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    i cant watch my loved ones die by a disease i will just invite them to my island 2 years ago  
    hahaha knew that but pressed the wrong one -.- 2 years ago  
    ima bang hot girls 2 years ago  
    by friends would probably rape that girls family 2 years ago  
    me too swag dripped down of mr ehrn i was 10 2 years ago  
    blonde is beautiful 2 years ago  
    girl from ohio yea thats the guy who fu*ks your mom 2 years ago  
    oops i mant 10 2 years ago  
    guy from tennessee you are a 0 yeear old i believe 2 years ago  
    skips 2 years ago  
    milkshake* 2 years ago  
    my ilkshake brings al the lesbians to the yard 2 years ago  
    watch them trip and grab them if their hot 2 years ago  
    50 50 O.O 2 years ago  
    yea thats because cats know your mother dogs dont know you your mother so they bark at idiots 2 years ago  
    less pain less time 2 years ago  
    i would use those to double my buisness 2 years ago  
    hashtag canibollism 2 years ago  
    i can simply take a selfie 2 years ago  
    to give all the money of youbank to me is y law 2 years ago  
    gonna suck all the boobs 2 years ago  
    what if i give a 100 kg peacock feather to someone they will die XD 2 years ago  
    what if some one says what happened 100 years bce 2 years ago  
    its no good in saving them at the end nobody is going to remember you they will forget you andlive their own life with no you in it 2 years ago  
    i would fu*k every single girl in my dreams 2 years ago  
    needs* 2 years ago  
    who need ending when there is infinite 2 years ago  
    i could know all about period blood 2 years ago  
    yea is"outside" some kind of creature 2 years ago  
    you can get frosted and when you getfrosted and you hit the ground a little hard the peice of body comes off and you start bleeding heavily 2 years ago  
    if i would speak i would obviously know what im speaking so this is better 2 years ago  
    get money legally rather than stealing money 2 years ago  
    i liked coke more but i thought pepsi would have more votes im regreting this now 2 years ago  
    who doesnt like the emotionless doctor house 2 years ago  
    big dogs are beautiful 2 years ago  
    ima boy so i would get female ass 2 years ago  
    wait holy sh*t its a 50 50 did i win or not 2 years ago  
    sh*t i have to change what i said now 2 years ago  
    yea my crush is my best friend so fu*king all day 2 years ago  
    i like people suffering 2 years ago  
    i am alrady a kid 2 years ago  
    i can put all the heavy graphic cards and games in pc who needs macs 2 years ago  
    i would learn your mothers language it would be aah aah aah 2 years ago  
    rule everything means i will rule you and control what you do so yea... and also i could ask any ones who have infinite knowledge to teach me stuff or you will be no more 2 years ago  
    whos ganna survive an alien invasion we will get rekt 2 years ago  
    justin beiber is looking at us like "you fu8ked my mother and sisters!!!!" 2 years ago +2
    love to suck on boobs so i need more space to suck on 2 years ago  
    marridge is not that necsesary you can still reproduce so hashtag cum for life 2 years ago  
    i would use the other 9 wishes to double my wishes 2 years ago  
    i would wish that there was a wish in where no restrictions were added then i would wish fir like 100000000000000000000 $ and still 9 left 2 years ago  
    i think hermoine is way sexier 2 years ago  
    i would imagine cum lakes and boob trampolins butt/inserting dicks now i need to be the top comment 2 years ago  
    you hate suits and dresses but ladies love taking it off when your wearing it 2 years ago  
    i know right like relaxation and joy is better than not seeing other people and complications 2 years ago  
    but if you buy something then sell it you would have money so prostitutes and your mom not even a problem 2 years ago  
    it looks like two black seeds one wormhole a scar and ginger coloured hair so i would definetly go with penguin 2 years ago  
    i would be a wizard i could almost do anything and change my name legally to dumbledore 2 years ago  
    hahahahhahah lol 2 years ago  
    holy fu*k you are a genius goldenmoon 2 years ago  
    i do 2 years ago  
    yes 2 years ago  
    i would breath like darth wader and start breathing loudly so everyone would think im banging someone 2 years ago  
    i will make every puppy or dog my friend and be the person with the most loved ones 2 years ago  
    the undead 2 years ago  
    but like everybody cheats on exams and tests 2 years ago  
    if i could rewind moments of my life equals to that any time i did something wrong i would make it right by rewinding it and doing it again and suppose that there is a passed football championship and think that barcelona will win just rewind it bet like 1 billion dollars on the winning team and your rich 2 years ago  
    hahahahha 2 years ago +1

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