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    your ancestors would  
    I don't have a phone (it broke) and I'm chilling  
    Just because it's your last name doesn't mean you have to go by it  
    my personality already changes every day +1
    Well, you can turn it off and on if you want to. It's not forever and on all the time.  
    this is going to stay tough. i know i can't go far, and i'm using the synonym dictionary. +2
    I LOVE TWIX! +7
    it's 5 HOURS not ONE WEEK.  
    That's a cool last name!  
    1 option: baths. 2 option: cameras.  
    Of course...  
    Well, at least in the Triwizard Tournament I won't die for certain.  
    1 word: candy.  
    Best choices ever.  
    You can control it .  
    Ariana Grande sings better too. +4
    it was close to falling though. I think that the movie ended just before the top fell.  
    well he won  
    You get all the food :p  
    I'm not a guy, but I liked it anyways. >:D  
    Yes, but you can control it. :p  
    Thanks ! :D  
    haha you don't have to have the big ear :)  
    what is it?  
    Hakuna Matata, no worries for the rest of your days! :D  
    alexw, thank you for listening to my favor. :)  
    Obama already won. :)  
    you, sir, are retarted.  
    same question above for me.  
    any day! ;D +3
    now it's 50/50  
    Learn to spell. +2
    buy a gift with the cash  
    And you wouldn't spell like that.  
    D: uh neither.  
    well you are -.-  
    That'll be fun! :)  
    "My house is on fire! Help!" LOL Those lines will not help if you whisper.  
    NUTELLA. +2
    then I wish to get rid of all the funny things so i can rewatch/see it again and laugh my butt off!  
    CANDY! +1
    a lot of people know about it  
    Siri! :D  
    Italy has Rome and awesome food.  
    Victory is mine.  
    That is an awesome treehouse. :P  
    I'll feel quilty for some reason if I steal.  
    this is such an easy question. -.-  
    I don't like humid weather.  
    wizard, fly, teleport, all the superpowers...  
    I like being in the water and outside. :D  
    To talk like this, it is cool. ;)  
    I'm sick. :(  
    I know right?!  
    I've always wanted to fly. :)  
    I don't want to know my future. :P  
    I wish to get rid of all the scary things I've ever seen.  
    This is a sick question. >:( +5
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