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surprise. I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me

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Do you think drawings look better on toned tan paper or white paper 6 years ago 213 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Do you think dimples look better on guys or girls 6 years ago 275 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather receive $300,000 right now or be able to fly for free anywhere you want to go, back and forth forever. 6 years ago 384 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Which is better looking to you finn harries or jack harries 6 years ago 171 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a disgusting tasting wedding cake that looks beautiful or an ugly looking wedding cake that taste delicious 6 years ago 266 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Which is better epic wins or epic fail 7 years ago 310 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Which would you rather have back on tv lizzie mcguire or phil of the futrure 7 years ago 464 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Did u change a lot in the past 2 years yes or noo 7 years ago 306 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Which was your favorite kim possible or the proud family 7 years ago 280 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Which did you enjoy more? thats so raven or phil of the futrure 7 years ago 241 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be in a coma for 1 week, but have a very long recovery time. or be in a coma for 2 months but wake up needing no recovery. 7 years ago 312 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have an identical twin (looks EXACTLY like you) or have a fraternal twin (looks NOTHING like you) 7 years ago 378 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have no siblings or 4 siblings 7 years ago 313 votes 14 comments 0 likes

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satan rules this system of things 5 years ago +2
are you a Jehovah's witness? 5 years ago  
she took the midnight train going anywhere!!! 5 years ago  
Lol, nah. Don't worry about it. 6 years ago +1
Woah ok phenenas, thanks... 6 years ago +2
i dont curse 6 years ago  
nicki minaj 6 years ago +1
I personally think uno does 6 years ago  
yea, but trust me its a loooooooooooooooooong story. and its complicated, but we can talk more later 6 years ago  
option A already happened to me 6 years ago  
i'm just waiting for someone who chose option B to say "that way i can go out with a bang". 6 years ago +2
wow, i seriously thought that kesha was a boy 6 years ago  
wow, an entire existence dying because of me....that seems so unthinkable. 6 years ago +6
I feel like he's gonna put this line in my poem 6 years ago +3
I have a strong feeling that ill be dead in your poem for me but hey, at least I'm expecting it. 6 years ago +1
A gives me a better excuse to punch them in the face 6 years ago +9
oh ma god. cudi forever 6 years ago +1
YOU DONT KNOW WHO BETTY WHITE IS??!!! 6 years ago +4
Isn't racism considered a form of bullying? 6 years ago +19
rue was katniss' partner....she died. 6 years ago +3
how is this a question? 6 years ago +3
oh yeah! 6 years ago  
yay! basketball 6 years ago  
hey! this is the game i made up! 6 years ago  
option b reminds me of my relationship with basketball 6 years ago +4
they make my legs look longer 6 years ago +2
music is a language we all speak 6 years ago  
revelation 21; 3,4 right? 6 years ago  
I wouldn't be able to recognize you as easy 6 years ago  
grillo reminds me of the guy who got his face eaten off. 6 years ago  
no, no, no im not blaming you for it, trust me. 6 years ago  
well that's creepy, and unhealthy 6 years ago  
wasnt that the chat room dicussion with kyoto and dei? 6 years ago  
we wouldnt know what happiness is unless we knew what sadness is 6 years ago +2
im not that lazy 6 years ago +7
*COUGH* authors comment*COUGH* 6 years ago +4
next time, don't be a molester bro. 6 years ago +2
not necessarily 6 years ago  
who said we were in the middle of the ocean? 6 years ago  
if the inner tube gets punctured, you're a goner. 6 years ago +7
the best part about skydiving is the view 6 years ago +3
yes, please!!! 6 years ago +1
cause its named after me 6 years ago  
not anymore 6 years ago  
all the time 6 years ago  
i don't get out of bed for one hour of anything 6 years ago +1
i feel so unloved :(.. 6 years ago  
Why? 6 years ago  
I voted for ya :) 6 years ago  
Umm I wasn't born in a house. 6 years ago  
just because you're a nerd, doesn't mean your smart 6 years ago +5
no, just...just stop 6 years ago +1
already have one 6 years ago  
I already asked this... 6 years ago  
BECCA 6 years ago +2
she was in lemonade mouth 6 years ago  
I think so.. 6 years ago  
is that sinjin? 6 years ago +1
and you still said yes..... 6 years ago  
" if your a bird, i'm a bird" 6 years ago  
but you chose the one on the right.... 6 years ago  
you miss 'em? 6 years ago  
the man's a criminal, i would trust him to save me a million dollars over ten years, he'll probably kill himself or move to mexico 6 years ago +2
ughh, what song is this from, its killing me! 6 years ago +4
i like how you worded this, a lot 6 years ago +7
limitless 6 years ago  
iCarly? 6 years ago  
Jason rarely runs ( if ever). 6 years ago  
why? 6 years ago +1
if you were really Dr. Seuss all of your comments would rhyme. 6 years ago +1
At some time, somewhere in this world, It will snow this year. 6 years ago +1
What about during the year 2000? 6 years ago  
Not necessarily, i'm a girl and I chose Tails. 6 years ago  
* I haven't seen The Dark Knight, but i plan to. ( you put an extra "too" and didn't separate by a comma, shame on you!) 6 years ago  
i havent seen the dark night, but i plan too 6 years ago  
im bo yo 6 years ago  
Hunger games 6 years ago +1
no i dont, its just nature. you never have a 100% chance of living everyday. anything could happen 6 years ago  
with bread 6 years ago +3
dont we have a 10% chance of dying everyday? 6 years ago +5
look up jacksgap. or just choose by their looks 6 years ago  
you can practice an instrument and become a musician, but your either born an artist or not 6 years ago  
baby simba! 6 years ago +2
slumdog millionaire 6 years ago  
the killer is apart of the "everyone" so we can kill him first? 6 years ago +6
thats vegan 6 years ago +2
mustard burns 6 years ago  
im gettin' paperrrr 6 years ago +4
make money off of being a flying human? 6 years ago  
but guns were designed to kill 6 years ago  
if i had a dime for every time this was asked.... 6 years ago +6
MAKEOVER PARTY!!! 6 years ago  
at least you dont have to get them right. 6 years ago  
now i can see what i put my parents through 6 years ago +1
cher Lloyd 6 years ago +2
my b-day! sorry im just excited. sweet 16! 6 years ago  
Use your toes 6 years ago  
Allergic 6 years ago  
there is a wider variety of chips 6 years ago  
better then none of them 6 years ago  
cant eat either :(... 6 years ago  
people from the newtown, Connecticut massacre 6 years ago +4
so we're in an agreement 6 years ago  
if you kill your grandmother, you'll probalby have to spend the rest of your life in prison anyway 6 years ago +2
what the deuce? 6 years ago +5
do you wanna be choked or something? 6 years ago +2
the top of the jellyfish 6 years ago +7
wise is when you apply your intelligence correctly\ 6 years ago +6
sean kingston 6 years ago  
but your using the internet now.. 6 years ago  
at least it would probably be used less 6 years ago +6
climb a tree, distract them, escape 6 years ago  
if you plan it perfectly though..... 6 years ago  
go big or go home 6 years ago  
vote for pedro 6 years ago +2
they're more shades of blue 6 years ago  
edgar allan poe, J.K. i had you rowling didnt i? 6 years ago +3
EDGAR ALLAN POE0000 6 years ago  
you could have chose a better picture for miley.... 6 years ago  
your cool 7 years ago +4
i would use the money to buy Rosetta stone 7 years ago +5
its clean in my own way 7 years ago +3
best selling books can become movies, if good enough then an academy ward!! 7 years ago +1
pasta is more of a meal 7 years ago  
im a homie, i have no gender 7 years ago  
I was told It was a snowboarding ski lift accident. 7 years ago  
feel down a cliff while hiking and hit your head on rocks. 7 years ago  
brian when hes drunk 7 years ago +1
im the height of a six year old anyway 7 years ago +2
there are some gross videos on youtube 7 years ago +9
calm down, i just got out of a coma. 7 years ago +1
besides rather, i only go on 3 other websites. 7 years ago  
im in the middle!! 7 years ago  
Yea we're each 2 minutes apart, I'm in the middle. 7 years ago  
yea were identical triplets. im 2 minutes younger then my older twin and 2 minutes older then my younger twin. 7 years ago  
they have sparkling water now? 7 years ago +3
i have two D: 7 years ago  
who the heck is dead pool 7 years ago +1
huh??? 7 years ago  
whatss a crip walk 7 years ago +1
STALKER FACE!!!! 7 years ago  
seriously, what umbro 7 years ago +1
whoes adele? 7 years ago +4
what are these people 7 years ago +3
what are these places? 7 years ago  
whoes hot chelle rae 7 years ago  
whoes odd future 7 years ago +1
whoes hospin 7 years ago +3
whoes nickleback? 7 years ago  
whoes D12? 7 years ago +1
what are beats? 7 years ago +2
whoes ezio? 7 years ago +3
what resident evil about? 7 years ago +1
what does slenderman even do??? 7 years ago +1
does batman even have powers??? 7 years ago +5
half my height would be like... 2 ft. 7 years ago +1
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