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    I would donate 999,999,999$ to 1,000,000 African families (999.99$ to each family) 1 million is still enough for me .  
    Or u could see the question paper and rewind time and u could kiss a girl and then rewind time ect. And if u screw up rewind and try again  
    The people who say anime sucks havent watched it. (But i prefer video games :D)  
    Ignorance is a disease in this world.  
    Learn to spell before talking about natural and unnatural phenomena.  
    there are trees >5000 years old so .... yea  
    27% have never felt the joy of brushed clean teeth :D  
    And racist .  
    Its really opinion based, if you believe conspiracy then u can choose a or else choose b. You don't have to cry about it.  
    Have you been there?  
    Getting second in 5 lotteries gives you more money than getting first in 1 lottery  
    Less work more money is the motto to life.  
    I really hate that actors earn so much money without doing anything , but the money IS a sh*t ton compared to a rockstar thou.  
    Hot since i dont really want hypothermia and stuff.  
    After 5 billion years when the world blows up and you're floating through space ill be laughing from heaven/hell (IF it exists)  
    read her explanation  
    You inherit your parent's money???  
    Wars have started to see who's religion is better ( ie. hundred years' war) , people wont have to live in fear ... there are not that many people who dont to crimes ONLY because they think hell exists , I mean the judiciary does exist come on .  
    What if your crush dosent like you back . ADUH?  
    Dont give a sh*t  
    Have you learned BODMAS or PEMDAS?  
    But knowing the question paper would be even better :D  
    I'm loved so ppl will donate  
    Question : Do u know what probability is? It's 50:50 u either get rich or u don't . You wont get 500,000,000 if u loose...  
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