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    15% are liars  
    Uh niether  
    Live with your parents  
    It never said you couldn't wear shoes  
    At least I'm not naked  
    Neither of them even exist  
    If I'm that rich then I could just buy some wifi  
    Climb a tree  
    Frog lehs  
    All my family lives here  
    Greece has more stories, interesting myths, and literature +1
    I could have a broken leg and it will heal in time, mental problems cannot be healed  
    I'll get used to it  
    More realistic  
    I'm a guy!!!!!!!  
    Funnier +1
    Citric acid  
    That is enough for me  
    Cancer kills away more people per year  
    Spearmint lasts way longer  
    Instant death...no pain  
    Men don't have to do the labor  
    You suck  
    Everyone in the world  
    Bigger party for the Olympics  
    Actually every 2 years stupid  
    Olympics is worldwide and more competition  
    Kobe is a hog +1
    Go Apple  
    Haha now you have someone to hate  
    Haha looks like poop  
    I get lots of poooooooooop  
    I'll bet you a 6 year old little boy made this question  
    The acid will burn away your nerve system so you won't even feel it  
    No internet. No Iphones  
    Haha I don't even know what that is  
    Chocolate gives you bad breath  
    I'm not even married yet  
    I'm only 12  
    Buy gifts with the cash  
    Terrorists terrorize you aliens would eat you in 2 seconds and it wouldn't be painful  
    Laziness is dominent  
    Men are superior, who has more political power...MEN!!!  
    At least you don't hate your grandma  
    Drive up with a car  
    Just climb a tree  
    Why would I want to loose money just for my enemies sake  
    Xbox is fun but you can do more stuff on the internet  
    I'm not either  
    I would take half of the billion and share it with the African families  
    I don't even get on the internet that much  
    I could just sell it for a million dollars  
    Monkeys are awesome  
    Immortality means not dying not tying means unlimited money  
    You can amaze people and get free money  
    Find true love by bribing her with the money  
    Oh ya a big explosion TOTALLY created the the Earth where life is... NOT  
    He sucks  
    Obama sucks as president  
    Baseball is bigger  
    Go baseball  
    Ronaldo is way better  
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