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    I've no sense of humor either, booyah 5 years ago  
    I'm not ruthless D: 5 years ago +1
    Golden Corral all the way!!! 5 years ago  
    I can now be fit 4 life :3 5 years ago +1
    Voted to read comments, I'm 10. 5 years ago  
    More people dead less overpopulated world 5 years ago  
    Yup 5 years ago  
    May beach looks non square tbh 5 years ago  
    Would u rTher. E good at something or be good at something 5 years ago  
    Never watched either show. 5 years ago  
    Both suck 5 years ago  
    All fps suck 5 years ago  
    For 1sec never do it again 5 years ago  
    Democrates? Is it a democratic crate, or a demo version of a crate? 5 years ago  
    No phone haha 5 years ago  
    None cartoons r crap 5 years ago  
    Adxy 5 years ago  
    Hoe hit wringmne 5 years ago  
    I'm 10 o: 5 years ago  
    Fudge I can't sing 5 years ago  
    None 5 years ago  
    I'll be comfy but yoy will be in a uncomfortable suit 5 years ago  
    I'm very smart :3 but mike looks threatening o: 5 years ago  
    Can I fly? 5 years ago  
    More ppl dead In overpopulated world 5 years ago  
    I'm a girl but I think she looks better 5 years ago  
    My face is cute :D 5 years ago  
    World domination 5 years ago  
    I'm assuming u can create said food i front of u at will. U need a bowl for due cream, and chocolate can be melted in mcrowave 5 years ago  
    I'll be zack from suite 5 years ago  
    Both kill you, this question is sick 5 years ago  
    I'm a girl so I'd rather be mega. Fox :p 5 years ago  
    Scarlet looks like a slut o,o 5 years ago  
    Soup;3 5 years ago  
    Bacon is buuuullshiiiiit 5 years ago  
    Ok wrong one... 5 years ago  
    Make babies :D 5 years ago +1
    I want it it looks like a milkhake 5 years ago +1
    Don't wear jeans, win. 5 years ago  
    I'm not a lesbian but selen 5 years ago  
    Are all officially retarded 5 years ago  
    Ok, you 5 years ago  
    Sell das 5 years ago  
    I'm not a lasbian ;( 5 years ago  
    Who the heckle are these ppl? 5 years ago  
    If it's regularly I will earn more then the babysitter who quit because the children suck 5 years ago  
    Ima girl 5 years ago  
    Kill five people. Who cares? PThe worlds overpopulated 5 years ago  
    Hello newborn wanna make out? 5 years ago  
    Overpopulation 5 years ago  
    I win 5 years ago  
    Call the police 5 years ago  
    Some leaders suck ass 5 years ago  
    Potatoes = nasty, coke = nasty but at least ik what it tastes like 5 years ago  
    Oh sh*t wrong one! 5 years ago +1
    I have my degree. Dumb ?. 5 years ago  
    That looks cool as hell 5 years ago  
    Better smarts or better looks 5 years ago  
    Skipped :3 5 years ago  
    But, you lose ur sense of touch, sight, taste, hearing, smell! Wtf 5 years ago  
    All my PC games are played in browser or download so I can take my laptop somewhere else with internet and play games 5 years ago  
    The lazy sport :D 5 years ago  
    Mm mm mmmmmmm 5 years ago  
    A veeeeeeery thick rope, almost a hallway size;) 5 years ago  
    Fuuuuck if I was smartest I'd know cure for cancer 5 years ago  
    Subway is a cuntish bullsh*t 5 years ago  
    Atred 5 years ago  
    You can improve... U can't improve hTred 5 years ago  
    If they're true friends they'll comfort me 5 years ago  
    No rent booya 5 years ago  
    I'll settle for anyone 5 years ago  
    I'm already. Smart :D 5 years ago  
    i at least know what he's talking about 5 years ago +1
    but i will die o3o 5 years ago  
    nonononononoononononononononono 5 years ago  
    oh crap these are religios? 5 years ago +1
    blockbuster is the BOMB 5 years ago  
    erm... no 5 years ago  
    Who dafuq is luke skywalker? 5 years ago  
    neither\ 5 years ago  
    im a girl so this vote is for man >:p 5 years ago  
    aww i forgot option 2 is soccer *change vote* 5 years ago  
    i dont eat veggies anywayxD 5 years ago  
    i already use glassess 5 years ago  
    Wtf stupid football player and rich XD thats awesome 5 years ago  
    I win 5 years ago  
    Awww crap I thought it meant stop smoking for $300,000... But I'd only smoke once >:D 5 years ago  
    Looks like we're alone on this guys D: 5 years ago  
    Overpopulation o3o 5 years ago  
    d'awwww kitten i would never hurt u D: sowwy 5 years ago  
    You would have at least gotten more money for option 2 and it helps more others 5 years ago  
    STFU- Stop tickling fluffy unicorns >:D 5 years ago  
    Bella creeps my out 5 years ago  
    Who likes winning? D: 5 years ago  
    Hold my breath and get behind someone... 5 years ago  
    I dont wanna have kids D: 5 years ago  
    I dun like it.. o3o 5 years ago  
    Money is just fiber... Love is a person to care for you :3 5 years ago  
    If nobody showed up to my wedding then my spouse wouldnt show up Dx 5 years ago  
    Animal language is foreign 5 years ago  
    o3o I dun like coffee 5 years ago  
    and everybody's like crystal maybach diamonds on you timepiece 5 years ago  
    blogger sucks 5 years ago  
    I dont do drugs or alcohal 5 years ago  
    woot 5 years ago  
    i did both on previous movies 5 years ago  
    Steak is gross 5 years ago  
    If you were to live forever, you would watch everyone die around you until you were floating in space, with no world. You would still be living though. 5 years ago  
    Who are either of these guys o; 5 years ago  
    I have both already 5 years ago  
    Holding it can be deadly 5 years ago  
    neither............................... 5 years ago +1
    Dont do alcohal but I love royals which has gold teeth grey goose trippin in the bathroom XD 5 years ago  
    Cucumbers are gross 5 years ago  
    I own both :D 5 years ago  
    50/50 5 years ago  
    Stabbed with a fork and barely goes in my skin 5 years ago  
    50-50! 5 years ago  
    Bleh i dont wear jeans. 5 years ago  
    neither 5 years ago  
    Being fit is for chumps 5 years ago  
    Neither! 5 years ago  
    Oh what the heck! I already see bad enough 5 years ago  
    Yay I won 5 years ago  
    Everyone was once a woman, in the egg everyone has female cells. 5 years ago  
    I can't swim! Oh ****! 5 years ago  
    I suck at seeking... 5 years ago  
    I already am ONE OF THE smartest people in school :D 5 years ago  
    Movies make me bored *yawn* 5 years ago  
    Then I can be famous! WHAHAHA 5 years ago  
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