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    I had family on Degrassi  
    So is Canon  
    Literally my dream in life, except screenwriter and not producer  
    Shit I can't choose, I love them both  
    Does awesome director count as a film star, cuz they never said actor  
    My family is from the philippines, and I've always wanted to visit +1
    I'm okay with Rap/Hip hop, cuz its better than Pop, but nothing beats Rock  
    I can always play a good zombie game, I suck at chemistry, and need to live my drug dealing fantasies somehow  
    Wait, can I be good at that sport? Cuz I'm only okay at baseball.  
    I read have as hate and I was like, "well that describes me".  
    I chose 40 simply because I don't want to be really old  
    Who said good famous  
    I can still dream with images if I could see before  
    My hair gets weird when I don't wash it, but I can buy gum so at least my breathe will smell good until they fall out  
    Any white t-shirt I buy would be cheaper to ruin than a pair of jeans, if I even ruined the shirt  
    I'd lie and say nice things about I can bullsh*t all over their grave  
    I chose Edward because he is one of my favorite actors  
    No sleep = no dreams, even my bad dreams are sick sometimes.  
    At least use the picture of a cool sith, come on  
    Werewolf like in Dog Soldiers  
    Is crashing stopping?  
    Depends what kind of dancing, like clubbing or actual dancing, cuz I'd go actual dancing. Also who made the candle lit dinner?  
    I'm assuming I marry someone I love. If I settle, I'd be fine dying before.  
    Done it before on a road trip (not a HIMYM reference, but a song I found because of it), and still love the song today. Bloc Party - This Modern Love  
    Purely because I can speak the language  
    I'm more of a behind the scenes kind of guy. Being popular wouldn't be fun, plus I could pass school easily cuz my school had a lot of smart people.  
    Could I be disabled like House?  
    Oh and Lennon too.  
    Just wanna say, I didn't vote for 5 people because of selfishness, but because I don't wanna screw around with history that much. Also when before the holocaust? Before WWII, cuz that would change way too much of modern history. Also Bring back Hendrix & Cobain, just saying.  
    I'm already miserable, at least I can be a genius  
    If we stopped 9-11 would that also stop all subsequent events that happened because of 9-11 like the wars in the middle east? Also would stopping the holocaust stop antisemitism?  
    Voted yes, but I'd probably die off one shot anyways  
    Zombie apocalypse probably isn't as awesome as you think, humans would probably be bastards or stupid when faced with either choice. I'd be a bastard so I chose the apocalypse, more chance of me surviving.  
    The life of one child for a light saber? Come on guys did you never watch Star Wars?  
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