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    god u guys are gross 6 years ago  
    HAWKEYE 6 years ago  
    earth is hell 6 years ago +224
    i dont have a penis 6 years ago  
    moms are nicer 6 years ago  
    AARON RODGERS 6 years ago  
    crap i shuda thought of that 6 years ago  
    mine 2 6 years ago  
    i 6 years ago  
    like that girl from pitch perfect! 6 years ago  
    u want the fat guys thing in u?? 6 years ago  
    f%#@ all u who say GOD and satan dont exist all u hos r goin 2 helll!!! 6 years ago  
    dang i didn't think about that!!!! but i wouldn't b able to hear all the bs people say to me 6 years ago  
    i shower at night so i can have sex at the same time.....hahaha jk 6 years ago  
    im a girl 6 years ago  
    u go bro 6 years ago  
    .... 6 years ago  
    the guys in the gay pic are sexy 6 years ago  
    beliebers would b cryin nd id be laughin 6 years ago  
    im a frickin hobbit brah 6 years ago  
    im gooood 6 years ago  
    f*** you 6 years ago  
    ya thats wat i thot 6 years ago  
    ??? 6 years ago  
    yeeaahhh buddy 6 years ago  
    ya me too 6 years ago  
    read harry potter!!!! 6 years ago  
    both r bs 6 years ago  
    uhhhhh 6 years ago  
    dude mario kart is WWAAAYYY better 6 years ago  
    u lie 6 years ago  
    dickheads who r prochoice 6 years ago  
    why does every single question have a comment about sex??? 6 years ago  
    im with u brah 6 years ago  
    sleeping on my stomach makes me need to pee 6 years ago  
    what is a utopia 6 years ago  
    ya they need to make that option 6 years ago  
    i can 6 years ago  
    yo same here 6 years ago  
    ur WRONG!!! 6 years ago  
    i did :) 6 years ago  
    u got a problem 6 years ago  
    dickhead 6 years ago  
    ya me 2 6 years ago  
    u guys suk who said youd kill a human! 6 years ago  
    ya me 2 6 years ago  
    f u im a christian 6 years ago  
    u guys ask the frickin hardest questions >:( 6 years ago  
    ggrrrooossss 6 years ago  
    id rather kill myself than listen to bieber's crap for an hour 6 years ago  
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