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I'm a girl who loves WWE and I also believe in treating people the way you want to be treated and I hate bullies.

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    At least I know who they are  
    I get to fly  
    Sometimes they get blamed for crap they don't do  
    I live with both of this  
    I'm part French  
    I don't like either  
    It's called buy a gun and get your ass outside  
    I'm scared of the dark  
    Sometimes it is cute...when little kids type it  
    At least I wouldn't have anymore germs in my mouth  
    I don't have friends..........problem solved  
    Soo many people die from cancer........most of them are my friends  
    Yummm, Juicy Fruit is the bomb.com  
    Gumballs are really hard, sticks are softer and easier to chew  
    I don't care as long as I got a car  
    They both have chocolate so I'll eat them both  
    Songs are more beautiful and movies get boring after awhile  
    USA land of the free and home of the brave  
    This is a trick question because they both taste almost the same, so they both taste good  
    I wouldn't have a period  
    Oh I'm sorry then :(  
    Your mom lol  
    That's your opinion, I don't think of it as a book It's Gods words and I'm not trying to start an argument about religion you believe what you want and I will believe in who I want to  
    The Bible did  
    Regret nothing, that's what God says  
    They didn't say how deep the slash is......  
    No one says I'm getting screwed with it  
    It's easier to show the top half then the bottom half  
    At least when I die, I will be with God  
    At least I can text people  
    Lol hope you like black and red  
    I have a lot of clothes that I don't like so, go ahead  
    I'm 15 and I watch SpongeBob even with my boyfriend  
    The truth will set us free  
    I don't live there so I don't care  
    I don't have a car, I'm only 15  
    I love that movie, I'm 15 and I still watch it now :)  
    I love my grandma and I always will  
    I can watch my shows on my computer...........suckas  
    Popularity isn't all as good as it seems and sometimes girls have to sell their bodies.................so no  
    What kind of monkey, I wonder.............  
    Neither, they are both full of drugs and thugs  
    I ain't giving up my bacon, ham, and ribs +1
    I'm a girl, never been more happier to be one  
    I would surrender so they don't shoot me  
    Maybe we could get to know each other  
    Soda is a lot of acid  
    I wear black  
    I don't got a penis +1
    I better pick a weak boy  
    I love my mom and always will ❤️  
    This is very.......strange  
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