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    the pink lemonade, is actually pink limeaid, it has sliced limes in it  
    I already have 8 siblings  
    I wish I could choose both +1
    I know the baby girl in the photo!!!  
    get rich then achieve my dreams  
    reading hurts my eyes  
    its the terrible 2's, it only lasts while he is 2!  
    wordpress has a cool logo  
    WHAT KIND OF SICK QUESTION IS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    plato is kinda like pluto, and pluto is small so.....  
    my step brother is VERY cocky and I HATE it!!! +1
    I would bring back my mom  
    SOOOOOOO HARD TO CHOOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    I like elephants  
    I don't have a mom  
    S...I...C...K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO WOULD ASK THAT QUESTION  
    I prefer Justin Bieber dead...  
    high heels  
    ice cream cake  
    as long as minecraft is on creative and peacefull that way I cant die, and I have unlimited supplies  
    one best friend, many very good friends  
    sick question, but if there is no bras and t-shirts, wear a tank top  
    this Is a disturbing question  
    im older than 10, and haven't French kissed yet'  
    god isn't fictional, but pokemon is fake  
    A...HOT....POOL!!!!!!! ;D  
    same thing!  
    daughter could always be joking...right?  
    no wifi, no life  
    I play piano, no record contracts needed to get famous  
    don't you mean beating?  
    5 star jails anyone? +1
    your breath would smell soooo good  
    that's sexist  
    ice cream melts  
    I don't want dreds, sorry  
    fast painless death vs. slow painfull death, don't even have to think about this one  
    it says live 25 years pain free and blissfully happy, you can always live longer just with pain  
    too much hair  
    you can always swim to the top  
    its their problem now  
    neither, im not lesbo  
    cancer is in my genes, but maybe they can find a cure  
    switch the pictures!!!!!!!!  
    im not ashamed of my body people  
    FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D  
    spiderman is hot  
    HALO!!!!!!!! ;)  
    either way I would be doing all the work so that it would be perfect  
    I wouldn't last 10 seconds in the hunger games...unless I was katniss  
    im half deaf so.....  
    I hate the cold +1
    WTF!!!!!!!!! why would someone want to do either  
    no wifi, no life  
    if im famous I probably have a good job that pays ALOT, so I would be famous and wealthy  
    I have a life people, come on  
    sell the gift  
    if your the richest person in the world, I could hire people to teach me everything  
    were is the both button  
    If I had a wife then we would both be lesbians...duh  
    I like my gender thank you  
    reading hurts my eyes  
    seeking is too hard and im too lazy  
    standing is tiring +1
    if it was cake batter it would be a different answer  
    im not a canadian  
    I love my food  
    im not a lesbian  
    I can be rich, he can be poor....simple +1
    where is the both button when you need it, I LOVE BOTH  
    sharks rarely attack humans, duh  
    hotel=pool, tent=rodents  
    I like playing piano  
    I'd rather stay on earth thank you  
    if everyone hated me, and I president, then I could make their life miserable, and punish them for hating me  
    if I can make people fart on command, wouldn't that be a loose loose... I mean the person that farted would be humiliated, I would be stuck with smelling the fart  
    popular=lots of bfs  
    im a to suck  
    I don't hate my enemy that much that I would rather loose money then see them happy  
    get married start a family while chasing my career...brilliant :D  
    thankfully there is a skip button  
    crap I meant to put my birthday, then everyone would be worshiping me, its my day  
    working for google is like having fun all day, every day on a playground!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D  
    I have 7 dogs, they all ROCK!!!!!!!!!  
    make new friends  
    let him be homeless for a while then give him a home  
    Eat the $ other People (least favorite first)  
    I love food!!11  
    Bath time  
    Who the hell would want to steal money when you can get money for FREE!!!!!!!!!!!  
    I don't like to socialize  
    what about dr pepper  
    steal free things  
    the 48% of you who chose never to wait in lines again are DUMB ASSES!!!!!!!!!!! you would rather kill many people that wait in line for 20 minutes, you people are selfish jerks!  
    I don't like left, I like right  
    id see my mom again  
    seeing scary things lead to nightmares  
    Dumbledore dies Gandalf lives get the picture  
    its only 10%  
    my best friend is my  
    dogs dry fast, fat men don't loose their fat...ever  
    eat the pig when it dies  
    5 star prisons....duh  
    id wish for my mom to come back to life and me, her and the rest of my family would never die  
    who likes watching winning when fails are funny  
    rather die that listen to Justin bieber  
    being comfy is all that matters  
    whats the differents  
    there are enough humans in this world  
    give half to Africans, then keep the other half for myself  
    lawer=arguing with other people ALL DAY!!  
    you can always take the piercings out, but tattoos are permanant  
    clowns scare me  
    being friends with someone famous doesn't get me money  
    internet every day....ocean not every day  
    you can always change your name back, it didn't say anything about that  
    I'd take the Caribbean any day  
    its all about the money  
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