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    it wouldnt even matter  
    bc school uniforms look freaking awesome  
    hahaha posted by AdolfHitler  
    i wanna have a good voice..  
    i still dont like the language  
    people would have to listen closer and they'd actually try their best to hear you  
    but you're calling this God a he but you say he has no body...  
    the egg, the first real animals (so those which weren't bacteria or cells) came from eggs and those animals weren't chicken  
    ive always had a roof above my head, food on the table and an education, i got presents on my birthday and stuff but i wasnt spoiled though, those things are just normal in my country. everthing i wanted to have i had to save up and work for unlike most people in my area and my age. if you'd compare me to poor people, then yes, i was a spoiled kid  
    netherlands.. its normal  
    god doesnt exist  
    i have two moms and im getting sooooo tired of their freaking lesbian jokes  
    i do want a reward then and the reward cannot be knowledge  
    never had it but its pink so i want it  
    nothing against god or anything, but i live in the netherlands which is like the most free country on earth (sorry i dont know how to say that) and even here people still try to force religion on atheist and its pretty freaking annoying  
    i want a lightsaber  
    1st choice abortion, 2nd choice raise him/her, 3rd choice adoption  
    Windows Phone  
    but then you'd be a scammer :'D  
    i just wanna die at a normal age and be dead  
    no, democrats want people to vote, most votes win.  
    but they're never home :'(  
    spain is bae  
    prison in the netherlands = resort  
    anorexia is in the mind..  
    duh, everyone's dad is gonna die at some point  
    that was a difficult one  
    my boyfriend wants me to wear heels bc my legs look freaking amazing in them but im tall af  
    you get one minute to do something and youll get money  
    i would very gladly change my appearance  
    can u??  
    hahahaha i love how you called god a fictional character you are awesome thank you +2
    16, had my first kiss like 2 months ago, there's hope for everyone  
    i like my body kinda and i really need a different face  
    Elstar apple  
    aka reality  
    i wanted chicken :'( +1
    the question wasnt finished but id rather have megan fox as my best friend  
    i want to be THAT miley cyrus  
    im not really lucky or anything so..  
    well you'd basically have "Nobel Peace Prize winner" on your resume so..  
    i hate fish  
    shirts are cheaper  
    unless suicide  
    i cant dance  
    so...nothing changes  
    no, they actually meant leaving  
    nooo, dye it red-ish  
    no offence though  
    inception sucks, it barely has a storyline and it sucks  
    everything at night  
    Baby, we both know that the nights were mainly made for saying things that you can't say tomorrow day  
    i wish i could just live at night  
    i dont care, im good with kids  
    they're both creepy, but Lucas looks more legal  
    hetero girl so..  
    in the netherlands we cycle  
    sorry, i have a bucketlist  
    no, you'd explode..  
    i dont care i just want a blue lightsaber  
    sometimes i wish i could forget  
    yeah you could, and everyone could watch you  
    i love computers  
    youll end up hating the work you love now so ill just keep that a hobby  
    go abortion!!  
    go netherlands!!  
    i dont think a female werewolf is only the smallest bit attractive so ill just be a vampire  
    your parents will be dead earlier, your siblings will most likely live longer with you  
    im a b*tch already, would be cool to be popular too  
    always second would just be frustrating  
    i prefer windows phone  
    my first kiss was upside-down and it was awesome  
    what about a handsome boyfriend who loves me :)zayn's is cool  
    my boyfriends always broke so..  
    i actually just want to die  
    someone watched Mr. Nobody..  
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