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Would you rather Have to go on a long hike in the woods without any shoe or socks. or Have to spend a day at the beach wearing your winter coat. 7 years ago 532 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather wear shoe shoes from... Just Fab or Shoe Dazzle 7 years ago 338 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Eat six fish eyeballs or Eat a small frog 7 years ago 291 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Eat all your Halloween candy or Trade your Halloween candy for $10 7 years ago 1,567 votes 25 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be chased by.. A werewolf or 5 zombies 7 years ago 793 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Which quote is better? This one or This one 7 years ago 407 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be... Nicki Minaj or The Cheetah Grils 7 years ago 245 votes 8 comments 0 likes

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Im allergic to cherry.. 4 years ago  
I love cereal 6 years ago  
Yes... The rubbing kind though 6 years ago  
Good job! Here's a cookie 6 years ago  
Skip 6 years ago  
10 friends is good enough 6 years ago +1
I have no idea what those two things are 6 years ago  
I hate both of those... YUCK 6 years ago  
That's not only on rrrather 6 years ago  
But that is one cool cupcake 6 years ago +1
I can be shy and I can be talkative 6 years ago +1
I've been to Atlanta like a thousand times 6 years ago  
:O 6 years ago  
It doesn't even snow where I live 6 years ago +2
I'm mixed and I love that 6 years ago +2
Call Me Maybe 6 years ago +2
I'm the only child 6 years ago +1
Me too 6 years ago  
My mom said Las Vegas was fun 6 years ago  
I like both soooo... 6 years ago  
I ain't tryna die! 6 years ago  
I would tell them to go to the bathroom, to take out that spinach that's stuck in their teeth 6 years ago  
I hate both of these shows no offense to the people who love these shows but my friend loves adventure time so I went with that :) 6 years ago  
Use a pay phone 6 years ago  
I've been to the Caribbean for one month 6 years ago  
We would be best friends 6 years ago  
Duhh 6 years ago +4
My teeth are awesome 6 years ago +1
I do not want to get fat 6 years ago  
God created Big Bang 6 years ago  
I'm sorry lol 6 years ago  
That would be sad though 6 years ago  
i would tell a loser to go it 6 years ago  
sorry medium mama... 6 years ago +1
i love those mr.messy books 6 years ago  
noooo im straight asf 6 years ago  
My mom cooks steak with mashed potatoes (: 6 years ago  
i would get to see sharks and more cool things 6 years ago  
awww 6 years ago  
It says would YOU rather.... 6 years ago  
This was hard because the only small dog i like is yorkies 6 years ago  
you go 10%!!!!!!!!!! 6 years ago  
i already have my own hair stylist lol 6 years ago  
i love music 6 years ago  
god created big bang 6 years ago +1
..... :O he does 6 years ago  
why isn't it a both option 6 years ago  
Charlie horses hurt soo bad! 6 years ago +4
The iPad is just bigger. 6 years ago  
Obama is a democrat and Romney is a rebuplican. 6 years ago  
Neither! 6 years ago +2
If the bee is dead..then yea. 6 years ago +1
Youtube has more videos. 6 years ago  
I hate bing 6 years ago +8
Monday because Mondays' are so boring to me. 6 years ago  
twillight is good , breakin dawn 6 years ago  
True love because i might just get lucky and he might be rich . 6 years ago  
Ronald because i love McDonald 6 years ago  
hide 6 years ago  
god because he told Noah what to do ( my belive ) 6 years ago  
obese or anorexic 7 years ago  
Church is good for people to go to because i'm christian 7 years ago +3
This one is hard 7 years ago  
I go to school already and it's AWESOME. 7 years ago +1
Vampires live longer. 7 years ago  
i can not choose because their are peolple that have aids and cancer that i would want to save and i could not choose 7 years ago  
it should say which is ugly 7 years ago  
They're both awesome 7 years ago  
I already have both. 7 years ago +510
I am a giving person. 7 years ago +1
Beyonce is evil. 7 years ago +6
I love twilight. Plus i've done this before 7 years ago  
You can wear a suit 7 years ago  
I'm black and proud 7 years ago +2
You can actully eat banana peels because it's healthy. 7 years ago  
I wouldn't sleep with a fat guy or a handsome guy that would leave me. 7 years ago  
I am not trying to die in DEATH Vally 7 years ago  
I will just wear a cap that covers my eyebrows 7 years ago +1
play* 7 years ago +2
i'll rinse my mouth out with water 7 years ago +1
lol 7 years ago  
Omg i love that movie Tron 7 years ago +1
Wear* 7 years ago +11
Actually it is, it's on nick 7 years ago +4
I love twighlight and im a girl 7 years ago +2
Do you mean pool 7 years ago  
I live in Tampa and go to Busch Gardens all the time 7 years ago +2
I have verizon 7 years ago  
Honestly...BOTH 7 years ago +2
I love popcorn 7 years ago  
I'm sorry I pick the philipphines because I am half Thai because my grandma is Thai. 7 years ago  
I'm already Lol xD 7 years ago  
my friends brother is andy sixx 7 years ago  
I'll just get me a lot of blankets 7 years ago +2
I love Nicki Minaj 7 years ago +4
Living underwater looks so cool 7 years ago +1
Both 7 years ago +2
As long as it is blankets and pillows a the bottom. 7 years ago +5
I share my cousin toothbrush 7 years ago  
LOL 7 years ago +1
I'll get paid for flying 7 years ago  
I'll wear flip flops and sandels 7 years ago +1
LOVE SPONGEBOB 7 years ago  
I Love Facebook Go On It Everyday 7 years ago +1
I love hugging my dogs 7 years ago  
OMG I always wanted to breathe underwater 7 years ago +1
OMG I just got done listening to Austin Mahone. i love his eyes love you ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ 7 years ago  
My grandma is born in thailand and she live with me 7 years ago  
An umbrella because it can match my clothes. 7 years ago  
That is disgusting 7 years ago  
Duhh... 7 years ago  
OMG I seen that guy before on the left and he doesn't have arms and legs. 7 years ago  
im allergic to mosquitos 7 years ago  
I can track my phone down to see who has it 7 years ago +1
Rebecca Black because of that song FRIDAY it's soooo annoying 7 years ago  
I already have an Ipad 7 years ago  
It's in Florida 7 years ago  
BRAD I LOVE HIM!!! 7 years ago +1
I'm the only child... 7 years ago +1
Unless you give them a bath 7 years ago +1
Dog Of Course 7 years ago  
Pirates can really die easily because the ship can sink. And a ninja because the can fight really good...So yea. 7 years ago  
AND SNOW LOL xD 7 years ago  
im from florida to lol 7 years ago  
GOD DUHH 7 years ago +2
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