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Would you rather Fight a PE teacher or Fight your angry parents 2 years ago 53 votes 3 comments 0 likes

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ur racist 1 year ago  
so what? 1 year ago  
fork off 1 year ago  
where's my 50k 1 year ago  
rather use quora 1 year ago  
you support trump don't you 1 year ago  
I'm centrist 1 year ago  
see the rainbow, taste the rainbow 2 years ago  
really? -_- 2 years ago  
easiest answer ever 2 years ago +1
honestly, im the same, but i dont like people insulting religion 2 years ago  
i dont have a dad so .... win 2 years ago  
i dont even like dogs 2 years ago  
i cant swim 2 years ago  
i clicked this by mistake!!!!!!!!!! 2 years ago  
some people believe in God, some dont JUST LET THEM HAVE THEIR GODDAMN OPINIONS 2 years ago  
what if your birthday is on Christmas? 2 years ago  
what has that got to do with anything? 2 years ago  
really? music is overrated 2 years ago  
exactly! 2 years ago  
don't diss christianity 2 years ago  
don't be like that 2 years ago  
but were you there when the big bang happened? NO! who knows, maybe God caused the big bang. Maybe there is no God. But EVERYBODY NEEDS TO SHUT THE HELL UP AND RESPECT EACH OTHER'S OPINIONS... 2 years ago  
i always believe that a parent should never outlive their child, but sadly, it does happen 2 years ago  
Fallout 2 years ago  
actually, there is a type of pen you can rub out. get your facts straight 2 years ago  
what the hell is wrong with you 2 years ago  
spit on their grave.... Obviously 2 years ago  
harsh... 2 years ago  
did you really have that bad of an education? 2 years ago  
not me. my maths teacher is annoying as crap but at least we learn something we'll use 2 years ago  
just ignore them 2 years ago  
no. just no 2 years ago  
who said how many is a bunch? it might be 3 2 years ago  
the picture lagged. it didn't come until after i chose 2 years ago  
same 2 years ago  
neither 2 years ago  
i'm 12, but im a genius 2 years ago  
you're an idiot! 2 years ago  
i barely have any, and it can gorw back 2 years ago  
nah 2 years ago  
i'm black anyway 2 years ago  
i cant swim :( 2 years ago  
don't be so narrowminded 2 years ago  
i never listen to what i'm told anyway, and besides, subtitles 2 years ago  
i clicked president by accident 2 years ago  
who says you have do drink it all at once 2 years ago  
that's the english spelling 2 years ago  
i hate them both 2 years ago  
don't care either way 2 years ago  
neither. i prefer dodgeball 2 years ago  
husband/wife 2 years ago  
i clicked by accident 2 years ago  
RIP call of duty. the only reason anyone will buy infinite warfare is because of modern warfare remastered. -_- 2 years ago  
i don't have friends. or a significant other. :( 2 years ago  
exactly sons of bitc*es 2 years ago  
it did 2 years ago  
ouch either way 2 years ago  
i'm both and neutral b*tch*s 2 years ago  
2000th like! 2 years ago  
i'm already the smartest in my school 2 years ago  
a good book turns into a crappy movie, with a few notable exceptions 2 years ago  
i don't care either way 2 years ago  
that's just racist. i'm christian and i don't believe that. people should be free to choose their own religion 2 years ago  
i'm twelve anyway 2 years ago  
i don't mind either way 2 years ago  
don't have a significant other..... yet 2 years ago  
i do this anyway 2 years ago  
just for the lols 2 years ago  
pervert! 2 years ago  
well that's a sexist stereotype 2 years ago  
i can always pawn the gifts for money if i don't like them 2 years ago  
besides, they don't hate you 2 years ago  
only difference between beliefs is that you're jew, i'm christian 2 years ago  
i don't mind. what do people have against gays. i just think it's unfair that in some countries, they even get percecuted for it... btw, i'm not gay.. 2 years ago  
don't know either 2 years ago  
why u betray another englisgman 2 years ago  
so obvious, didn't have to look at the other one 2 years ago  
i just hate frozen 2 years ago  
i have nothing to hide on the internet 2 years ago  
i have my dignity yunno 2 years ago  
i dont even drive 2 years ago  
ill find some1 else 2 years ago  
soooooooooooooooo true! 2 years ago  
no... 2 years ago  
no 2 years ago  
i'm already nobody in a pretty good world 2 years ago  
no i'm not! :( 2 years ago  
i'm a black boy. read my other comment 2 years ago  
i don't like starbucks, but o'd have hot chocolates, i don't use apple devices 2 years ago  
russian roulette is when you have a gun with a single bullet in a chamber. spin it and place in gun. shoot in head. win, survive. lose, die 2 years ago  
oh god 2 years ago  
true. i don't like dogs, but i'm not completely evil. and i'm a human as well 2 years ago  
how could you, you sicko 2 years ago  
uhh. ima gonna skip this one 2 years ago  
i frigging hate Harry potter, even though my name is harry 2 years ago  

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