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    they get payed a little better than lawyerd  
    its less embarrasing  
    chocolate causes acne  
    GET A JOB  
    he already is president  
    ill make a new family  
    you could stop it  
    dream of be with the person you love most  
    im also only elleven  
    in the snow there aren;t any sharks  
    probably less wars and hovecrafts and jetpacks and hovercars  
    sometimes reading someones mind isn't always good imagine this your with the girl/guy you like you like him/her and you walk up to them as your about to tell them you like them you tell them they dont say anything you read their mind and ther are thinking they dont like you  
    i already have a stuffy nose  
    you could get there faster  
    id dont want to real die id reather die emocianally  
    they could break up  
    my friend would just pretend to be discusted buand saw ewww but actually want to know more  
    GET A JOB  
    and you can always just you know  
    deez nuts  
    why would you want credit for a terrible piece of art work  
    use pasturiezed eggs instead of normal eggs pasturiezed means it cant give you sallmonella only like a 0000001.0000000percent chance  
    hard to decide but totally the simpsons  
    CVS its not bad  
    ive shopped at  
    i already have atandt  
    i have both but i play the xbox way more than the wii  
    thats how old i am  
    what if you live in the united states and want to go to japan how do you bike on the water  
    filet mignon  
    in harry potter i dont have any friends  
    id get fat and die +1
    make my hair rainbow collored  
    california is cooler i think  
    my dog isn't ugly at all  
    at least the way you get cacer is somewhat injoyable  
    its an angry pirahna at least you can get away from the snake easier than the pirahna  
    both but animal abuse a 1 percent more than pollution  
    im an amazing pokemon player so definately a pokemon trainber  
    but you only get average seat at the superbowl but with obama you get premium seats next to obama the president  
    you probably wouldn't be able to swim on the jello  
    definitely the cage at least I have a lot of food because it didn't say you did have food in the cage and at least i might not die because i cant get out of the maze which will probably take longer than an hour  
    at least in jail your less likely to die  
    your gonna get arrested mya321 and Cousintu  
    girlfriend catches a guy watching gay fetish movies you probobaly gonna get single that day  
    hahaha lol GMKOAG  
    yes it does i tried on the calculator  
    unless they already died  
    i would also never eat my dog ever even if i was starving to death although im sure my gos would start to look tasty but i would never eat them  
    i dont have a sister  
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