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Would you rather Have a number 1 hit song written about you. or Have a blockbuster hit movie made about you. 34,475 votes 180 comments 7 likes
Would you rather watch The amazing spider man or The dark knight rises 33,360 votes 307 comments 1 like
What one are you? Capitalism or Communism 88,964 votes 833 comments 4 likes
Who do you like more?!?!? rihanna or nicki minaj 66,989 votes 637 comments 0 likes

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ammm, che was born in Argentina and fought in Cuba... really nothing to do with Venezuela. +1
I think you'll find that Che Guevara was a very good example of "good" left wing. +1
what's wrong with cuba?  
i said that bush cheated his way into power because he did. He won the popular vote!  
why? i made it because i thought it would get people talking. It did. I'm really glad that it's got 18 thousand votes because even though capitalism is winning the votes the comments people are making are smart and i like to see that. I personally like this question. just my opinion i guess...  
Jill Stein! Please America elect this smart woman to be your leader. She will wont make false "change" she will make a revolution! JillStein2012!  
I want Jill Stein to win.  
on my side :P +3
think of ALL the soldiers that died. they could off brought loads of people into the world with their wife.  
hmmm... how?  
1st option e.g nicki minaj... +1
Mitt Romney is a dick.... so is Obama :(  
and i like the set up for the add a question. but the site thing isn't for me :(  
i like the way you can edit your comment tho...  
hi! yes i don't really like the set up of this site now :/ and yeah my email is all going weird on me. but yeah i just thought the old one was just fine. why don't you take a survey or something? :)  
i don't like this new rrather... PLEASE CHANGE IT BACK! +1
lady gaga fans are crazier than you think... believe me!  
wrong one!!!!  
simpsons is like a baby show compared to family guy.  
WAYYY less awkward! lol  
avatar was a very good film.  
i still think obama is doing a sh*tty job tho... +3
the electoral system is just were you want it to be...  
to answer the first part i strongly suggest u watch Fahrenheit 911.... and the poor can't get a good education because higher education is so expensive. Poor people can't get work because conservatives keep cutting back on spending because they don't tax the rich therefore shops close people lose jobs. and poor people can't keep their money well because of so much drugs in their area (pumped in by the government). the conservatives are there to keep the rich rich and the poor poor. simples  
just look at United States presidential election 2000... al gore won and bush still got in... and it's not just 1% of the population. there are lots of poor people that vote for conservatives because they are constantly being lied to and told that maybe one day they will be in the 1%... it's true +1
what are you even taking about? i'm liberal because i believe that everyone should be equal and have every right they deserve and not all the money and rights going to the rich 1% conservatives! +1
and there's always a cheap comeback like that. why don't you come up with your own idea!  
first you say the invasion of Iraq was a good idea and now this... didn't know hitler was still alive +1
I can't believe 45% say conservative +173
f**k you  
so why did you pick slow internet? +5
haha he got you BITCH!  
HEY, HEY!! I don't like obama but al gore won the Popular vote fair and square!  
for* abortion? +3
Bush cheated his way into power.. how can people support a dictator? +3
obama lies, grandpa dies... +5
I thought the the Social Network was brilliant film. +218
you're an ass +6
that's quite a bad combo  
Hopefully people will become more open minded and let women decide what to do. +11
it's say would you rather tho doesn't it... (i meant to pick ron paul)  
GAGA is wayyyy talent +2
i hate the queen  
i love to travel!!!! +1
nah i don't think so  
depends who it is  
why would you want to control your dreams? like your the only one who sees them and it wouldn't like do anything plus then you wont be surprised +1
if it were a bank no problem... look how mush millions they've stole off us +1
i really don't see the big deal +2
it's a joke. take a chill pill  
but why did bush start it?  
do you own a car? do you wear cloths? have you ever been on a plane? do you have to pay money to live? all of them are not natural... think about what your saying! +1
no but it would be free... i don't see them rejecting it  
i hate republicans but i like ron paul (i picked the wrong one)  
nether did bush...  
how is forcing people to have health care bad? and i don't think that people would reject having health care  
that would be hot.  
wired that ireland is 59% eagle option lol  
sick f**ks. cause there is some people out in the world that would.  
i think obama is a dick +6
your greedy  
what's wrong with gay marriage? +1
as soon as you find a four leaf clover pick it and then whenever you get hungry look at it again and then eat :D  
(i know that i said "kony 2012" but i was wrong the whole thing is a fraud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
can she really raise a baby if she is disabled and got raped... ever thought of that? look i know that abortion is horrible and i'm only for it in extreme cases like the one i just said but sometimes it isn't fair on the woman.... +1
picked the wrong one!  
thats the biggest load of sh*t i've ever heard +1
yeah!!!!! what really? i never new that lol +1
no one really knows... right? +8
would you f**k off!  
lol +1
well adoption is easier said than done my friend. think about it a woman has to go through 1.find out she's pregnant 2.go through the pregnancy (she get's fat, grumpy, depressed ect) then have the baby (horrible pain) then say goodbye to the human growing inside of her for 9 months. some women aren't mentally and physically fit for that you know. +1
what about rape...? +3
YES! +1
i know i picked the wrong one!  
calm down... i was just saying if you want to get through to people then it's best to be nice about it so they will actually start to listen to you... okay?  
are you a right wing nut? because every comment you put on this site it's always very strongly written and quite mean +3
do you like bush?  
yeah but bush started it.... +1
dr pepper isnt made by pepsi...  
i have to agree with him... you are a bit mean. i want ron paul to win ( i clicked the wrong one) but he has a point +2
ron paul is more liberal then obama... +1
yes! ron paul is winning in the usa on this site now we need to do it in real life... Ron Paul 4 ! 2012 ! +5
i'm so so so sorry for picking this ass... the U.S.A needs ron paul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! +4
vote Ron Paul! +3
if you want change vote for Ron Paul.  
dont judge a book by it's cover... learnt that the hard way  
they've got enough money  
clearly not... look what Israel is doing to Palestine.  
good, good  
they're both sh*t. U.S.A is f**ked +10
it was prob a soldier  
then what are you doing on the computer go study  
pink is just amazing  
shut up!!!!  
so do family guy they work with politics and then take the piss out of celebs +1
your like sh*t  
thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
your right... you are a dumb ass  
no they don't. pepsi is sweeter and nicer. coke taste like sh*t  
pepsi makes mountian dew  
so..... im 13  
and.... 3000 people died on 9/11 10 million jews died in the holcaust +1
its not all about the money... listen to jessie j wise words  
what if was tomorrow +2
in a retarded way  
hey i'm irish but i'm ashamed that obama is part irish  
you mean sh*t head  
there are both liars +1
blackberry's are sh*t  
pepsi owns gatorade  
your wrong!!!!!  
me to +1
no you can't you have to defend whoever the court gives you just FYI  
yea bush was bad but obama is just like a reublican  
so what if hes from texas an opinion is an opinion +1
bush cheated his way into power but i still hate them both +1
i happen to agree with pro choice  
i agree with you but bush was too  
that has nothing to do with his comment  
don't be sorry pepsi rocks  
it is true  
i picked doctor but if i was a human rights lawyer then...  
that is the sickest one yet +1
twisted mined +1
clicked the wrong one!!! dam it!!!  
they are both big fat liars that sold there soul to the devil. but when i'm push to pick i picked obama because bush was a retarded cowboy! +1
i live in ireland so i dont really know but thr "sox" has a cooler logo +4
that is sick lol ;)  
3% are emos +11
in australia  
you get free healthcare  
president because i would change usa alot  
arms dealer is cooler  
well im a boy so the caring girl +1
it would be to hard fining her cheating +1
lol at the person from wisconsin  
bella is hotter  
i have an iphone so...  
been to both but italy was nicer  
74% of people are nerds +3
hard one but you have to have a girl  
easy q  
i get into movies more  
WHAT people are stupid  
snow all the way  
with football you get more girls  
couldn't risk it +1
you cant get porn on facebook lol +4
monkeys are my fav animal and there are so cute  
big and fluffy +1
i like the ninja movies then the pirate movies  
i sell pepsi in school so i support it and if you taste really hard pepsi is stronger and sweeter and coke taste like smoke +1
hate to be disabled +1
mj has way more talent  
i cant stand star trek +2
i picked big bang but i do want to think that there is an after light +2
fly all the way  
i am all ready in love so... jackpot +2
it isnt as bad in afghanistan as you think the media just tell you that +8
i'v been to croatia so something new  
i use chrome so... +3
i don't mined them but i know the justin is in the illuminati  
the world has enough lies +2
i like dogs, hate fatties +3
i will make the sex good ;-) +1
pc is more easy to use  
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