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    YA 10 months ago  
    YA 10 months ago  
    YA 10 months ago  
    YA 10 months ago  
    BETTER 10 months ago  
    COOOOOL f*** 10 months ago  
    YA 10 months ago  
    yA 10 months ago  
    ta 10 months ago  
    ya 10 months ago  
    ya 10 months ago  
    ya 10 months ago  
    ya 10 months ago  
    ya 10 months ago  
    ya 10 months ago  
    ya 10 months ago  
    way better just a daddy long legs 10 months ago  
    better 10 months ago  
    too hard 10 months ago  
    then i cant live 10 months ago  
    duh 10 months ago  
    betetr 10 months ago  
    i quit 10 months ago  
    better 10 months ago  
    give it to them later 10 months ago  
    I can hypnotise them and tell them to tell me there secrects duh 10 months ago  
    lame 10 months ago  
    one touch 10 months ago  
    :( 10 months ago  
    sounds better 10 months ago  
    quicker 10 months ago  
    not evil or at least less evil 10 months ago  
    for one second 10 months ago  
    whumop whump whump 10 months ago  
    theres someting called water and saop 10 months ago  
    cool 10 months ago  
    tiniest bar of soap in the world 10 months ago  
    i will tell them the sky is blue 10 months ago  
    yum 10 months ago  
    then i will tell them to give 100 back because i like it more then they do, duh 10 months ago  
    easy 10 months ago  
    duh 10 months ago  
    didn't say how long 10 months ago  
    hard 10 months ago  
    50-50 11 months ago  
    duh 11 months ago  
    using it now 11 months ago  
    Nope, not yet anyway 11 months ago  
    quicker again 11 months ago +1
    WAY quicker 11 months ago +1
    healthier 11 months ago  
    i'm a boy 11 months ago  
    heaven and hell are eternal so duh 11 months ago  
    better 11 months ago  
    I can just call it, duh 11 months ago  
    duh 11 months ago  
    food 11 months ago  
    just the tip of it for a millasecond 11 months ago  
    mud you can clean 11 months ago  
    you don't have to be completely deaf 11 months ago  
    duh 11 months ago  
    sleeping is nice 11 months ago  
    like this comment if you're reading it in 2020 11 months ago  
    we are in a drought so it would be really helpful 11 months ago  
    better 11 months ago  
    Until the flavor fades away 11 months ago  
    I don't use email 11 months ago  
    I'll be able to pay the hospital bills ;) 11 months ago  
    yummy 11 months ago  
    Well, I guess its a bit better 11 months ago  
    I can sell it for a lot of money $$$ and I can get games on it ;) 11 months ago  
    don't do that to my brother he is very dum and his user name is reillymila 11 months ago +1
    good 11 months ago  
    more humiliating 11 months ago  
    more chance of survival 11 months ago  
    for the last time your not a horse be a fat guy or someting 1 year ago +1
    Cool Peter, but there is no image!! 1 year ago  
    Hey peter nice pics you chose 1 year ago  
    Hello jeremy :) 1 year ago  
    pi meat yum! 1 year ago  
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 1 year ago  
    i will use somthing else 1 year ago  
    ney 1 year ago  
    bye bye america 1 year ago  
    mutton tastes like chicken. everything tastes like chicken. except chicken. chicken tastes like fish. 1 year ago  
    better 1 year ago  
    pepsi is better 1 year ago  
    best to be famous 1 year ago  
    i would just have a piece of paper and write 1 year ago  
    who would read instead of watching 1 year ago  
    already one 1 year ago  
    so easy 1 year ago  
    the best 1 year ago  
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