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    LikeasomeboOoOoOoOoOoOoOoDEEH. +3
    "I understand the other factors, but you implied that religion is the core to the problems in the Middle East." True, true :p Sorry for bothering you  
    Yeah. I was very unclear, sorry :> +1
    Atheism is the inevitable result of people growing out of their ignorance, not only because of education, but also because of generally horrible conditions in life. My grandparents stopped believing in god after the hell that their god supposedly put their son through. +1
    To your question: US and Middle East are in different stages of development. There are of course other factors that explain why US isn't on the same level as Middle East. I'm not saying there are only religious/cultural reasons for their difference. :) +1
    That "statement correction" is irrelevant. I was probably a bit unclear, but you missed my point. My point is that public education is a crucial ingredient for a democracy to work properly, and that the better the education, the harder it will be for evil politicians to exploit the voters. Religion is another weak spot of ignorance that can make the people who possess it extremely exploitable. Just look at the Middle East being ruled by the talibans. It would be a better place if people weren't so afflicted by religious ignorance for example. +2
    Yes, society will have to deal with it, which means that (in a democracy) WE have to deal with it. A society where everyone blindly believes in a religious dogma would look like the Middle East. +2
    if my only suspect for a murder was a rubber duck, would I be taken seriously, because it's my one and only suspect? +1
    Quantum physics.  
    Get with the times, boi. +1
    I still have life ahead of me. +1
    We're inflated anyway.  
    DART Vader ftw >>>=========> +3
    Oh you girls and your goals in life. No wonder things are unequal.  
    no one  
    both are sh*t  
    I would live like an elf :3  
    I'd probably have ass cancer after 20,000 gallons  
    A for girls, B for guys.  
    My name is just a symbol  
    World hunger is a natural regulation that we shouldn't mess with. We don't need 45 billion people on this tiny rock.  
    Controller for ergonomics, keyboard and mouse for performance.  
    Better drink my own piss.  
    I would donate myself to the research of immortality.  
    It's all about the social value. I'd never play WoW if no one played it.  
    Left if only socialism is included, right if only capitalism is included.  
    I think I'd get approached by a few authorities if they caught me flying in public.  
    What if the master of lies interacted with the detector of lies?  
    you mean Beijing?  
    as if you could negotiate with other animals... they are too primitive  
    animal language is too primitive. All human languages = global communication and a more developed brain, which leaves you with a less risk of dying of Alzheimer's disease or something.  
    knowledge is power. dexterity is overrated  
    harry potter is queer  
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