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Would you rather be a pokemon trainer or yu-gi-oh player 6 years ago 258 votes 22 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be sqiudward or mr.krabs 6 years ago 213 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be an avenger or or an x-man 6 years ago 225 votes 15 comments 0 likes

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;-; help how can i listen to my chemical romance now 3 years ago  
dude the parachute was invented first 3 years ago  
what..why?whAT.w-w-WHY IS THIS A QUESTION?? 4 years ago  
what?_? wheres the question 4 years ago  
why not both? 4 years ago  
well shet 4 years ago  
im coming justin bieber *shudder 4 years ago  
u can do that in sweden too... 4 years ago  
u coulndt have mentioned that before i voted -.- 4 years ago  
28% of people live in mental asylums 4 years ago  
this isnt even a question its a oneway street 4 years ago  
from what 4 years ago  
wow 4 years ago  
with all the money i save from buying itunes i could buy the whole freaking starbucks empire 4 years ago  
it says what would u rather find 4 years ago  
i think people saw justin bieber and immeadiatly pressed the 1st one without even knowing what the question was 4 years ago  
I AM NOT VOTING ON THIS 4 years ago  
10,000 dollars for 100,000 families will last bullsh*t. why not just donate my one billion to them 4 years ago  
well this is my situation right now... 4 years ago +1
u my man have your priorites straight 4 years ago  
and no terriosm would illiminate a lot of bullying :P 4 years ago  
my funereal like seriously 4 years ago  
o my gosh i freaking hate yahoo 5 years ago  
small little holes all over ur body 5 years ago  
why yes of course i would rather look like a wrinkly old man than a young hot guy 5 years ago  
maxtton wat? 5 years ago  
there both muscly just one is a fake 5 years ago +1
i thought there'd be more votes 4 dailymotion 5 years ago  
how did this not get 100% votes 5 years ago  
i just realised I'm a boy 5 years ago  
like a room without a roof? 5 years ago +1
you would catch up with the second one with the first one in only like 3 weeks 5 years ago  
ima boy 5 years ago  
pinky? 5 years ago +3
im a guy sooo 5 years ago  
that crazy 3 percent 5 years ago +3
mines kinda halfway in halfway out 5 years ago  
this is a joke question right? 5 years ago +4
who the hell voted 2 5 years ago +1
it would take some time to strangle 100 puppies 5 years ago  
i am not voting on this 5 years ago  
ppl are running out of ideas for rrrather 5 years ago  
i think i already have both of those :P 5 years ago  
some ppl don't go to mcdonalds just to avoid ronald. thats y they dont put statues of him in anymore mcdonalds 5 years ago  
walk past my crush carrying a bigass couch 5 years ago  
it wouldnt take long to become the richest person in the world ifyou immortaal 6 years ago  
then y pick that 6 years ago  
i could stare at that all day 6 years ago  
i dont think even one of them would fit inside 6 years ago  
id find out if my crush likes me 6 years ago  
lol 6 years ago  
this has a lot of votes/comments 6 years ago  
looks cooler 6 years ago  
i hate all those commercials stoppping me from watching my shows 6 years ago +1
havnt played either 6 years ago  
gonna go solo 6 years ago  
1 compared to 100 no contest 6 years ago +1
ill eat all there ice cream 6 years ago +1
im not gonna even vote 6 years ago +1
bring it on 6 years ago  
dork 6 years ago  
monkeys r ugly 6 years ago +1
sexy 6 years ago  
sexy 6 years ago  
id have a small fluffy dog 6 years ago  
this is the smart way 6 years ago  
ima dude 6 years ago  
dont drink coffe 6 years ago  
my crush is hotter than all celebs put together 6 years ago  
id hang out with ...her (love heart) 6 years ago  
i have lots of hair 6 years ago +1
i mean 3 6 years ago  
I3 RANDOM superpowers 6 years ago  
its 3 random super powers 6 years ago  
yeah so there even more awesome because lots of them dont even have super powers 6 years ago  
the've also worked with the avengers (THE HULK KICKS THE BUT OF EVERYONE) 6 years ago  
wat girl friend 6 years ago  
ikr 6 years ago  
because when i get a dream i can complete it 6 years ago  
it was 100% chance of going to heaven 6 years ago  
it was100% chance going to heaven 6 years ago  
what happend to the rooster? 6 years ago  
i get to hang out with the chicks no contest 6 years ago +1
this is weird 6 years ago +3
i have no idea what my dream is 6 years ago  
you got that off rockstarboy 6 years ago  
huh? 6 years ago  
HEY SEXY LADY 6 years ago  
it might learn sumfing hehehe 6 years ago  
this is a tough one 6 years ago  
iget paid dont i? 6 years ago  
for a million dollars YEEEEEEEEEHHHHAAAAAAAAAAH 6 years ago +156
SYCHE 6 years ago  
heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey sexy lady op op op op op oppa gangnum style 6 years ago +1
ikr 6 years ago  
how would i eat 6 years ago  
ITS FREE BABY 6 years ago +2
more sexy ladies to save if they cant save themselves 6 years ago +5
2 days to 365 days NO CONTEST BROS 6 years ago +3
well duh i did but my teacher is too cool to talk about whatsizname and whocaresanyway 6 years ago  
dude stop repeating urself 6 years ago  
ill just pretend that justin beiber is katy perry and date the hottest guy is girl 6 years ago  
who the heck is either of them 6 years ago  
i have no idea 6 years ago  
what is with this guy ur allways saying bg whats up with that 6 years ago  
i could steal that 100000 of my enemy 6 years ago  
i allready belong 2 a religion y would i start my own? 6 years ago  
im allready hot but i could be better 6 years ago  
u could earn all the money in the world because u will live forever u could take over the whole world 6 years ago  
better than nothing 6 years ago +1
LAME 6 years ago  
thats it this is disgusting im getting out of the gross section right now 6 years ago  
WHAT r u crazy man thats just wrong 6 years ago  
i think im not sure :I 6 years ago  
dudes dont sleep with dudes thats just wrong 6 years ago  
no not really 6 years ago  
really? asterix asterisk hmmm i guess so wow have gotten that wrong my whole life man! 6 years ago  
search it up its party rock pokemon remix its hectic bros 6 years ago  
yolo sucks balls how do i change my answer 6 years ago  
dude whats wrong with the guy in ur photo 6 years ago  
its not woth it bros 6 years ago  
hey sexy lady oppa gangnum style 6 years ago  
hope so 6 years ago  
ill eat the whole buffet 6 years ago  
(jokes) 6 years ago  
what u mean this asterix* 6 years ago  
man i would totally creep up on people and scare em with my breathing heheheh 6 years ago  
oh yeah baby that would rock 6 years ago  
u guys r so sad :( 6 years ago  
dude u r so weird 6 years ago  
but i love u baby 6 years ago  
bro ur freaking me out HELP THIS GUY IS STALKING ME 6 years ago  
is that what yolo means? dam it i need to change my answer 6 years ago  
wow only 7% said no 6 years ago +3
ching chong china 6 years ago  
HULK SMASH 6 years ago  
i like em 6 years ago  
not yet so far 6 years ago  
i have no idea what ether of them r im using google 6 years ago  
ive found my true love but i dont know if my true love loves me 6 years ago  
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH suck it up big boy 6 years ago  
what the heck who r u? 6 years ago  
i was just saying y r u asking what u want 4 breakfast imaen this question is so LAME 6 years ago  
i found the reply button 6 years ago  
sure 6 years ago  
ur luky bro 6 years ago  
i was just saying y r u asking what do u want 4 breakfast i mean seriously what kind of question is that 6 years ago  
this question is sad i feel bad just by voting 6 years ago  
SEXY 6 years ago  
OPPA GANGNAM STYLE 6 years ago  
i have no idea who anyone f them is 6 years ago  
r u talking 2 him or me? 6 years ago  
GO AVENGERS e men is cool to though 6 years ago  
its hard to tel when someones lying 6 years ago  
actually i cant i watch the thing once i wish i could forget that 6 years ago +1
i cant decide 6 years ago +1
* is so cool i love their books 6 years ago  
i cant stand justin beiber but its only for an hour i guess 6 years ago  
that would be so awesome 6 years ago  
hey sexy lady 6 years ago  
i allready can barely see so no difference in losing some eyesight 6 years ago  
motorhomes remind me of grandpa max from ben ten and his freaky food ugh 6 years ago  
what kind of question is that? 6 years ago  
i agree with u dude 6 years ago  
i do not want my girl loving my best friend over me. but my best friend loving me? that was a tough one 6 years ago  
Perfect 6 years ago  
Search it on the Internet dude 6 years ago  
U could just sleep on that extra day 6 years ago +2
I have no idea I just picked Obama who the heck is that other guy anyway 6 years ago  
Ur wrong bro so wrong 6 years ago  
Uh yes he does! 6 years ago  
jump woohooo 6 years ago  
man i'd rather die than there be no more halloween 6 years ago  
yeah your right and besides there r so many things in my life i'd like 2 go back and change 6 years ago  
yhat question is really creepy 6 years ago  
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