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Would you rather have An adventurous life of fighting monsters and finding treasure or free cake 3 years ago 131 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Which is worse? Shrooms or Cannibis 3 years ago 98 votes 7 comments 0 likes

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gonna get yourself killed 3 years ago +1
The only difference that I know of is the snout size 3 years ago  
misclick, I realize this is the only website that everyone knows each other 3 years ago  
Why? Why would you ask this question? 3 years ago  
what if I stop time? 3 years ago  
I like how the inventor of the site did this 3 years ago  
why does the 21 meme exist? Darwins theory of evolution said that we as a race would be smarter, I guess this is what we call smart now? 3 years ago  
Religious finatics that try to prove other religions wrong and athiests that try to prove all religions wrong, fall in to the same category - closed minded idiots. Religion is a philosophy, it might not be right but it is valid, and science has proven itself wrong many times before ( remember miasma theory? ). So Instead of figuring ways to prove each other wrong, let's stop arguing and use our brain power for something a little more handy 3 years ago  
I thinks that the english that is of write is of broken 3 years ago +1
I don't think Marijuana can cause death in small doses 3 years ago +3
being able to high kick without training 3 years ago  
If we are going to put people such as atheists, robbers and drug addicts in hell,then the answr is no. If reserve it for people like mass murderrers and terrorists, then yes. 3 years ago  
I dreamt that there were these wierd kawaii blob aliens that attack my home and only way to defeat them was to hold my breath.Its more epic than it sounds 3 years ago  
Simply because doing the wrong thing would also effect you 3 years ago  
Malay, Chinese, Basically every language besides english 3 years ago +1
Cheese 3 years ago +2
I don't always have lucid dreams, but when I do, I beat the sh*t out of everything in my nightmares. 3 years ago +1
If a women got pregnant by getting raped then abortion would be the only way. 3 years ago  
mee too 3 years ago  
when you are stung by a bee, it dies. when you are stung by a wasp, it not only hurts more but the wasp is still alive waiting for another chance to sting you 3 years ago +1
Define laser vision 3 years ago  
To have harry potter's powers means you're gonna have remember some spells 3 years ago +1
The many things to complain about they choose this?! 3 years ago  
Lizard 3 years ago  
money 3 years ago  
Do not forget to eat Doritos and drink Mountain Dew 3 years ago +2
Blackmail anybody? 3 years ago  
I do not want to see that racist bastard ever again 3 years ago  
Just choose kim jong un 3 years ago  
it means the same thing 3 years ago  
It would actually be quite hard to throw the watch at the same velocity every time you try to measure distance, also the watch would break 3 years ago  
I could put vegetables in hotdogs 3 years ago  
I would take some snacks with me before I start 3 years ago  
"try to kill me", a chance to use my shotgun 3 years ago  
I would track him down, find out where he lives, then use the information to blackmail him! Easy! 3 years ago  
Can I choose who to kill?Because I would like to take this chance to kill my enemies 3 years ago +2
Nice Lemon 3 years ago  
Thats why people invented plastic surgery 3 years ago  
And I thought this website was friendly! 3 years ago  
I hope theres non toxic candle wax 3 years ago  
The title is confusing me but the men holding weapons makes it look interesting 3 years ago  
You mean the creator of the bro code? 3 years ago  
whats a viddy? 3 years ago  
Popular people never get far in life,but when your hot and a nerd?! your set for life. 3 years ago  
Legal name change is still a thing dude 3 years ago  
Then can you explain how the world just poped out of nowhere?and that life also poped out of nowhere?And how the laws of physics existed?It's obvious no one knows! 3 years ago  
At least I could kill him without anyone question where did he go. 3 years ago  
the one on the right looks too unatural 3 years ago  
SHHH,there are no cops in the forest! We take this with our graves! 3 years ago  
fall from a high cliff, but hits the water 3 years ago  
one guy actually got aids by using the hotel jacuzzi 3 years ago  
Why would you want to be murder!? 3 years ago  
I would rather fight in world war 2 equiped only with a stick than to fight mike tyson. 3 years ago  
True 3 years ago  
29% of people want to do it with justin bieber?! This proves how insane people are 3 years ago  
eat flesh of another human? 3 years ago  
what has been seen cannot be unseen :( 3 years ago  
What in the world is ubuntu? 3 years ago  
I told you not to STEAL THE PIZZA! But did you listen?NO 3 years ago  
this was the biggest dillema on this site 3 years ago  
do not judge! 3 years ago  
This question is so wrong 3 years ago  
what about rome? 3 years ago  
both 3 years ago  
there are more religions and religious people than athiest.SOOO,we win! 3 years ago  
the battle continues! 3 years ago  
It turns out someone from my country uses this website 3 years ago  
who chose the slow and painful death? 3 years ago  
sometimes they just make stuff up to annoy us! 3 years ago  
street smarts were created by smart people to cause stupid people humiliation 3 years ago  
Dammit accidentally clicked flashlight hands 3 years ago  
Once again,I will not let that racist bastard even get a inch of happiness! 3 years ago  
genius beats moron 3 years ago  
hahaha, good one 3 years ago  
Sorry, but this is where i draw the line.Well I guess at least they aren't getting married with buildings. 3 years ago  
COME AT ME KITTENS! FACE MY WRATH,this was what i was waiting for! 3 years ago  
I'm not bringing that racist with me 3 years ago  
High on SHROOMS 3 years ago  
I shall become supreme leader! 3 years ago  
If it snows here,then global warming is the only reason and that means i'm screwed 3 years ago  
I don't even understand 3 years ago +1
Changing size of something simply means multiplying something, for example ,cheese cake! 3 years ago  
COME AT ME ZOMBIE! COME AT ME! 3 years ago  
there are no cops in the forest we take this to our graves! 3 years ago  
steal from everyone you hate,then you don't feel the guilt 3 years ago  
imagine what we can creat using infinite knowledge 3 years ago  
wolfzp is right,this does'nt make sense 3 years ago  
wolfzp is right,they are the same thing. 3 years ago  
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