ... and nowadays they suck the blood out of your cock...  
    I'm from South Korea... +2
    In Soviet Russia, you don't lose to Chuck Norris.  
    An ugly baby will grow up to be pretty! +1
    I use both, and I choose hotmail only because I've been using for most mail =) but service wise gmail is better!  
    Trick question. God isn't fictional. He's already real! +3
    Yes, and murder victims are also innocent deaths...  
    What if YOU are the innocent person sentenced to death? :( +17
    Cast some freaking spells  
    Britney's a lot less insane than she was before, so I like her more +1
    Purell kills good germs too +1
    Finally get to see musicians live and get noticed!  
    Kawaii :D  
    You can't eat ice cream when you're freezing cold because you'll feel even worse afterwards, whereas dark chocolate... it could be eaten anytime you wish  
    Well if he's gay and he's proud, so be it! It's not like he did anything wrong! =D +6
    Lonely island is deserted... I won't survive  
    I live in the North. At least you won't risk your death while snowboarding =)  
    You know what's funny? My family actually debated this when my parents thought we should move countries to study English. Well, I couldn't ask for a better place to live to be honest, although I certainly would love to visit Australia! +1
    At the dentist's office? LOL!  
    Trust me, I used to love candy, until I visited my dentist 7 years ago. And now I no longer have a preference =(  
    I wanted both movies to be good...  
    UGH, they both make me sick! At least in a hamburger, you could have some legitimate toppings that make it somewhat balanced! +15
    My nickname is Spiderman! +1
    Fruits for all my water needs =)  
    I think the picture of Hannah Montana is the YOUNGER Miley than the photo on the right. Noticeably different skin tone too.  
    Looks matter but it's the personality that captures the heart  
    Not the wind... It's so hard to carry one in the wind.  
    Bicycle helmets are so uncomfortable! And at least you have something you can use as a defense mechanism! +3
    This is still one of my all-time faves  
    GO BILL GATES!!! You opened the Windows of opportunity for a ton of things possible with this operating system!  
    Accuracy and precision FTW  
    Sore throat is easier to deal with!  
    Quick mouthwash and an apple will do the trick! :D +3
    White chocolate is NOT chocolate... if anything I'd rather have dark chocolate!  
    I like my unique, hard-to-pronounce name. NEVER will I change my name!  
    My dad is a good disciplinarian  
    My neighbours are already noisy  
    Let's learn something for once and let's not freeze to death!  
    Ignorance is bliss.  
    I might get seasick... but it's better than getting sick of driving everywhere  
    MUCH rather :)  
    Option A: Die tonight. Option B: The house will eventually stop scaring you. :D +1
    Back then, there was a financial crisis!  
    This was not a hard question at all!  
    Who says you can't visit them?  
    Usually it would be a shower for me but a bath is so much more relaxing!!  
    Niiiice. I like that :D  
    And cut it  
    Either way you'd want to quit your life  
    I'd rather not be fake.  
    50% chance I want to kill myself? No thank you! +2
    If you're fat and smart, then you'd know how to lose weight and get healthy! :D  
    This way I'll never want to meet that celebrity again! Whew, one thing off my list! xD  
    Gradually going blind = what's happening to me right now!  
    What am I going to do with 10 identical cars?  
    1/1,000,000,000,000 meth user that you can only inhale second hand  
    One is more cancer-causing than the other  
    History? Just ask someone :) Future? Well only God knows... +1
    I just love the 360 games :D  
    Morning showers wake me up! +4
    Well Barack Obama could be your favorite celebrity!  
    I already come out on top of school and work  
    I AM the Jedi  
    $20 for 5 screaming children = $4 per child, just $1 more than a nice quiet one. Not worth it +1
    I could just walk!  
    More convenient although more traffic...  
    What's wrong with all the mouse fails today?  
    Can't study in a library anymore!  
    Like that's possible for me! Hahaha  
    You can live in the same place but still travel!  
    And what am I going to do living with no money left over?  
    Immortal is not the same as invincible. You can still die (like bats do). You just won't die of old age. +4
    When it's cold, at least you have blankets. If it's too hot... well you're out of options. +1
    "I would appreciate if"  
    Fake friends don't ever count  
    Then the world we live in today probably won't have nearly as many problems!!! :D  
    My nickname is Spiderman! +1
    Hunger Games... I can't even...  
    Justin BEAVER fans? HAHAHA I take that back now I don't know this guy xD  
    At least my name is known for something!!  
    You can always shave! +1
    Poor and happy xD There already!  
    By European Football they mean Soccer. +2
    lol mouse fail  
    You can't go everywhere with a Yacht but you can with a Jet!  
    Enforce everyone to be herbivores or cannibals? lol  
    Well, if you are "LEAVING a perfect life" I guess you could forget the fact that your life is no longer perfect =) +3
    You know what, the second one sounds happier! +1
    At least I don't have to worry about freaking hail! AHH!  
    I'd rather win something for once!  
    I could just dream that the love of my life is in love with me! :)  
    10 years younger = 10 years old. That would make me a pedophile. :/  
    I can never fully understand girls that are TOO girly... +1
    I don't have a rocking bone in my body...  
    Fame creates wealth.  
    Your name lasts MUCH longer!  
    It would cost me more than that to fix my lungs later...  
    A house built of trees!!!  
    What does the Queen have to do?  
    The good news would sound even better!  
    To be honest I cheated xD +1
    I'd rather save my spouse the pain...  
    Good one!  
    Waldo!!! ;)  
    There is always a negative expected value in a lottery... meaning you'll have to pay SEVERAL just to win once and you'll still have a net loss. +1
    Abraham Lincoln.  
    LOL I had to see the "votes by gender" on this one +2
    No more memorizing for tests!  
    No one would care honestly  
    It's much better than going completely blind. Plus I don't have good eyes anyway, so not much more damage could be done to them...  
    I wanna get rid of my fear of tidal waves.  
    Because my back is curved inward, I find sleeping on my back so much harder, whereas your stomach is like a cushion =)  
    Die happily!  
    Being late = feeling incompetent  
    Expected monetary value = $500 million +1
    Well you could have an oxygen tank attached to you and near a rocket! So you won't necessarily die! +41
    What secrets would they tell anyway?  
    You can't live without water...  
    With a wooden stick  
    I don't like candy anymore.  
    I could have a plane ready to rescue me :D  
    20 potatoes if they're all just baked with nothing added to them!  
    I'm a guy so not a problem!  
    Earth is a temporary stay. Heaven is eternity :)  
    You didn't say "takes"!  
    This took me no time at all.  
    Weird, right? But unfortunately fruits can't give you ALL the needed vitamins and minerals...  
    This is not a comparison...  
    I LOVE Finding Nemo!  
    Ugly car > No car. You can just give it away if you really hate it. +1
    I never really needed a TV lately  
    I can't handle meat anymore... only fish.  
    If you surrender at least they won't be as hard on you  
    Vitamin C is ascorbic acid.  
    Hmmm by kid as in...  
    At least I'm at a REALLY high altitude and could enjoy the view for a bit!  
    Mud isn't permanent.  
    I play rhythm games so I'd rather protect my toes.  
    "Grolar" bear? Must be like a bear living in a mix of "polar" and "grass" LMAO +2
    Never NEED to sleep, but can sleep if I want to!  
    No it isn't... +2
    It's freezing cold where I live right now xD  
    Middle-class in 2011 IS FILTHY RICH.  
    I LOVE sliced raw fish! Expensive but amazing and tender!  
    In terms of dumb, light-hearted shows, South Park rocks! Too bad their jokes do get old at times though.  
    Stupid football players don't have lasting fame.  
    I like the principle "think before you speak (or type)"  
    FACT: Your looks DO change a bit every single day! In other words, this won't change a thing! :D +1
    As the oldest, I've ALWAYS wanted to be one of the younger ones.  
    I think Hermione is more useful because she knows a lot more spells and has incredible knowledge.  
    I love my grandma even though she can be annoying!  
    My life would never be the same afterwards...  
    Gay means happy. YAY! But my son is my son, there's nothing wrong with being gay! Also, gay people are NOT making a choice; it's how you're programmed from birth. +2
    LOL at the right side picture xD +1
    Wait, you want to live at a dental clinic? :D  
    Someone with low self-esteem would feel a lot better if she was dating me!!  
    I already have a good relationship with my parents.  
    Parties are so much more fun when you aren't dating right now xD  
    Let's not get a girl into a fight with all my friends because she dumps me...  
    I already do too much of the latter anyway! Surf's up!  
    My partner's ideal body is whatever SHE feels is an ideal body! :) +1
    I think I'll be more comfortable staying a mammal :)  
    I would love Rome, Italy as well, but the streets of Paris are just a whole lot more tempting for me!  
    It does have Rome. I do want to visit Paris more though xD  
    Hmmm which one is less of a sugar rush...  
    Just sounds a lot more natural :)  
    While a $20 bill is much more common, it's nicer to have your name show up on the WORLD MAP (albeit a very small dot!)  
    Mine too! :P  
    Iceland actually isn't that cold! It's beautiful though! I would switch Iceland and Greenland in terms of their names :P  
    The Halo series on XBOX and on PC just aren't the same :)  
    I actually lost my keys last week -_- they aren't too expensive though ;)  
    I can sway both ways but it's weirder if I just stare around without a word xD  
    I don't think being a girl would be THAT awkward to me haha :P  
    My birthday is when I have to worry about a billion exams while Christmas is a guaranteed holiday :)  
    Hey maybe the aliens want me! :D  
    What a painful decision :P  
    I dunno, I like to have my voice with everyone listening every now and then =)  
    If I had all the money in the world... there's nothing to buy since no one's producing and selling anything.  
    Immortality does not mean you don't die. It just means you won't die of old age. So you get to choose how long you'll live :) +3
    Long life without falling in love = sad, boring life :(  
    My utopia!!  
    Burn, baby burn!  
    I don't want to guarantee my death xD  
    Screw my parents. I've wasted my life sucking up to them.  
    The lion will be like "what the hell am I doing in the jungle? gimme food!!" +1
    I need better memory, seriously.  
    I can always help the nice teacher out!  
    I don't need a home in that case =P  
    You could sleep in the most hidden spot!  
    Ugh the second one... Well I'm definitely one of the smartest, but I definitely don't mind not being THE smartest.  
    I'd tell the kid what to do. I can't tell a drunk driver what to do though.  
    wow, that sounded rather odd =P  
    This will definitely happen. But the first one is absolutely preventable.  
    There are too few buttons on an XBOX controller.  
    I just checked to see how many votes there would be... and apparently a lot of guys vote on this too (so I'm sure many male voters are straight)! +1
    If you didn't catch what was said, you could just ask you know.. lol  
    Depends on the setting, but if it's like a small group assignment... let me do it myself.  
    It didn't say both! So ha! I'm good at both the stuff I love and hate!  
    Already got Netflix +5
    My utilities: for $0, 0, for $1,000,000, 99, and for $5,000,000, 100. The first option gives me an expected utility of 99. The second option gives me an expected utility of 50. But if I were to play this game SEVERAL times, I'd definitely go for the second option =)  
    At night it gets so cold...  
    50/50? huh  
    Really bad gift = a box full of dead flies and bugs.  
    I'd be known for my disability and smarts.  
    To enjoy it longer!  
    LOL 69  
    Book smarts, I got already  
    But only because male doctors understand male problems better.  
    McDonald's = negative value +1
    I hate cola.  
    Just go to a computer mechanic!  
    You don't want to see doctors hanging from a tree. +1
    I would rather not freeze to death...  
    Already got Netflix. +1
    Meaningfulness always adds value.  
    I'd rather never have a nightmare! Oh, and you can control your dreams to watch the last night's dream! xD  
    At least you have a chance at winning =P  
    Oh my God I have no idea.  
    Nah I avoid mirrors anyway.  
    Well of course I would!  
    Survivor's guilt would kill me.  
    $100 is nothing  
    Yes! Finally not having to worry about my life on every commute!  
    Beautiful paradise, alone? What's a paradise without anyone there to be with you?  
    I'd kill myself if I ever cheated...  
    Start a successful company or be blasphemous and pull people away from God? Not a hard choice!  
    I'd lose most of my friends if I didn't have my computer around.  
    Watching the film... probably just makes you wanna hate your current situation more.  
    ... neither. As much as they can be annoying, they are people like you and me. +1
    Go out and play at an arcade!  
    A rich spouse might not always share the money  
    I already do...  
    No brainer!  
    Be popular but never fit into a group  
    I got time to kill right now...  
    I AM vegetarian  
    I find it so entertaining how many people clicked the first option because they thought it meant half your weight HAHAHAHA... oh, and also, if it said "half your weight", I'm gonna die xD  
    I'll just play it safe and assume that the fine for the crime is greater than $100,000. Plus I would hate to have a criminal record anyway! And even if I don't, I'm against it!  
    I'd sleep 24/7 if this was possible!!!  
    Still love this song.  
    I'd rather not be stuck in the 1940's and be responsible for murder myself.  
    A job that earns me 200k per year that I love? Oh yes please!  
    Using Chrome at this moment.  
    LOL the left-wing descriptions make it sound incredibly bad and ineffective. Haha  
    I'll definitely make more than $2 million in my lifetime. Of course, the stock and bond markets sure help!  
    I answered this one surprisingly fast...  
    You're not 18 yet are you? =D  
    But you didn't say you can wish for more wishes!  
    This man was a legend. Too bad he's been dead for 4 years now :(  
    I'd rather be humble like Lazarus and be rewarded with life in heaven. +1
    The differences would be 1) the space you have in the elevator, 2) how close a foul smell is to your nose, and 3) your ability to breathe. +1
    Easiest question so far. I'd SUFFOCATE if I picked the second option, whereas the dog picture just made me want to hug the dog. Looks like 8% just hate dogs... +1
    Most of today's music isn't music anymore. Of course, some stuff is still good. It is classical music that really soothes my soul~ =D  
    The first one's so much more fun. You could make up your own dialogue for the movie if you really want to!  
    I totally saw that one cumming xD  
    The first one would just make me incredibly jealous of everyone who does have an extraordinary home around me.  
    This is a trick question. They're both over.  
    If my plane lost control, obviously I'm the one that deserves to die, not everyone in the crowd... geez.  
    Both are adorable, but I always had an obsession for tiny little pigs.  
    If this was an ability, life would be so much fun! I'd change into my better self.  
    Go up there and tell me if you still feel like that.  
    Live in a world full of tears, sadness, pain and anger when you know there is a place of eternal happiness? I don't think this is a hard decision at all. Plus, I love my Father in Heaven.  
    The toothless hungry cow is just too funny xD  
    OMG Don't kill me! xD  
    Flying is so much fun!  
    I can play both. Seriously, being a tortured genius isn't fun. I do like acting stupid though because I'm weird like that =)  
    Animals include humans, so yeah! +1
    I still watch even the oldest ones.  
    I have nothing to hide.  
    If I picked the second option, I'd just get people I meet asking about my friend, and never about me! I know I'd have paparazzi follow me everywhere if I was famous but even if I was the best friend of that person, I wouldn't get privacy either... I'd just get jealous and annoyed. +1
    I can't swim, so having mermaids come out of a lake would freak me out even more. :P  
    Sexy AND knowledgeable!  
    Actually yes it is! But I love it BECAUSE it is complete sh*t.  
    As a Korean I could dance to this thing for 12 hours straight :D +1
    This one's MUCH funnier and less problematic. +1
    I do hope people who clicked this don't have true love for money lol  
    Hahahaha! I can already breathe like Vader so talking like Yoda would be funnier.  
    Some things are better left unknown...  
    As bad as it would be to play God, a world without problems means a world without solutions. What may not be a problem for someone would be a problem for someone else. A world without problems would be a world where no one exists.  
    This way you can show people what you dreamt of!! And whatever you say about your dream would be crazy talk!!! Plus, I'd never feel the urge to go to the movies anymore!!!!  
    Flying is fun! I feel pretty invisible already...  
    This was rather disturbing... but the sad truth is, if you plan on abortion, you're already doing this... :(  
    Most bullies are already being bullied. If you think it's okay to bully a bully and will do it yourself, sounds like you have a right to be bullied too. Do we all want to be bullies?  
    If you want to ever pause, just rewind as far back as you'd like. Also, it would double up as a save and load button.  
    When I have to tell 100 truths, I'll just tell 100 LIES! HAHAHA +1
    My life is a dream. Don't wake me up.  
    I have more close female friends than male friends.  
    Overheated or freezing from cold? I take the latter much better.  
    Buffets are so entertaining, especially when you watch what other people take from it xD  
    You mean walk out dead from stomach failure? xD  
    Hmmm looks like I know which one Ke$ha would pick... +1
    I'm pretty much mental already, so whatever lol  
    Thank God the YOLO votes have really gone down since last year.  
    Already have a PC, so why not just give it a try, right? XD  
    The other one sounds 1,000,000 times sadder T_T  
    This way, you'd get to learn others' secrets when they try to talk to each other in a foreign language! Deal!  
    A good use of your brain definitely gets you further. That is, if you can use it for good, and make breakthroughs that will forever change the world for the better. Plus, I'd rather be called cute :)  
    It's the same amount, so I know where my money is going if I were to donate it all. Some African families need it more than others, and some know how to actually use that money, and could use it towards helping those who don't know exactly what to do with it when they have it. +1
    Nah whatever, that would just prove how lovable you are XD  
    They could be rather related to some degree. Either way, I'd love her to death. +3
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