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    Saving lives could win me a lightsaber :)  
    I wouldn't wanna know bad things. It said ALL of the truths  
    did you read the authors comment? How rude  
    Too lazy  
    Drinking is one of the worst things that happened to the world. Did you read harry potter and the sorcerer's stone? Drinking is a bad bad thing  
    You're insane  
    why are people saying this is the last question?  
    wtf kind of question is this? And is that a phone on the right?  
    Can I pick which age I stop againg?  
    I have no idea  
    I like my little pony  
    it never said it wasn't an innocent person you hated  
    what if the serial killer is my friend?  
    umm everyone would die out and I don't exactly have a social life so it'd be hard to make friends  
    I'm awesome. I'm not a beach  
    I;m dying inside  
    Picture on the right?  
    I dunno what my life motto will be but I'm sure my last words will be... burry me with a macbook air and wifi  
    what if I wasn't that attatched to him?  
    hey 16% I think you'd die a bigger hero if you SAVED so many lives. Plus if there was an explosion I think the crowd would be satisfied anyway  
    omg emma watson  
    I think changing history could impact everything. If you killed Hitler before the holocaust you might not even be alive right now. Who knows what could happen. It'd not be god though. And I'm just now realizing that I picked the wrong one  
    is this slightly racist?  
    that'd be handy since I can't remember anything  
    AIME!!!!!!!!!!! +1
    I picked the wrong one. Wiht silence I can be on my computer  
    this was written by a guy wasnt it  
    no idea  
    Mostly cuz I don't have anything with pockets  
    I don't have a daughter :)  
    waste of time  
    I can get a new computer  
    okes on you I dont go to bars  
    THEY'RE SO FAKE. THEY'RE LIKE OMG A STUPID WHEEL IS BEING SPUN HOW AMAZING! But normal people are like, yeah so?  
    I picked the wrong one I saw needles and immediatly went for the other one  
    this one  
    *future* and anyway, DON'T TOUCH MY WIFI  
    I'm a girl  
    plastic surgery  
    doesn't the poly juice potion taste like... nvm  
    I have a couple tricks up my sleeve +1
    how RUDE but also true and yeah  
    isnt "filet magnet" or whatever it was for suit people?  
    so a tesla?  
    I don't have an at home gym therefore I don't have to work out  
    for what  
    no idea  
    pick your poison  
    adio books are creepy, pronounced wrong, and for lazy people  
    I'd like a change  
    hmmm smog or no smog...I think I'd rather live  
    murrica is bad  
    Rihanna because she's more sane  
    I should probably do homeworkbut whatever  
    my dad cleans the floor too much +2
    isnt he not real?  
    whats americon idol?  
    isn't it the same thing?  
    which came first? DEATH  
    So much more sanitary  
    My teachers don't give any homewrok anyway.  
    I want a rose gold camaro please  
    Whats wrong with having an imagination?  
    I'd be dead  
    I like hermione so much more  
    I want the best wifi there is  
    I want to be beautiful but she's not  
    they can get me a new car thank you very much umm I want a rose gold camaro  
    Ummmm I don't want to be fat  
    you can't compare people that do different things  
    it never said you couldnt be rich  
    COSPLAY!!!!! sorry  
    I can't remember anything anyway  
    I've done a couple things...  
    52% is so lying.  
    what kind of question is this?  
    aviators make me look rich  
    do both and my mom's like no thats rude and then I'm like well I'm rude!  
    omg minecraft irl all the way!  
    new socks are life  
    It never said I was that ugly. But I could spend some of my money to get plastic surgery +1
    I'm too fat for a lcoker  
    huh? what social life?  
    I hate windows  
    what if I play with my friend. She asks what is your favorite color.  
    thailand is actually pretty nice. And Im asain  
    what if I kill the other person?  
    mazda is for stupid people  
    ummmm I dont wear makeup  
    it never said you couldnt have a perf relashionship  
    Neither. I don't plan to be an alchoholic  
    What is blobkbuster  
    I forget  
    I'm already both what do I do  
    I saw the other pic and cried! I want to help!  
    baseball is SOOOOOO BORING +1
    same thing  
    My best friend is moving away  
    I'm awesome  
    it didnt say how tall  
    this is ummmm rude.  
    whats the difference  
    if you can't see ghosts then it's not haunted to you. But if it is, just move!  
    A month before I die  
    I'm just into harry potty right now. That sounded wrong  
    that's impossible. If you have everything you have love  
    howbout just cake?  
    OMI GOD. COSPLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    water is refreshing. Plus with all fo the smog I would be able to see a thing  
    One of my friends is named mario.  
    I think double pierced is sorry I lost my train of thought. Choo choo! I'm sorry  
    Do toy sharks count?  
    I could rock my name but my looks.... hey does that mean body shape? I could do with a couple less pounds  
    I don't wanna kill me back  
    I'd love to have a twin. Plus I'd probably have done it when I was young what's the difference? +1
    at my house  
    Teleport away from awkward moments...  
    why would I go out with him if I didn't like him? I'm not the one paying  
    They're the same thing but mc donalds has better fries  
    Neither. I plan to not drink ever  
    I feel like dogs get loved more  
    money money money  
    this one because there's no such thing as "a dumb"  
    being famous is annoyin  
    I want a wii u  
    it never said with the personalities  
    I don't want my love to be forced  
    this one because I don't know what the other one is  
    I have this sudden urdge for food  
    jw marriot  
    I wouldn't be judged that much  
    At least it'll be cute!  
    Only if it's a yacht  
    I legit eat with my hands. no utensils. and no manners when I'm home1  
    what kind of question is this? It's really life or death you know?  
    More roblox  
    Target's more upper class  
    it said FRENCH kiss  
    I don't really care because I know I'll never get to  
    my face if pretty good  
    god is real to whatever idiot made thi question +1
    they both hideous  
    my computer is my life  
    I thought it said hermione  
    to the bathroom  
    jello makes me sick  
    hotmail stupid  
    thye ake more money. wow I'm greedy  
    I picked the wrong one  
    they're the same person  
    I pciked the wrong one.  
    it never said they don't return the money  
    I have neighbors  
    As long as I'm rich  
    Sashami is over-rated. Actally I don't like either  
    I'm the biggest prankster  
    I thought it said "taco toucan" +1
    I'd rather NOT suffocate  
    this isn't a question  
    I have a solution. Dubstep and speakers  
    Can I just wear a jason the killer mask all the time? It's something I'd do  
    whos mr whatever his name is  
    I have this sudden urdge to go to hogwarts. I mean harvard. Person:"Keep dreaming." Me: "Yeah I know"  
    Cucumbers, watermelon, what's that thing koalas eat? They never drink water  
    hottubs are so dirty. they can grow sooo much bacteria  
    I could get away from snobs  
    I WOULD LIVE TO GO TO HOGWARTS. wait can I go with draco malfoy?  
    I have this weird obsession with austrailia  
    Winning is over-rated. Unless it's the lottery  
    Then I wouldn't miss what I'd been seeing before. That sounds wrong  
    I wouldn't get sand up my butt  
    What's the difference? They're both stupid...  
    THANK OU SO MUCH FOR TELLING ME THE NAME OF THIS CAR. Now I know which one to buy :)  
    I'm eating ice cream right now. With chopsticks. It's surprisingly easy  
    Ummmm do I have friends? No.  
    What memory?  
    Some people use rose water as perfume. At least I do...  
    Isn't gordon ramsay a wizard?  
    Like I'd get invited. But I'd be happy to see them dead! Also, 31% are lying  
    I' give him a fair share  
    I've heard Oreos are THE unhealthiest cookies there could be.  
    I'd rather not burn my tounge  
    There's other words to say  
    Yo I can be a ninja!!!!!  
    I'd never get it done any other way  
    I don't wanna look stupid  
    At night it's prettier and you don't have to protect your skin from the sun  
    At least I know the truth  
    The whole point of showering is to clean yourself and if you don't clean yourself before you get into bed then you're putting germs into your bed and it's gross. But also showering in the morning is a great way to wake up. I think we all need that because we don't just wake up like Disney princesses  
    Can I be a girl version? Mostly cuz I am a girl  
    mercedes are ugly  
    Red apples aresweeter  
    Sorry i have no idea  
    I'm a girl  
    I can do one of those little kid courses  
    Who in the world needs 10 cars?  
    Not much difference  
    not gonna be too bad  
    I have no idea but I heard social network is stupid  
    I have to memory to lose  
    Golf is for snobby rich people  
    baths don't clean you as well as showers do  
    It'd be a but of a wait but it's worth it cuz then it means more  
    I'm not going to vote because everybody should embrace what makes the special and that could be the way they dress  
    I've got skills  
    HATSUNE MIKU ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!  
    Just a bit of plastic surgery. And maybe A HAIRCUT  
    Can I play roblox?  
    Who's to say I don't already not brush my teeth?  
    Hotdogs made me sick  
    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I'm a girl to whatever idiot made this question  
    Getsolder and then clicks the first option  
    I look terrible when I eat haha best I avoid that  
    There's no differens  
    apple apple apple wait isn't the system ios?  
    I can get more things  
    I don't drive  
    Because my friend moved t new york and I want to see her again  
    Trolls, sing, and miss perigrins home for peculiar children  
    I don't wear jeans suckers  
    My life  
    I can shop ahead of time  
    I already have a ps4 so  
    It's called history class  
    What kind of question is this? Also, Beyonce  
    I always dance around so... yeah  
    Only because I want to be a milionare  
    Have lots of parties!  
    It is curable. Duh  
    What if my job is to test out hotels? Isn't that a thing?  
    I want something different  
    I need to catch up on the hunger games  
    Isn't Satan not real? +1
    I can't believe the opinions are so close. Don't you know how bad it is?  
    Nobody is better than the kind of pop  
    I'm so greedy  
    I picked the wrong one. My eyes work so much better at night time  
    They're swwet like me!  
    I'm reading this in 2017...  
    I'm already a loser  
    This one because the smirnoff ad is disgusting  
    Didn't haveit yet  
    Theesin't really football for girls  
    I have low chances of getting cancer anyway  
    Umm not realy....  
    Isn't magic kingdom IN disney land?  
    Nerds don't look as bad as that  
    ios is so much simpler  
    I'd eat with emma watson +1
    Take the blankets off  
    I already do  
    me too  
    this is me anyway so yeah  
    Hermione looks better. But in terms of looks, I like Draco Malfoy  
    Who likes rock anyway? It's so lower class  
    My lungs alone are worth what is it like 10 billion?  
    My friend said that she's "just friends" with this guy, and they really don't have time apartfrom eachother  
    The other person could have wayyy morethan 1k dollars  
    Just saying halloween isn't a religous holiday  
    this is soooooooooo weird  
    They can be like a billion miles down the river!  
    There's always better jobs!  
    Money money money money  
    Ipads crash too much  
    I want an older sister  
    my family is more important  
    I'm a girl sooo man?  
    Force her to eat foooooooood  
    I'm gonna make sure it's not a good friend  
    It's called laser hair removal surgery  
    The other one is too formal  
    I live for starbucks  
    Lambos are ugly  
    Friends aren't much help  
    It's called medicine kids.  
    This si a football or soccer question pretty much  
    Caught eating cookies? Sure!  
    Vegas is prettymuch just casinos  
    OMG ROBLOX!!!!!!  
    I have this new obsession with yachts  
    Who would ever want to follow in the steps of Hitler?  
    I COULD DO WITH A LITTLE LESS WEIGHT. ok maybe a lot  
    Such a stupid question. for all of those who picked the other one, YOU'RE FREAKISHLY STUPID  
    Facebook is wayyyyy overrated  
    I watched a bit of south park. Isn't how they speak practically cursing?  
    Less poluted  
    I don't watch tv anyway. I only use it for minecraft but let's be honest  
    More of an excuse for gaming :)  
    I'd buy food  
    Thank gawd for apple products  
    Superman is gross  
    I can see who likes me  
    The US is too currupt  
    I look like a butt partying  
    I'm dead inside  
    Having thousands of eyes look at me is creepy in the last second of life. Wait, I don't have anybody that loves me. Besides my parents  
    I may be greedy as faque but I'm not a thief  
    Is gymnastics summer Olympic?  
    Nightclubs are for stupid people  
    I saw obama and instantly went for the other one  
    I want to hear what the teachers are talking about and gossip  
    Who tf travels?  
    Europe is a possessed country. Wait what do I know? People: "Nothing" Me:"Yeha very true."  
    I have no life so...  
    Vinegar is acid  
    I picked the wrong one....  
    My grandma aint annoying  
    I hate both  
    Never said I had to do it  
    Coke makes me sick. Also, potato  
    It saves me money  
    My parents love me and I love them +1
    I saw books and instantly clicked the other one  
    Am I the only one that doesn't like Nutella? Thumbs up if you agree  
    China is polluted. 'd die faster  
    I'm so pewny I fitinevery little corner  
    I'm still rich  
    I already do  
    Who uses pictures anymore?  
    I'm all about my hair  
    I didn't watch to mvies het  
    I already do  
    Ever since watching Sully I'm afraid of planes  
    Looks are money  
    I saw a big word and instantly went for the other one  
    Honestly can't wait until my SuperBowl party!  
    Fame is stupid  
    Nobody ever said I wasn't rich  
    Ima listen to what the owl dog bunny rabbit cat chicken squirrel pug girl alien thing says  
    I don't got a phone :)  
    You can skip (stages of life)  
    I chose to stay the same  
    Some people need to learn to get a job  
    I'm picking the less of the two evil. Both of them suck  
    I'd be a girl version of Harry Potter honestly +2
    I'd rather survive. And I'm assuming there's technology that's state of the art and wifi. Those are the only things I need in life :)  
    I don't have to adopt. I could get a puppy and be one of those weird people who treats their pets as children...  
    Yummyyyyyy +1
    I'm from the USA  
    What if that was my career? That'd be a very odd one but whatever  
    If everyone cares about me they'd give me free thing :) I wrote this comment before I voted lol  
    It's called having a cold  
    Every time you swim in the ocean there's a hungry shark in the same ocean. It never said right next to  
    isn't the pic of the woman and the glowing ball everywhere or something?  
    It's 2017 people. What's a book?  
    Short life to me is like 80 years or something honestly  
    I'm already weird so yeah  
    I can be decently smart  
    Don't need one  
    not being a doctor? Easy  
    It's called taxes  
    You don't get ric form religion  
    I dressed AWESOME when I was ten years old. I dressed better than I do now  
    Reading hurts my brain  
    isn't kadaf something in all of those asian fighting movies?  
    I read a book that said google instantly turns it's employees into millionaires  
    That'd help soo much  
    what did cute little puppies ever do to you?  
    there's apps where you can type it and it says it for you  
    What if I have the urdge to dance huh? I wouldn't if I was in a coma  
    I've been on a lucky streak  
    When I find out he's homeless I buy him a home with the money I don't have  
    At least this one I'll die so I don't have to suffer from the whole thing and me scared for life  
    Mmmmm yummy mulkshake1  
    It's all about me!  
    I feel like sleeping right now  
    What if I just got $1m every year? No job, but a million dollars, I'm for it  
    Cash is too boring  
    I have an ipad  
    Doggies are fluffy and make great memes  
    I'm not stupid  
    High school musical  
    what if there was another island right next to it where I lived?  
    Not seeing myself in the mirror helps a lot inlife!  
    No illegal things. Wait  
    I did as a baby  
    There's such thing as an overnight sentence. That's only one ngiht in prison. I could survive that.  
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