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    if i went to a restaurant i'd have a 75% chance of seing my ex 1 year ago  
    my teacher says "ive never farted in my life" i said "mmm just u wait b*tch" 1 year ago  
    i dont disrespect asians 1 year ago  
    i think of my fat ass mother and teacher 1 year ago  
    my ears would be bleeding if i listen to baby 1 year ago  
    buy myself gifts..DUHHH 1 year ago  
    who the hell made this 1 year ago  
    what u dont have friends 1 year ago  
    i wouldnt look like that fat sh*t 1 year ago  
    who said i cant have both 1 year ago +1
    Bruh am bout to find these pople and ama make them read the Bill of Rights till they say yes for gay marriage 1 year ago +1
    i have no friends 1 year ago  
    who the hell is "Natalie Portman" 1 year ago  
    no school on mondays 1 year ago  
    ama make my math teahcer fat af 1 year ago  
    i have a phone 1 year ago  
    idk this stuff 1 year ago  
    porn is my dream 1 year ago +1
    what if am a a failed abortion?what if my life was just a image?....-_- 1 year ago  
    idk who "Rebecca Black is but when i saw Justin i had to pick him 1 year ago  
    I can just wish for cash and drop it down on earthh to the poor people 1 year ago  
    The thing that scares me is that people would go out in the sunlight than play minecraft in the darkness of ur room 1 year ago  
    i wnana hear what asians say if i say "CHING CHONG BITCH" 1 year ago  
    umm theres some stuff on my pc so i dont wanna let my fam see it.. 1 year ago  
    i dont wanna be stoned 1 year ago +1
    I wanna see what girls do in the locker rooms and bathrooms 1 year ago  
    so i can ask for cash when i want.DUh 1 year ago  
    so i can see if they failures and beat their ass.Then come back 1 year ago  
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