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    And during! XD  
    Eat out a cow. Awesome animals. Don't wanna get your dong bitten off.  
    They sure did.  
    I'm an atheist...  
    Sure, ill get a sex change. Please lick my pussy. Geez, this is hot! O.O  
    I want your sperm-filled twinkie in my mouth...  
    I do this already.  
    I'm kinky.  
    Both guys and girls have hair on their bodies...  
    I like dicks and pussies.  
    That means shoving glass up your vagina...  
    They did.  
    Of course, a girl. But it would be cool to have a vagina without the whole pregnancy thing.  
    Yes plox! :p  
    -.- no, you can only get pregnant from getting sperm in your vagina.  
    Yeah, it records fine, but the videomjust goes black onnthe top half.  
    Thanks! :p  
    A smoking hot 23-year-old? Yup.  
    My wang is really big anyway, so what does it matter?  
    I like computers, it's actually my job.  
    My birthday is just a day that's a little bit nicer than normalmdays, however, I do not care that much.  
    Noone said the terrorisrs were bad.  
    It still hurts like crazy... are you an actual girl?  
    Haven't had it.  
    I like the girls who would f*ck you with a strap-on.  
    Damn it, I meant to click yes, I'd love to show my d*ck.  
    Happy endings! !!  
    I might be a girl one day...  
    Checking out could mean having sex with them without them noticing.  
    You are a horrible excuse for a human being...  
    Wanna get a sex change and then become my bf?  
    I already have 23/23  
    I'd be at a normal weight if I lost half my weight.  
    911, because it made americans dumb, while if the Holocaust didn't happen, the world would be a lot worse.  
    I already only need 5 hours.  
    I do not support any politician.  
    I will. :3  
    But they're all hot! In this institution. ?.  
    F*ck off. I can bet you $100,000 that that's not gonna happen.  
    I love TAA  
    Wanna get a dong and become my bf?  
    Same sh*t.  
    Anime sucks  
    Spoon, ofc. +1
    I have 2 tablets, biches.  
    I only eat green apples.  
    I'm actually buying the exact one that's in the right one tomorrow. +1
    I only have a Tv for the local channels.  
    Macs are cool.  
    I meant A. There's this assistant in my school who's like 23 and she has really nice boobs and a really nice ass. She's really nice and I bet her p*ssy tastes great too.  
    I'd date my best friend and crush. He's so sexy. I'm bi.  
    I'm into that anyway. +1
    Eat out your best friend! +1
    Cum is tasty.  
    internet is better than family. >:D +2
    MILF!! +1
    A dream would be to be with the person, so it would include A as well.  
    get a new crush +11
    The midget could blow you without being on his/her knees. +90
    Getting a kid is cool. You can teach it to carry on your legacy of awesome.  
    YOLO +1
    I picked A. It'd be so jolly and gay.  
    F*ck love, there's one-night-stands, rape and masturbating for that!  
    IDK who these guys are, I'm gonna pick the youngest.  
    gummy worms...  
    It'd rip your wan off.  
    I meant B! Ugh!  
    What's so gross about B, compared to A?  
    At least I can talk with the diarrhea.  
    A is hot. If it's like a thong.  
    Sperm tastes like sugar/nothing.  
    Wow, A, for sure. That's hot.  
    hair on the body server no major purpose.  
    I'm a guy. I picked B. *creeper face*  
    wow. hot. lol  
    Think of it: Penis in your poohole or penis in your foodhole? I'm bi anyways, butt f*ck it. +1
    I meant to be a girl with a penis.  
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