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    california joke  
    my penis better be over 10 inches +3
    barnie is a tender lover  
    its still chocolate pudding.. +10
    ha, you can wash off a lolipop +2
    just don't talk to anyone  
    i only buy economy size shampoo, so... +3
    ha, easy, just take off the bannana peel +7
    i didnt +5
    or yours... +2
    but if you eat a dog you get more meat! +6
    We're number 1 you scone-eating colonialist bastards! +1
    how about no face? +1
    netflix killed tv +4
    lol there isnt a difference  
    jokes on you - i don't fit in a locker +707
    i can always learn to love myself. +5
    past bad future good - time travel tips  
    African warlord. Then we can bump it to some 2pac.  
    sh*t, my best friend is a guy.  
    baths are gross +5
    although that mom is hot  
    theres a difference between punishment and discipline.  
    i live in LA. so of course i see celebrities eating all the time. +4
    kesha would give me more than a kiss :D +414
    if i can afford a beautiful house i can afford a chaufer. +1
    either way you're probably a black guy. ZING! +6
    ha. trick question. edward's actually crazy. spoiler.  
    shave my head. solution. +10
    at least they feed you in russia +2
    mount killimanjaro. and then im going to start a temple. +2
    i can't outrun a lion, but i can sure as hell out punch a shark.  
    let's say i live in Africa. constant diarrhea is probably going to kill me. But if I have AID- oh, wait. +1
    skinny ape vs cancer kid from the make-a-wish foundation. i know which one i'd sleep with. +2
    easy. i just live the first 99% of my life being a loveable, freespirited wanderling before burning down an orphanage on my death bed. it'll be a surprise. +10
    sith if im like that guy in a episode I  
    i'd rather smoke +2
    if im loving my life for a 100 years without having sex then i guess i've found something better +15
    bone-phone. its going to be a sensation (pun intended, all-rights-reserved)  
    is it a zombie apocalypse or a jesus apocalypse? because meeting christ in person definitely proves im going to hell. +3
    25 years of constant, unfiltered bliss vs 100 years of runaway trains and abortions. hmmm. difficult. +1
    alone. you can't recreate the Black Frigate without corpses though.  
    who wants to be english? +6
    two people with LSE is not hot.  
    lol. this was too easy.  
    it'd be easier if it was my worst enemy because then i could just move on. whore.  
    think of how much we could achieve if we stopped pollution AND enslaved animals  
    i can outrun a piranha  
    at least drug dealers have standards. +8
    cat's don't sh*t everywhere. also, they drown easily.  
    what's bad about curable cancer? +1
    You can quit either job. Unless your a slave.  
    Fact. 41% of people have no souls.  
    well i went a week as a vegetarian so obviously I'D be prepared for making it a lifestyle.  
    Default font on Word 2007 sons!  
    text. then confront them about it in front of their friends. ha. +5
    sign language fools +7
    Queen of England does jack sh*t. She's wealthy. That's it. +12
    if you made me choose to sleep with a dude id only do it with someone who doesnt look like a b*tch  
    If its taxed and legal, drug dealers are still going to sell untaxed weed illegally because it'll be cheaper. plus, they can have a couple bricks on them and not get pulled over. its the best of both worlds! +2
    last time i checked cars and apartments are worth more than cell phones. +5
    european football is gay. american football is just in the closet. knife fighting and bum fights are where its at!. +5
    okay so i get to eat meat AND kill things. honestly, i can't see how this is an open ended question. +1
    well, i'm not gay, but i am romantic. +7
    im a straight, white male in america, i've got all of the luck i need +1
    read an awesome book > probably a disappointing art film +1
    is it good acid or bad acid? +1
    seriously? most people would rather look like nicholas cage and want his career? that's saddest thing i've heard all day. +1
    stupid question unless mushrooms come with the tent. +3
    you don't have to shovel rain...  
    the only good movies were 1, 3, 5, and 7. +1
    why would you ever want to romance someone you'll only have sex with once? that's ridiculous. +9
    they're both so great that i use them both  
    a blackberry? im not a politican. +1
    i want a monkey so i can train it to give me back massages +2
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