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Do you think The Walking Dead tv show is overrated? YES! The show isn't all that great. or NO! The show is pretty good. 6 years ago 292 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Which part of scary movies do you hate the most when girls fall when trying to run away or when people are in a house with weird things happening and stay in the house 6 years ago 348 votes 8 comments 1 like
It is your 8th grade year and teachers are thinking of striking.would you rather have the teachers strike and be out of school until it is over,but graduation will be postponed. or have a regular school year with no extra break 6 years ago 338 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be Mexican or Puerto Rican 6 years ago 303 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have the perfect body for your height or age 6 years ago 358 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Are you team drake or team chris brown 6 years ago 220 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you rather kyla ross or jordan wieber 6 years ago 227 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have the power to teleport yourself to any movie/tv show/book or to any cartoon/game/comic world 6 years ago 329 votes 15 comments 0 likes
IF you had one more day to live would you rather jump into a lake naked or sky dive naked 6 years ago 325 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather dump a hot guy if he took you to McDonald's on the first date or said you should lose weight on the first date 6 years ago 289 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a swimming race against MIchael Phelps or Ryan Lochte 6 years ago 971 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch The Walking Dead or Breaking Bad 6 years ago 284 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather go on a date with zayn malik or harry styles 6 years ago 51,861 votes 783 comments 10 likes
Would you rather be able to save the lives of others or make people's dream come true 6 years ago 9,759 votes 106 comments 3 likes
Would you rather lick a genital area {male or female} or a homeless' man big toe 6 years ago 1,776 votes 47 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a talking animal or an uncontrollably talking genital area 6 years ago 1,911 votes 29 comments 0 likes

HiXD has posted the following comments:

its tonight 6 years ago  
wow really 6 years ago  
someone in wheelchair 6 years ago  
oops i didnt mean to do that 6 years ago  
finally a question where i have to use my brain and think for a while 6 years ago +2
none of these things have happened to me soo... 6 years ago  
no f***s are given 6 years ago +1
its a win win situation for me 6 years ago +5
ahhhhhhhh a spider!!!!!!!!!!!!! im about to throw up 6 years ago  
i have partially option A 6 years ago  
i dont like peanut butter 6 years ago  
ive broken my ankle before.WORST PAIN IVE EVER FELT 6 years ago  
meg is the complete opposite of option A except everyone does hate her 6 years ago +8
pikeme stop asking dumb questions 6 years ago +1
both suck.i want the old disney back ;__; 6 years ago +4
that is pretty stereotypical for you to say 6 years ago +9
i totally forgot about the show phil of the future 6 years ago +1
no f***s are given 6 years ago +7
more than half of the people on the Hindenburg survived.i cant say the same for the Titanic 6 years ago +4
noo the graduation at the end of the school year will be postponed depending on how many school days we have to make up.now do you understand 6 years ago  
well it seems like he is gonna win 6 years ago  
his is fake...i think.im not into batman 6 years ago  
THE HUNGER GAMES! do you live under a rock or something? 6 years ago  
dang i picked the wrong one 6 years ago  
wei shen has a 6 pack.just saying 6 years ago  
forever alone hahahaha 6 years ago  
im not a slut 6 years ago +1
i asked this question already 6 years ago  
i dont watch tv like i did when i was younger 6 years ago +4
i dont like taking pictures 6 years ago +1
DONT MAKE ME CHOOSE :( 6 years ago  
when i think of italian i think of...FOOD GALORE! 6 years ago  
both are the most boring/longest sports i've ever seen 6 years ago +2
toughest question ever.this is gonna take a while 6 years ago  
the one on the right looks like the teddy bear hello kitty is holding in my profile picture 6 years ago +1
how dare you make me pick between 2 of my fave animals 6 years ago  
make a ton of money raking leaves 6 years ago +1
casper the ghost 6 years ago +3
its basically the same thing 6 years ago +2
digital clock 6 years ago +1
sounds like fear factor challenges 6 years ago  
zac efron has been my celeb crush since i was younger 6 years ago +2
i hate coffee 6 years ago +3
no he isn't obviously if he has a wife and like 4 kids 6 years ago  
i wore a banana costume for Halloween and everybody kept saying "peanut butter jelly time" 6 years ago  
skip 6 years ago  
i already have brown eyes. 6 years ago  
skip 6 years ago  
i dont like biting my nails but i always do it 6 years ago +3
i dont want to get kidnapped or killed 6 years ago  
basically it means over or under? 6 years ago  
nothing beats a frosty from wendy's 6 years ago +3
im from chicago so... 6 years ago +1
usain bolt is too in to himself so i think he loves being the fastest person in the world 6 years ago +2
he is a lame 6 years ago  
what is ktb 6 years ago +1
*fridge 6 years ago  
make the crowd feel like sh*tt 6 years ago +12
isn't spoon bread also known as corn bread 6 years ago +1
yeah they are geniuses but have you ever googled pictures of baby penguins... they are sooooooooooooooooooo cute 6 years ago  
not even close.being a slave wasn't a job.you get to pick what jobs you want,but slaves were taken and forced to work without pay and get beatin' and etc 6 years ago +1
hahahaha lmao 6 years ago +3
ive never seen nicki minaj in an egg or meat dress 6 years ago  
i was watching colombiana and my baby cousin told me every part... 6 years ago +1
doesn't mean i have to get raped 6 years ago +2
i dont like twilight :( 6 years ago  
or eat it(BACON!!!!!) 6 years ago  
but he is still pretty bad ass 6 years ago  
eva mendes is a slut 6 years ago +2
more like the first five seconds 6 years ago +10
i've had my apple headphones for about 2 years and they work perfectly fine 6 years ago +3
7 million times 30=210,000,000...more money 6 years ago  
hmm.both of these pictures make me think of drowning/freezing to death 6 years ago +1
i also have never heard of the 7/7 bombings 6 years ago  
wtf is that on the right. 6 years ago +2
I'm both 6 years ago  
BOTH! 6 years ago +2
I've never met a British person so i cant really judge them 6 years ago +4
David Beckham or Christiano Ronaldo 6 years ago  
finally someone who wants to change the past for the better 6 years ago +1
problem solved for crowded hallways during passing period 6 years ago +1
it is a fact that you can drink your first pee of the day 6 years ago +1
i love penguins and dolphins but bye bye dolphins 6 years ago +1
she's was on america's next top model,so they have to wear a lot of makeup during fashion shows 6 years ago  
it would fall under option b.option a is more of a tv show that isn't a cartoon. 6 years ago  
oops.i didn't really read the question.i just looked at the logos and chose which one was better 6 years ago +10
when kobe was 27 he was awesome 6 years ago +1
haha 6 years ago  
bacon, sausage,eggs toast,and a lil rice.ill take that anyday 6 years ago +1
i hate my science teacher.she tried to tell me that i have bad parents because i wasn't paying attention in class,and it's their fault i don't pay attention.don't you think thats pretty messed up 6 years ago +1
me too 6 years ago  
sooo TRUE 6 years ago  
You must be one of those FOREVER ALONE people 6 years ago  
i dont have a sister so i can kiss the air 6 years ago +2
i hate coffee 6 years ago +1
hmmm i have att internet but comcast tv.... hard to choose 6 years ago  
i have both 6 years ago  
MY D KEY IS BROKEN 6 years ago  
WELCOME TO CHICAGO 6 years ago +8
hmmm who has the beteer record...b*tch 6 years ago +1
i have adblock 6 years ago +2
but that is the good part.i dont want to watch a show that in every episode they are getting swarmed by zombies.after a while it get too predictable.with a show that has a lot of drama the zombie scenes are more intense 6 years ago  
i think it's soccer/football 6 years ago  
when it comes to who has the better voice than it is obviously adele, but i feel like beyonce has had a lot of really good songs that were no. 1 6 years ago +3
live a little 6 years ago +3
i dont have a sister so this works for me lol 6 years ago +1
omg i can't choose but i love zayn 6 years ago  
no one really uses cell phones very much.i only use it to txt from time to time but other than that i cant live without my laptops 6 years ago  
i have more than 1 close friend but a ton of friends 6 years ago  
hey i just ate some mcdonals.McBITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OM NOM NOM NOM 6 years ago  
ADOPTION!!!!! 6 years ago  
oops wrong choice 6 years ago  
omg we learned about that in school.that was crazy 6 years ago  
obviously they are from washington 6 years ago  
my little pony my little pony....uhh i 4get the rest 6 years ago  
i dont eat that much candy but if it was chocolate than i would never trade it 6 years ago  
so you would rather hang off the ground with your feet dangling in the air and slowly die.yeah..i think you made the wrong choice 6 years ago  
lol both are funny but ass effect was hilarious 6 years ago  
omg my boo derrick rose.he is my background 6 years ago  
i like how the pic for option b is rihanna hahaha.b*tchz got aids 6 years ago  
lol 6 years ago  
oops i tried to skip 6 years ago  
lol rofl 6 years ago  
if black rappers are stupid, why are they all rich and you are the broke ass white/spanish/asian/etc on this site.you are just jealous because you can't even afford to buy fries off the mcdonalds dollar menu 6 years ago  
no i dont either 6 years ago  
lol 6 years ago  
neither 6 years ago  
omg boo the dog he is the 2nd cutest thing ive ever seen 6 years ago  
zayn 6 years ago  
i cant drive now but in 2 years i will be able to.this works out for me 6 years ago +1
at school we use safari on the mac books but i use google chrome on my laptops 6 years ago +1
i do but only for the videos 6 years ago  
you have to do order of operations.and i picked random but it says i picked 0...weird 6 years ago  
that was a preliminary event. you don't really need to win those as long as you have a good enough time to make it to the finals.duhh.obviously you don't watch enough of the Olympics.also Michael has over 20 medals with 18 of them gold.Ryan has like 6 medals 6 years ago  
everyone keeps thinking this but if you watched the documentary of her life, she has had big boobs since high school.no homo 6 years ago  
you are f***in crazy 6 years ago  
rihanna is more of a slut though 6 years ago  
he is a basketball player that played for the team that beat lebron 6 years ago  
well they are more for relaxation 6 years ago  
im from Chicago so... 6 years ago +3
you cant go -5 mph 6 years ago  
true but Phelps is the better swimmer 6 years ago  
none 6 years ago  
lol 6 years ago  
YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN THE WALKING DEAD!!???! i dont watch much tv but this is the best show i've ever watched. you should watch it. 6 years ago  
omg i was obsessed with both when i was younger. its tooo hard to choose 6 years ago +9
6% of people are idiots 6 years ago +20
is this question about who is hotter or who is the better singer? zayn is hotter( TO ME) but harry has a better voice 6 years ago +3
im in love with zayn but zac is hot 6 years ago  
so you ARE a slut? 6 years ago  
i laughed when i fell down the stairs and broke my ankle 6 years ago +3
you cant be a murderer if you try to save their life. the person that tied them there would be charged for murder and attempted murder. 6 years ago  
im from chicago but i hAte the cubs. GO SOX 6 years ago  
but what if it did happen and you weren't able to stop it? 6 years ago  
and possibly die or brake bones.yeah that is a smart choice :P 6 years ago  
lol 50% to 49%.bad math 6 years ago +3
REALLY! what rock do you live under? 6 years ago  
rihanna is a hoe 6 years ago  
i think they meant stanford but im not sure 6 years ago  
lucky for you 6 years ago  
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